Tall Blacks: Corey Webster takes timeout to mend before World Cup

While most NZ-based Tall Blacks use the local national league to prepare for the Basketball World Cup later in the year, Corey Webster's decided against it.

Instead, Webster's taken a route that's both a risk and different to what he's done in the past.

Since 2012, Webster's played virtually year-round. He has backed up his NZ Breakers seasons with stints in the New Zealand NBL, Serbia, Greece, Israel and China - and eventually it took its toll.

Webster has constantly battled injuries and the continuous grind meant he was never able to get his body fully right.

You could argue it showed in his numbers. Last Australian NBL season, the 30-year-old recorded his lowest points-per-game average (10.3ppg) since 2013/14. The frustration became too much

Webster decided to do something about it. So, with his beaten body and longevity in mind, he decided to rest and rehab after the season finished.

"I don't really wanna have another year like I did last season and not being 100 percent the whole year, so that was kinda the thinking there… just wanting to get back to my best," Webster told Newshub.

"In that time, I had a baby, so was just focusing on family stuff as well, which is amazing, but just resting and trying to get the body back to 100 percent."

Webster's adamant he's back to full fitness. He's worked out every day at Breakers HQ for the past month and hopes to be ready for Tall Blacks camp in August.

But without playing for a team, he'll go into that camp short on game time.

"That’s kind of the risk, I guess, not having many games under my belt heading into a camp.

"I've usually played in the off-season, whether it be in the NBL or overseas, and I've usually gone into camp game-fit and game-ready, so that will be different.

"But I think it gives me the opportunity to work on my body and get as fit as possible, without having to worry about being fresh for games."

Webster will get his first chance to play a game next week, when he heads to China for a three-game tour with an NBL Select team.

He hopes his decision to rest will mean it won't be the only time he plays in China this year.