Cricket World Cup 2019: Bars, pubs could close before game finishes

Preparations are underway for a night of world-class cricket as bars and pubs expect to be packed out by crowds gathering to cheer on Cricket World Cup finalists, the Blackcaps.

However, most bars don't have permission to stay open for the whole game, and there's now a call for the Government to change the rules. 

Auckland bar, The Fox, is screening the game - but its license says it can only stay open until 4am.

"It's a really big game for us. We are looking forward to showing the guys the game tonight," the bar's general manager Arvind Singh told Newshub.

Auckland Council has allowed bars to stay open an extra half-hour, as long as they don't serve alcohol.

"Most of the games finish around 4:30, quarter-to-5," says Singh.

"We hope that if the guys are going to smack the England team, we're going to definitely finish at 4am."

One bar in Christchurch has obtained a special license, allowing them to stay open to live-screen the whole game. Their license means the bar is able to close between 7am and 7:30am.

Blackbird Cafe and Bar in the suburb of Sumner got in early for their license, applying in June.

"If the game runs past your trading hours then we would suggest you advise your patrons on arrival to give them the heads up," Hospitality New Zealand advised its members.

If a bar breaches its liquor license, it's serious business. The bar could have its license suspended, or could face large fines.

If a bar has committed too many offences, it could have its licence cancelled.

ACT Party leader David Seymour introduced a Bill allowing bars to stay open late for the 2015 Rugby World Cup. 

"The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act is antiquated, it's puritanical. It should be changed," Seymour told Newshub.

"It's not just the Cricket World Cup. Remember, we're about to have the Rugby World Cup."

New Zealand is involved in three major World Cups this year - and Sunday could be the start of a historic treble.

"Blackcaps tonight, yeah. Definitely Blackcaps. I hope my favourite, Kane Williamson, scores a hundred runs," Singh says.

If cricket fans don't want to risk being kicked out in the cold, the game can always be viewed at home.

The final kicks off at 9:30pm.