Cricket World Cup 2019: Live updates - England v Australia semi-final

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Australia won the toss and elected to bat first

Australia 223 all out [Smith 85, Carey 46, Woakes 3/20, Rashid 3/54]
England 226/2 33.1 overs [Roy 85, Root 49no, Morgan 45no] 

England win by 8 wickets. 

Wrap: So we will have a first time World ODI champion on Monday morning. England have won three straight virtual knockout games against India, New Zealand and Australia to qualify for the final. They will be favourites.

Warner hit the first ball for four and that was the only moment Australia won really. Woakes and Archer knocked the top off the order before Carey and Smith eased their way to a century stand, but Carey's brain explosion swung the game back in England's favour.

224 was always going to be tough to defend, but Jason Roy's innings put the result to bed. 

33rd over: This should be the last one - Behrendorff will bowl.

Short and Morgan straight pulls for four to win the game for the hosts.

32nd over: Starc back for one last crack - 0/64 from 8.

Root goes bang off the front foot through point for four. Great shot.

We will have another over - six from that one.

31st over: Behrendorff 0/28 bowls his 7th.

Slower bouncer is swatted by Root to the mid-wicket boundary for four runs.

Six from that over - eight runs from victory. 

30th over: Lyon 0/36 will bowl his 5th.

Morgan rocks back and muscles this one over the infield fr four to a wide point boundary.

Reverse sweep from Root goes very square for four. 

13 from the over.

29th over: Behrendorff continues.

27 runs required for the Poms.

Maiden from Behrendorff - wicket slowing up a bit. Drinks.

28th over: Lyon continues - 0/26 from 3 overs.

Sweep from Morgan down to fine leg for four - good shot that.

Morgan off the back foot, gives himself room and cuts through point for four.

Fifty partnership up from 51 balls.

Eleven from the over.

27th over: Behrendorff is back - 0/20 from 5.

Morgan drives in the air over mid-off - Finch running back can't pull in the catch one-handed. Two runs for Morgan. 

Short from Behrendorff and Morgam slaps him behind square for four. 

Eight from the over. 

26th over: Lyon is back - 0/18 from 2 overs. 

Four for Morgan. Reverse swat over backwayd point.

Seven from the over.

25th over: Starc to bowl his 8th - 1/59 so far.

Full and quick from Starc but Root is too good for it. Flicks it down to fine leg for four. 

Five runs from the over.

24th over: Cummins continues. 

Full and Morgan lofts ober mid-off's head for his first four. 

Eight from the over.

23rd over: Starc on the hunt for wickets - 1/54 from 6.

Short from Starc to Morgan who cuts over the infield and down to the gully boundary for four. 

Five from the over.

22nd over: Cummins 1/24 from 5 continues.

Two runs from the over.

21st over: 77 required from 150 balls. Starc 1/50 is back to bowl his 6th. Another couple wickets here and the Poms might get the shakes.

Four runs from the over.

20th over: Cummins replaces Starc who has 1/50 from 5 overs.

Root cuts superbly well through point for four.

Wicket: Roy c Carey b Cummins 85 (65) 9x4 5x6: Caught down the legside. He wants to review but Bairstow wasted it before. Oh man there is not even a hint of a touch there and he's been robbed of a hundred. Roy is not a happy chap, but maybe he should go and chat to JB about his poor review choice a few overs ago. ENG 147/2.

19th over: Stoinis continues.

Short and Roy powers him through mid-wicket for four.

Five runs from the over.

18th over: Starc is back - 0/38 from 4. 100 needed from 33 over.

Wicket: Bairstow lbw Starc 34 (43): Is there some light for Australia? Starc strikes - Full and Bairstow plays around it and is struck in front. Given out but he reviews. Poor review - ball was hitting halfway up middle. ENG 124/1.

Quick short ball from Starc catches Root's glove, but it's away from Carey and down to the boundary for four. 

Down leg side from Starc and Root whips him down to the fine leg boundary for four. 

Short and wide and Root cuts Starc through point for four.

12 runs and a wicket from the over. 

17th over: Stoinis replaces Starc - 0/38 from 4 overs.

Roy down the wicket and pulls through square leg for four.

Eight from the over.

16th over: Steve Smith will have a bowl. He replaces Cummins - 0/18 from 4.

Six! Full toss and Roy whacks him over long on for a maximum.

Six! Roy goes again straight over Smith's head for back-to-back sixes.

Six! Huge hit straight down the ground - three in a row for Roy. That was the biggest of the lot.

21 runs from the over!

15th over: Mitchell Starc is back - 0/23 from 3 overs.

Full and Bairstow goes bang! Over mid-off for four.

Now Roy goes down the ground for four - flat and hard. Straight drive - nothing better.

Roy goes through the covers this time and has another four and his fifty.

50 from 50 balls 7x4 1x6

15 from the over - Drinks.

14th over: Cummins 0/14 from 3 continues. 

Four for Roy down to the fine leg boundary. 

Just the four from the over.

13th over: Lyon continues - 0/13 from 1.

Lucky boundary for Bairstow - swings accross the line, gets a big edge past short third man and down to the fence.

Five from the over. 

12th over: Cummins changes ends. 

Shocker from Cummins - four wides down the leg side.

Bairstow's hurt himself - he slipped turning for two and it looks like he's tweaked his groin.

Bairstow is ready to go after a 10 minute break - he doesn't look comfortable.

Cummins almost through Bairstow but too high for lbw.

11th over: Nathan Lyon replaces Cummins - 0/6 from 2 overs.

Six! From Lyon's first ball - down the ground and over the top goes Roy - fielder is back there but way over his head.

Four! Reverse sweep is hammered past short third man by Roy..

13 from Lyon's first.

10th over: Behrendorff continues - 0/14 from 4.

Over-pitched and Roy punches through the covers for a couple.

Fifty partnership up from 61 balls. 

Six from the over. 

9th over: Cummins continues. 

Roy beaten by a good nut from Cummins.

Roy whips Cummins to square leg for four from the final ball of the over.

8th over: Behrendorff changes ends to replace Starc - 0/23 from 3.

Full and Bairstow hammers the ball down the ground for four. Great shot that.

Seven from the over.

7th over: Cummins replaces Behrendorff - 0/8 from 3. 

Bairstow gets two from the final ball of the over.

6th over: Starc to bowl his 3rd - 0/11. 

Short and wide and Bairstow plays a glorious cut shot through point for four. 

Six! Roy flicks Starc square, just to the left of fine-leg for a maximum...almost found the fielder. 

5th over: Behrendorff to bowl this 3rd. 

Three runs from the over.

4th over: Starc continues.

Roy drives through wide mid-off for four - shot that. 

Starc pitches up and Roy on the front foot punches through mid-off for four - superbly timed. 

3rd over: Behrendorff continues.

Behrendorff goes accross Bairstow who almost gets the edge on it.

Maiden from Behrendorfff - beat Bairstow twice. 

2nd over: Starc to open up - will bowl to Roy.

Good start from Starc - just a wide from the over but Roy firm in his defence. 

1st over: Jason Behrendorff will open up - Roy on strike for the Poms.

Roy and England underway with a single to third man.

No swing and Bairstow smashes Behrendorff through the covers for four.

Five from the over - a little bit of shape from the final ball.

England Innings


Wrap: Is 224 enough? Yes too any side that has Mitchell Starc bowling with a new and old ball. But it will only take one or two good knocks from the English and they should get home. Wicket is good but a bit sticky and moved around a bit at the top. 

49th over: Wood to bowl his 9th - 0/40 so far.

Wicket: Behrendorff b Wood 1 (4): Wood wraps it up. Yorker and Behrendorff has no chace - too quick for him. Australia all out for 233. 

48th over: Woakes to bowl his 8th.

Wicket: Smith run out (Buttler) 85 (119): Brilliant from Buttler! Ball coms off Smith's thingh pad - Starc sets off for a run - Smith is late to respond and Buttler hits from 20 yards. Smith a frame short. AUS 217/8.

Wicket: Starc c Buttler b Woakes 29 (36): Two in two balls for England. Starc swings accross the line but can only edge the ball through to Buttler behind the stumps. AUS 217/9.

One run, a run out and a wicket from the Woakes over. 

47th over: Change of ends for Wood - 0/36 from 7.

Starc flicks to fine-leg, looks like it'll be four but Plunkett does well to save two. 

Fifty partnership up in just 57 balls. Great workd from Starc to hang in there with Smith. 

Seven from the over.

46th over: Chris Woakes is back - 2/16 from 6 overs.

Smith hit on the pads, Woakes goes up - not out says the umpire. England review but it's umpire's call. 

Four from the over.

45th over: Plunkett to bowl his 8th.

Over-pitched and Starc goes bang! Over long-off for a maximum. 

200 up for Australia - partnership is 35 from 7 overs of batting. 

Short and Smith rocks back and smashes Plunkett for four through mid-wicket. 

14 from the over. 

44th over: Mark Wood continues - 0/27 from 6.

Half volley and Starc drives down the ground, along the carpet for four - great shot. 

Six runs from the Wood over.

43rd over: Plunkett 0/25 from 6 continues.

Run out chance! Root misses and Smith was probably short of his ground.

Five runs from the over.

42nd over: Wood to bowl his 6th.

Five from the over.

41st over: Plunkett to bowl - 0/24 from 5.

Starc gets a single from the last ball to retain the strike.

40th over: Wood is back - 0/20 from 4.

A gorgeous back foot drive into the off side for two runs from Smith, followed up by a single into the leg side. 

Starc works a single down to third man.

Four off the over.

39th over: Archer to bowl his last - 2/28 from 9. 

Four from the over -  Archer finishes with 2/32. 

38th over: Rashid to bowl his last - 2/53 so far.

Wicket: Cummins c Root b Rashid 6 (10): Another one down. Cummins with the back foot drive but he can only edge to slip and Root takes a sharp low catch. AUS 166/7.

Rashid beats Starc all ends up on his final ball - he finishes with 3/54. 

37th over: Archer 2/23 from 8 - Morgan going for the kill here bowling out his quick man. 

Another knuckle ball and Cummins almost hits it straight back to Archer. 

Four runs from the over. 

36th over: Rashid 2/50 from 8 continues.

Four from the over.

35th over: Archer will bowl his 8th. 

Maxwell c Morgan b Archer 22 (23): Maxwell is outta here! Shortish from Archer, 'The Big Show' defends but the ball sticks a bit on the wicket and it hits high on the bat and floats to Morgan at mid-off. More like 'The No Show' at this tournament. It was a knuckle ball from Archer - superb bowling. AUS 157/6.

34th over: Rashid continues. 

Short from Rashid and Maxwell rocks bacl and smashes him to mid-wicket for four.

Maxwell looking very good but can he continue to select the right shots? 

Eight from the over - RPO is up to 4.45 - good platorm if these two can stay in for another 10 overs. 

33rd over: Archer continues.

Slower ball from Archer and Smith plays and misses. 

Just two singles from the Archer over. 

32nd over: Rashid 2/34 from 6 continues. 

Six and what a shot it is. Maxwell takes a big stride down the wicket and he's smashed that one over long on for a maximum. 

Seven from the over - Drinks called. 

31st over: Archer is back - 1/11 from 5.

Short from Archer and Maxwell hammers him through mid-wicket for four. Good shot - well controlled.

Archer pulls back his length and Maxwell plays and misses.

Five from the over. 

30th over: Rashid continues - wicket taking turn now. 

Flighted from Rashid and Maxwell drives, gets an edge and it's inches wide of Root at slip.

Three runs from the over.

29th over: Stokes continues - 0/16 from 3.

Smith with the shot of the day through the covers for four. 

Nine runs from the Stokes over. 

28th over: Rashid continues - 0/29 from 4.

Wicket: Carey c Vince (sub) b Rashid 46 (70): Dreadful cricket from a class player. Australia coasting and Carey picks out the only leg sided boundary fielder at mid-wicket. Partnership ends at 103. AUS 117/4.

Fifty for Smith from 72 balls 4x4. 

Wicket: Stoinis lbw Rashid 0 (2): Googly gets him! Stoinis is back and cuts, but the ball comes a long way back and that's hitting off stump. Australia has no review but it would have been umpire's call any way.  Game has turned on a poor piece of cricket from Carey. AUS 118/5.

2 runs and 2 wickets from the over. 

27th over: Ben Stokes back - 0/10 from 2 overs.

Short from Stokes and Carey has four to mid-wicket - 100 partnership is up from 122 balls.

Good over from Stokes - just the three runs from it. 

26th over: Rashid to bowl his fourth.

Full and Carey slog sweeps for four to mid-wicket - another great cricket shot from Carey. 

10 runs from the Rashid ovver.

25th over: Plunkett 0/19 from 4 continues.

100 up for Australia from 24.1 overs. Great rebuild from 14/3. 

First false shot in some time - Carey almost plays the ball back onto his stumps.

Five runs from the over.

24th over: Rashid 0/13 from 2 continues.

Six from the over - this is a very good batting wicket. Australia will need 260+ you would think. 

23rd over: Plunkett continues.

Full and it's driven by Carey to the cover boundary for four - superb cricket shot.

Smith cuts in the air, Stokes dives to his left but the ball drops inches short. 

Five from the over.  

22nd over: Rashid to bowl his second.

Seven runs from the over, taken very easily at no risk.

21st over: Plunkett switches ends and replaces Wood.

Good over from Plunkett - just two coming from it.

20th over: Spin for the first time as Adil Rashid comes into the attack.

Carey goes inside out - he's a little early on it and hits the ball in the air through the covers for four. 

Six from Rashid's first. 

19th over: Wood 0/14 from 3 continues.

Rank short one from Wood and Smith pulls for four to square leg.

Six from the over.

18th over: Plunkett to bowl his second.

Fifty partnership up from 70 balls - great recovery so far from these two very good players.

Four from the Plunkett over.

17th over: Wood to continue.

Full and wide and Smith whacks Wood through point for four. 

16th over: Liam Plunkett replaces Stokes - 0/10 from 2.

Full first up and Smith drives down the ground for four. 

Carey goes down the ground for three runs - nnice stop from Roy on the fence.

Runs coming easier for Australia now - Smith looks in control. 

15th over: Wood to bowl his second. 

Two runs from the over - and that'll be drinks. 

14th over: Stokes continues.

Short from Stokes and Smith pulls very nicely throug mid-wicket for his first boundary.

Nine runs from the over - this does look like a very nice wicket to bat on.

13th over: Mark Wood replaces Chris Woakes. 

Wood full and wide, it swings and Carey plays and misses.

Wood down leg side and it comes off Carey's thigh pad and looks to be heading for four but Woakes does well to save two. 

Wood can't find his line - three wides so far through four balls. 

Gets it right on the last ball - Smith plays and misses. 

12th over: Ben Stokes replaces Archer.

Just a Smith single from the over.

11th over: Woakes to continue.

Just a Smith single from the over.

10th over: Archer continues.

Just three singles from the over but Smith starting to look at ease. 

9th over: Woakes to bowl his 5th - 2/11.

Carey plays and misses to a wide full one.

Gets it right next ball and thrashes Woakes through the covers for four. 

8th over: Archer to bowl his 4th - 1/4 so far.

Full from Archer and Carey drives down the ground nicely for three. 

Short from Archer and it Carey cops it in the grill - the helmet comes off but he does well to catch it before it hit the stumps. Carey is cut on the chin. 

Four runs from the over. 

7th over: Woakes continues.

Wicket: Handscombe b Woakes 4 (12): Another one down! Handscombe's feet go nowhere to a fullish ball from Woakes. Handscombe gets a feint edge back onto his stumps and is on his way. Ball nipped back a tad and yet another flat track bully had no answer. AUS 14/3. 

Alex Carey promoted to No.5 - he has been superb so far at the World Cup. 

One run and a wicket from the over.

6th over: Archer to continue.

Archer beats Handscombe outside off with a beauty at 145kmph.

Repeats it next ball at 147kmph. 

Just a Handscombe single from the over.

5th over: Woakes to bowl his 3rd - 1/9 from 2. 

Handscombe hit on the pad again and England is up - not out and Morgan doesn'r review. Smart call as Handscombe nicked onto his pad. 

Just a single off the over - England have started superbly well. 

4th over: Archer to continue.

Short from Archer and Smith almost drags the ball back onto his stumps. 

Testing over from Archer brings just a Handscombe single.

3rd over: Woakes continues.

Full from Woakes and Warner goes over the bowlers head and down to the boundary for four. 

Wicket: Warner c Bairstow b Woakes 9 (11): Woakes adjusts his line, ball bounces more than Warner thinks, takes the splice and Bairstow takes a simple catch at slip. AUS 10/2.

Handscombe struck on the pad first ball and Woakes is up - not out says umpire Erasmus. Morgan reviews but it's umpires call! England keep their review. 

2nd over: Archer to open up from the other end - will bowl to Finch.

Wicket: Finch lbw Archer 0 (1): Swing gets Finch the flat track bully first up. Great line from Archer, moves a little into Finch, he's struck in front and the ball is hitting middle. He reviews for some reason and it's three red lights - Australia lose their review. AUS 4/1.

Great over from Archer -  on the mark from ball one - 2 runs and a wicket from the over.

1st over: David Warner will take strike - Chris Woakes will have the ball.

Full ball first up and Warner drives through the covers for four runs.

Great comeback from Woakes, dotting up Warner five balls straight.

9:27pm - Anthem's are in the book - players and umpires on their way out. 

9:18pm - Don't forget - Live updates of the World Cup final from 9pm Sunday night right here at

9:11pm - The wicket looks flat and the overhead conditions look fantastic. Big scores at this ground so far in the tournament.

9:07pm - England XI: Roy, Bairstow, Root, Morgan, Stokes, Buttler, Woakes, Plunkett, Rashid, Wood, Archer

9:05pm - Australia XI: Finch, Warner, Smith, Handscombe, Maxwell, Stoinis, Carey, Cummins, Starc, Lyon, Behrendorff

9:02pm - Aaron Finch has won the toss and Australia will bat first. 


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Cricket World Cup's second semi-final between hosts England and champions Australia.

If you're still with us, after an exhausting and exhilirating couple of nights following the Blackcaps, well done you.

The nerves are still frayed, but at least tonight is a chance to relax a little, with our boys secure in the final and now waiting to see how their opponents will be.

Who would you prefer?

Of course, these two archrivals have already met during this tournament, with the Aussies enjoying a 64-run victory at Lord's.

England are still favoured at the TAB - both for this match and to eventually take the title - but Australia have shown good form throughout the tournament, finishing second on the group standings with seven wins and two losses.

Pre-match: Mark Richardson reveals who he wants to face Blackcaps in World Cup final



After the Blackcaps' stunning semi-final win over India, former cricket international Mark Richardson revealed he couldn't handle another Cricket World Cup final loss to Australia.

At Old Trafford in the UK, the Blackcaps showed fighting spirit to upset India and secure a second-straight World Cup final, where they will take on either Australia or England at Lord's on Sunday.

The Aussies humbled New Zealand in the 2015 final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and Sunday's final presents a big challenge - given the Blackcaps lost to both Australia and England in round robin play.

But AM Show host Richardson made it clear who he'd rather they go head-to-head with.





"I want revenge, but I don't think I could take another loss in a World Cup final to Australia," the former Blackcap said.

"I could handle a close loss to England, if they [the Blackaps] account well for themselves - I could handle that."

Host Ryan Bridge questioned whether a chance at revenge against Australia could be a sweeter victory.

"I couldn't handle another loss though," Richardson replied. "That's the problem."

Australia take on England at 9:30pm Thursday (NZT).