Cricket World Cup 2019: Live updates - World Cup final between England and New Zealand

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New Zealand won the toss and elected to bat first 

Wrap: Well that sucked - England are world champions, but the Blackcaps lose nothing in defeat. England win came down to a couple key moments for me. Ben Stokes was caught on the boundary by Trent Boult in the 49th over but he stepped on the rope. Secondly Stokes' got the luckiest six runs you will ever see when he was scrambling back for two and the ball hit his bat, and deflected down to the boundary for four.

England win because they hit more fours than New Zealand - like that's a real thing.

Thanks for joining me overnight - I'm off to bed to cry. 

New Zealand 241/8 [Nicholls 55, Latham 47, Plunkett 3/42, Woakes 3/37]
England 241 all out [Stokes 84no, Buttler 59, Ferguson 3/50, Neesham 3/43] TARGET 242 
Super Over: England 15/0 (Stokes 8 / Buttler 11)
Super Over: New Zealand 15/1 (Guptill 1 / Neesham 13)  

England win on a tie. 

England's Super Over: Buttler and Stokes will bat - Trent Boult will bowl. 

Stokes gets three to third man first ball.
Buttler gets one to mid-wicket.
Stokes slog sweeps for four to mid-wicket.
Stokes gets a single to cover.
Buttler gets two to cover.
Buttler whacks a full toss to mid-wicket for four.
NZ will need 16 runs to win the World Cup.
England win on a tie as they hit more fours in their innings.

New Zealand's Super Over: Guptill and Neesham will bat - Jofra Archer will bowl.

Wide to start from Archer
Neesham gets two down the ground.
Six! Neesham swats it to mid-wicket for a maximum - 7 from 4. 
Neesham gets two to mid-wicket - 5 from 3. 
Neesham gets another two to mid-wicket - 3 from 2.
Neesham gets a short single - Guptill needs 2 runs from 1 ball to win.
Guptill is run out off the last ball coming back for two. 


Okay - well what the actual hell just happened. England got a huge slice of luck when a throw from the deep deflected off Stokes' bat and down to the boundary for a bonus four runs. We have a Super Over now to decide the world champions - England will bat first - you have two wickets in hand. 

50th over: Boult to bowl the final over - 0/53 from 9. 

Dot ball to start - Stokes doesn't take the run - 15 from 5. 

Another dot - Stokes hits to cover but there isn't a run there. 

Six! Stokes goes accross his crease and slog sweeps for a maximum. 9 off 3. 

Six! So lucky - Stokes runs two to mid-wicket - Stokes dives to get back in his crease and the ball deflects off his bat and down to the boundary for four overthrows! 

3 from 2 required - that was brutal. 

Wicket: Rashid run out 0 (0): Stokes hits down the ground - Rashid sprints back for two but is welll short. ENG 240/9. 2 runs from 1 ball. 

Wicket: Wood run out 0 (0): Stokes pushes down the ground for two but Wood can't get back - we are heading for a super over. NZ robbed by the overthrows that deflected off Stokes' bat. ENG 241/9.

49th over: Neesham will bowl the 49th.

Plunkett gets a run to square leg - 23 from 11. 

One for Stokes to square leg - 22 from 10. 

Wicket: Plunkett c Boult b Neesham 10 (10): Plunkett down the ground - hits it well but not well enough to get over the head of Boult. They crossed though so Stokes has strike. ENG 220/7.

Six! Boult takes the catch at mid-wicket but he steps on the rope! That could be the game - 16 from 8 required. That was the World Cup for New Zealand. 

Stokes gets a single down the ground - 15 from 7 required.

Wicket: Archer b Neesham 0 (1): Slower ball - Archer swings through the libe but can't make contact. ENG 227/8. 15 from 6 required - Rashid can bat. 

Wicket: Wood run out 0 (0): 

48th over: 18 balls left - 34 runs required. Just takes one big over for the Poms. Trent Boult to bowl his 9th.

Stokes has four to mid-wicket. That is a brilliant shot under pressure - beats two on-side boundary riders. 30 from 17. 

Plunkett gets two to mid-wicket - 27 from 15 required...they have seven from three balls in this over. 

Dot ball - Short slower ball from Boult and Plunkett misses.

Plunkett plays a great shot down the fround - Santner does well to prevent four. 

One from the final ball - 24 from 12 - Plunkett on strike. 

47th over: Wicket: Woakes c Latham b Ferguson 2 (3): Pressure tells for Woakes - short from Ferguson and Woakes pulls - gets a top edge, Latham settles under it and grabs it - almost let that slip out but did the job - the game is on the bat of Ben Stokes. ENG 203/6.

Ferguson beats Plunkett with a lovely slower ball. 

Plunkett whips Ferguson to mid-wicket for four - great shot that 3rd ball. 34 from 19. 

Five runs and a wicket from the over - Ferguson finishes with 3/50. 

46th over: Neesham is back - 1/27 from 5. 46 from 30 required.

Three from the first five balls and then Stokes finds the boundary through mid-wicket. Found the only gap on the leg side.

Seven from it - 39 from 24 balls.

45th over: Ferguson is back - 1/38 from 8. 53 from 36 balls required. 

Buttler over cover again - almost pulled in by Santner at extra cover but he gets four. 

Wicket: Buttler c sub (Southee) b Ferguson 59 (60): They get the breakthrough finally. Stokes will have to do the big hitting now. Wide and quick from Ferguson - Buttler swings hard but doesn't get enough on it - Southee takes a superb running low catch, similar to Ferguson's earlier. ENG 196/5.

Seven and a wicket from the over - 46 from 30 required. 

44th over: Boult is back - 0/37 from 7.

Buttler goes up and over cover for four - that's a tremendous shot and brings up a brilliant fifty from 53 balls with 5x4's.  100 partnership up too with that shot from 126 balls. 

Fifty for Stokes from 81 balls - 3x4's. 

Six from the over. 

43rd over: Ferguson to bowl - 1/33 from 7.

Buttler takes a risk - moves to his right and scoops and gets a couple - was on middle stump.

Six runs from the over - 59 from 42 required.

42nd over: 69 from 54 required. Neesham 1/23 from 4 is back.

Neesham almost knocks him over with a superb yorker, but he does well to get down on it.

Good over from Neesham - just the four runs from it - a bit of pressure has been built - can NZ claim a wicket? They need one.

41st over: Ferguson to bowl his 7th - 1/29 - Partnership is 84. 

Just three runs from the over.

40th over: Matt Henry returns - 1/32 from 9.

Buttler laps down to fine leg for four to ruin a pretty good Matt Henry over.

Eight from it - Henry finishes with 1/40 from his 10. 

Stokes 43 (68) / Buttler 42 (45) - 72 runs form 60 overs. 

39th over: Ferguson continues.

Stokes muscles a short ball to the mid-wicket boundary for four - these two really in command of the run chase.

Six from the over.  

38th over: Neesham is back - 1/16 from 3.

Stokes down the wicket and attempts to force through the offside - almost drags it back - gets a couple to fine leg. Unlucky for Neesham. 

Partnership is 66 from 86 balls.  

Four for Buttler down the ground - that's a great shot to release a bit of pressure.

Seven from the over which is all they need. 

37th over: Ferguson returns - 1/17 from 4.

Short and wide and Buttler hammers him behind point for four.

Buttler drives - ball stops on him and floats a long way in the air but falls safely. 

Good comeback from Ferguson - six runs from it. 

36th over: Matt Henry to bowl his 9th.

Slower ball off-cutter does Buttler - doesn't come back enough to knock him over. 

Buttler hit on the pad hitting leg side -  looks to be be going down leg. NZ ask for a review but it's missing the stumps. 

Just two runs from the over. RPO up to 7's. 99 from 84.

35th over: 105 from 96 required. NZ need a wicket soon. Santner 0/7 from 2 continues.

Four runs from the over. 

34th over: Matt Henry is back - 1/22 from 7 - bowled superbly well up front. 

Stokes down the wicket and drives - doesn't get to it but ball falls safely enough and he has a couple of runs.

Two more runs to mid-wicket for Stokes who is playing with more freedom than early in his knock. 

Another two for Stokes to wide third man.

Fifty partnership is up from 65 balls - seven runs from four balls in this over. 

These two doing it easy at this point - eight from the over. Drinks. 

33rd over: Santner to bowl his 2nd. 

Four singles from the over - partnership is 44 from 58 ballls.

Stokes 22 (45) / Buttler 22 (26).

32nd over: Boult to bowl his 7th - 0/30 so far.

Partnership is 33 from 48 balls - just settled things down a bit for England. 

Buttler cuts for four - risky and in the air. Guptill dives high to his right but can't reel in the catch at gully.

Seven from the over. 

31st over: Mitch Santner to bowl - he could be targeted here by the Poms. 

Four singles from the over. 

30th over: Trent Boult replaces Neesham - 1/16 from 3.

Four singles from the Trent Boult over. 

29th over: De Grandhomme to bowl his final over - 1/22 so far. 

Straight through Buttler and Latham and down behind the keeper for a couple of byes.

Buttler down the wicket and swings hard, no timing, the ball heading down to third man but fall short on the bounce and he has a run. 

28th over: Neesham to bowl his 3rd - 1/9.

Stokes finally gets one - down the ground and hits straight past Neesham for a boundary. 

Wide from Neesham - You feel these two are looking to attack now.

Eight from the over for England. Stokes 15 (33) / Buttler 9 (8).

27th over: De Grandhomme continues.

Stokes drives and almost hits it on te full to Williamson at mid-on.

Maiden from Colin - Stokes having all sorts of trouble getting him away. 

26th over: Neesham continues. 

Stokes almost drags back on - we have seen alot of that today.

Five from the over taken with no risk - Buttler has brought a sense of calm to all this. 

25th over: De Grandhomme to bowl his 8th. 

Buttler looks good right from the outset - has five runs from his first four balls.

Four singles from the over.  

24th over: Jimmy Neesham replaces Ferguson - 1/17 from 4.

Wicket: Morgan c Ferguson b Neesham 9 (22): Catch a ripper! Neesham short and Morgan attempts the uppercut - doesn't get all of it, Ferguson is charging in and takes a quite brilliant low catch diving forward. ENG 86/4.

Two for Buttler to start. 

Neesham gors right through Stokes with a ripper - but the ball bounces over middle.

A wicket and three runs from the over - asking rate up to 5.88.

23rd over: De Grandhomme continues - 1/18 from 7.

Stokes down the wicket and pulls for four - that breaks the shackles for Stokes.

Just the Stokes boundary from the over. 

22nd over: England 17/2 from the last 5. Ferguson 1/12 continues.

Morgan ducks a short one - flicks the helmet but he is okay.

Short but too short and it's over Latham and down to the boundary for four wides. 

Six extras from the over. 

21st over: De Grandhomme continues - his 6th. 

Stokes down the wicket and is beaten outside off.

Stokes beaten again - shorter and he cuts but misses. 

Just two from the over. 

20th over: Ferguson 0/6 from 2 overs continues.

Four for Bairstow through the covers. 

Wicket: Bairstow b Ferguson 36 (55): Got em! Bairstow has had some luck through his knock but it runs out. Short of a length from Ferguson, Bairstow cuts but gets a bottom edge onto his stumps. ENG 71/3.

Seven and a wicket from the over. 

19th over: De Grandhomme continues - 1/9 from 4.

Morgan down the wicket and slogs over mid-off. Williamson chasing back but can't get a hand on it. Gets a couple. 

Three runs from the over.

18th over: Ferguson continues.

Two runs for Morgan to third man. 

Morgan takes on the short ball and keeps it down - gets a single to fine leg. 

Three from the Ferguso over. 

17th over: De Grandhomme continues. 

Root down the wicket and plays an ugly cross bat swipe - misses.

Wicket: Root c Latham b de Grandhomme 7 (30): A frustrated Root has departed. He swings at a wide swinging ball but can only edge the ball through to Latham. ENG 59/2.

A wicket and a run from the over. 

16th over: Lockie Ferguson replaces Henry - 1/22 from 7.

Ferguson beats Bairstow all ends up first ball.

Wide down the leg side - that's poor from Lockie.

Three runs from the over. 

15th over: de Grandhomme to bowl his 3rd - 0/3 so far.

Root gets a couple through the covers. 

Five from the over - the ball has stopped swinging and the sun is out. 

14th over: Matt Henry to continue.

Henry beats Bairstow with a beauty outside off. 

Straight and over-pitched and Bairstow plays a lovely shot through mid-wicket for four along the carpet.

Oh man! Bairstow drives and almost plays on and it's down to the boundary - no luck for Henry. Mere inch away from seeing the back of Bairstow. 

13th over: CDG to bowl his second.

Bairstow breaks a run of 21 dot balls with a run to square leg. 

Three runs from the over. Bairstow 20 (36) / Root 3 (22).

12th over: Matt Henry 1/13 from 5 continues.

No runs in 17 balls as Root looks to be aggressive - cuts and misses. Too close for that shot.

Third maiden on the bounce for NZ. 

11th over: Colin de Grandhomme replaces Trent Boult - might be the right sort of wicket for CDG's sneaky out-swingers.

Bairstow drives - he's early on the shot and it almost carries to mid-off. 

Dropped! Caught and bowled dolley and de Grandhomme puts in down. He has to take that - it came back at a slow pace with Bairstow on the drive.

Maiden over.

10th over: Henry continues. 

Henry beats Root outside off with late movement off the pitch.

Maiden from Henry - asking a lot of questions early doors. 

9th over: Boult to continue. 

Short from Boult and Bairstow is too good a player for that - he pulls for four. Class player. 

Five from the over. 

8th over: Henry 1/12 from 3 continues.

Root off the mark with a single to cover.

Henry beats Bairstow with a peach of an out-swinger. Missed it by a long way. 

Great over from Henry - just a single from it. 

7th over: Boult 0/16 from 3 continues.

Wayward from Boult and it swings down the leg side for a wide. 

Nice in-swinger from Boult is dispatched down the ground by Bairstow for four.

Five from the over  - good recovery the last three balls. 

6th over: Henry to continue.

Roy goes through the cover field for four - in the air but wide of wide mid-off. 

Full and Henry beats Roy outside off.

Wicket: Roy c Latham b Henry 17 (20): Luck runs  out for Roy. Henry sticks to his length and draws Roy forward and he finally nicks one to Latham who takes a nice low catch. He looked like a walking wicket today Jason Roy. ENG 28/1.

Four runs and a wicket for Henry. 

5th over: Boult to bowl his 3rd.

Bairstow beaten to a lovely in-swinger. Hits him him on the thigh pad though, so no danger.

Four for Bairstow - great front foot shot through the cover field. 

Full from Boult and Bairstow drives through the offside field for four. 

Eight from the over  Bairstow looks comfortable. 

4th over: Matt Henry to bowl his second. 

Roy's not good enough to get a nick on a  superb off-cutter from Henry and it's through to Latham. 

Roy down the wicket and it's high in the air over mid-on - falls safely of course because Roy has nine lives and he gets a couple. Average cricket shot. 

3rd over: Boult to continue

Bairstow drives loosley outside off and almost plays it back onto his stumps. 

Inswinging yorker does Roy but misses leg stump - can't beleive how lucky this cat is.

Roy down the wicket and cuts for four - that's a quality cricket shot. 

Boult is all over Roy here, but can't get any luck. 

2nd over: Matt Henry to open alongside Boult. 

Great ball from Henry and Roy is beaten all ends up through the gate, over the top of off.

Next ball moves away and Roy is beaten again - frustration for the Blackcaps. 

Full from Henry and Roy plays a lovely straight drive for four. 

1st over: Trent Boult will open up - Jason Roy on strike.

Roy hit in front first ball - up goes the Kiwis. Not out says the umpire. Blackcaps review and it's just umpire's call. Oh man that was so close to the perfect start. It looked very out live. Erasmus gave Taylor the saw off in the first innings - can't believe he didn't give that. 

Great start from Boult - on the money. That was a pretty average not out call from the umpire - 49 percent of the ball was hitting 49 percent of the wicket. It has to be 50/50.


Wrap: Just not enough runs - NZ did very well to navigate the opening 20 overs at 90-odd for 1, but Plunkett turned the game when he dismissed a set Williamson for 30 to break a great partnership with Nicholls. Nicholls went a few overs later and when Taylor was sawn off by a woeful umpiring decision with 17 overs to go, all that hard work was undone. The last 10 overs were hard work, with just 55 runs coming. Hopefull the wicket has slowed up a little.

50th over: Final over will be bowled by Archer. 

Wicket: Henry b Archer 4 (2): Full toss is missed by Henry and hits top of off stump. NZ 240/8.

Just two runs from three balls - three balls remaining. 

Final ball - just three so far from the over/

Dot ball from the last - NZ don't have enough on a good wicket for mine - they will need to bowl very well and get wickets up front. 

49th over: Just 29/1 from the last five at 5.8 RPO.

Wide down the leg side and Buttler can't get to it either and that's four wides.

Wicket: Latham c sub [Vince] 47 (56): Almost a carbon copy of de Grandhomme. Slower ball - Latham can't time it and hits it straight to Vince. NZ 232/7.

Free hit for Mitchell Santner - No ball full toss from Woakes.

Santner misses the slower ball on the free hit. 

Four for Henry over cow corner - great shot.

12 from the over. 

48th over: Archer 0/35 from 8 continues - Blackcaps need to hit too and over the rope. 

Just five singles from the over. 

47th over: Woakes back - 0/19 from 7. NZ need at least 30 runs minimum from these 24 balls. 

Wicket: de Grandhomme c sub [Vince] b Woakes 16 (28): Never looked comfortable after copping an Archer bouncer on the head. Slower ball from Woakes and de Grandhomme can only chip and easy catch to Vince. NZ 219/6.

Just six from the over - Don't think the Blackcaps have enough runs. 

46th over: Archer continues.

De Grandhomme being worked over by Archer - can't get him away. 

Just three from the over - NZ can't get anything going late. 

45th over: Wood to bowl his last - 1/42 so far.

Two dots to start - Wood bowling quickly - Latham missing.

Six! He doesn't miss that one! Full and Latham goes over mid-wicket for a maximum and much needed runs. 

Just seven from the over - Wood finishes with 1/49.

44th over: Archer continues - NZ 31/1 from the last 5 overs.

NZ 200 up from 43.3 overs at 4.60 RPO.

Wide down the leg side - the second in the over. 

Another one down the leg side - Archer given away crucial runs here. 

Eight from the over taken with no risk. 

43rd over: Wood replaces Plunkett - 1/37 from 8.

Short from Wood and it hits de Grandhomme on the sholder and it's over Buttler and down to the boundary for four leg byes. 

10 from the over. 

42nd over: Archer is back - 0/20 from 5.

De Grandhomme top edges onto his helmet - ball falls just wide of Morgan but CDG will need to get checked out by the doctor.

Wide from Archer down the leg side.

Five from the over. Latham 27 (35) / de Grandhomme 8 (13)

41st over: Plunkett to bowl out - 3/40 - he halted NZ's charge when he got Williamson, bowling superbly through his seocnd and third spells.

And he finished well - just two from it. 3/42 from Plunkett.

40th over: Wood continues - 1/31 from 7.

Six runs easily worked around in that over - this looks a good wicket now. Still some movement off the surface but not slow or two paced by any means. 

39th over: Plunkett to bowl his 9th. 

Neesham with an ugly woft to the legside but can't make contact.

Neesham gets a couple to third man - good work from Archer on the boundary to save a couple.

Four for Neesham - short from Plunkett and Neesham hammers him to cover along the deck.

Wicket: Neesham c Root b Plunkett 19 (25): No no no Jimmy. These two were just starting to dominate - eight already from the over but Neesham wants more. Full from Plunkett and Neesham looks to hit ove mid-on but no timing and it's straight to Root who takes a simple catch. A very promising innings comes to an end. NZ 173/5

38th over: Wood continues.

Latham drives beautifully through the cover field for four. 

Six runs from the Wood over. Lathan 22 (29) / Neesham 12 (20).

37th over: Liam Plunkett is back - 2/26 from 7 - he has bowled superbly.

Four for Latham - Pulls a short one square for his first.

Six from the over. 

36th over: Wood to bowl his 6th.

Neesham gets one to square leg. Woakes saves three runs with a good stop on the rope.

Just a single from the over - Wood has come back strongly in his second spell. 

35th over: Stokes 0/9 from 2 continues. 

Neesham middles one to mid-wicket for four along the deck. 1st boundary for 16 overs. 

Stokes loses his line and that's a leg side wide. 

Short from Stokes and Neesham has four to mid-wicket. Excellent cricket shot.

Eleven runs from the over. 

34th over: Mark Wood is back as England push for a wicket - Wood 0/23 from 4.

Wicket: Taylor lbw Wood 15 (31): And he gets that wicket first ball. Taylor plays square, the ball nips back a mile and hits him on the knee roll - umpire Erasmus puts the finger up and Taylor has to go with no review left. Massive moment. And the ball was bouncing over middle! That's why you don't waste reviews. NZ 141/4.

Wicket maiden from Wood but that woeful lbw decision has turned the game on its head. 

33rd over: Stokes to bowl his second.

Seven from the Stokes over: 18/0 from the last five. RPO for the innings is 4.26. 

32nd over: Rashid resumes play.

Four singles from the Rashid over. 

31st over: Ben Stokes replaces Plunkett. 

Latham swings and misses at a wide one from Stokes - not called wide. 

Four singles from Stokes' first. Drinks. 

30th over: Rashid continues - getting a bit of purchase the last few overs.

Taylor get lucky - down the wicket and Rashid goes short and wide - Taylor gets a touch on it, the ball bounces over Buttler and falls safely.

Just three singles from the over. 

29th over: Plunkett continues. 

Latham gets a single around the corner from the last ball to prevent a maiden. 

28th over: Rashid to bowl his 6th - 0/28.

Blackcaps 16/2 from the last five overs.

Four singles from the Rashid over. 

27th over: Plunkett continues. 

Nicholls gets three to wide mid-off. Lovely drive along the carpet - good work from Stokes to run that down. 

Wicket: Nicholls b Plunkett 55 (77): Plunkett strikes again! Full and the ball nips in slightly - inside edge and Nicholls drags back on. Blackcaps must rebuild now. NZ 118/3.

Four runs and a wicket - Plunkett has 2/25 from 6. 

26th over: Rashid continues.

Fifty for Nicholls from 71 balls - 4x4's. 

Five runs from the Rashid over. 

25th over: Plunkett continues - 1/20 from 4. 

Great over from Plunkett - just a Nicholls single from it. 

24th over: Rashid continues - key five over period here in the context of the game. 

Five runs from the Rashid over - Nicholls 48 (68) / Taylor 3 (5).

23rd over: Liam Plunkett is back - 0/19 from 3. 

Williamson c Buttler b Plunkett 30 (53): That's the big wicket for England. Came from nothing really - length ball from Plunkett and Williamson looks to punch through the offside - he misses and England are up. Not out says the umpire - England review and there is a very feint edge there. NZ 103/2.

One run and a wicket for Plunkett. 

22nd over: Rashid to bowl his 3rd. 

100 up for New Zealand from 21.2 overs at 4.67 RPO. 

Four  singles from the Rashid over. 

21st over: Wood continues - 0/16 from 3. 

Williamson denied four from Bairstow - gorgeous cover drive from the skipper but Bairstow at full stretch saves a run for his side. 

Rashid with a good piece of work at the point boundary saves a couple from the bat of Nicholls. 

Seven from the Mark Wood over. 

20th over: Rashid continues. 

Powerful swipe from Williamson and he gets a hold of it - one bounce four for the NZ skipper to the mid-on boundary. 

Williamson sweeps for a couple to fine leg. 

Seven from the over - NZ's RPO is 4.55.

19th over: Wood to bowl is 3rd. 

Williamson pulls for a run to fine leg.

Four for Nicholls. Short from Wood and Nicholls just guides it to the point boundary. Great timing.

Fifty partnership up from 73 balls. 

Seven from the over. Nicholls 40 (57) / Williamson 17 (38).

18th over: Rashid replaces Plunkett - 0/19 from 3.

Williamson goes in the air over mid-on. Not off the middle but falls safely - gets two runs. 

Seven runs from the over. 

17th over: Wood to bowl his second. 

Just two singles from the over. 

16th over: Plunkett resumes play - 0/14 from 2.

Short from Plunkett and Nicholls pulls him behind square for four.

Five from the over.  Nicholls 32 (48) / Williamson 9 (30).

15th over: Mark Wood replaces Woakes - 1/19 from 7.

Swing from Wood first up and it's a wide. Williamson with a big swing but can't make contact. 

Big swing for Wood - Williamson cuts and misses to a short swinging ball. 

Williamson watches a ball through to Buttler - this time a bit of nip off the surface. 

Wide down the leg side from Wood. 

Down the leg side again and Williamson pulls - off the gloves and down to the boundary for four. 

Eight from the over. 

14th over: Plunkett continues.

Single for Williamson to square leg. 

NZ fifty up from 13.4 overs at a RPO of 3.62.

Nicholls whips Plunlett square on the leg side for four. 

Good over for NZ- eight from it. 

13th over: Woakes will bowl his 7th - 1/18 so far.

Wide down the leg side from Woakes.

Woakes gets one to nip back big time from outside off, strikes Williamson in front and England are up but it's way too high. 

Woakes is really strangling Williamson here. The NZ skipper can't get him away. 

Just a wide from the over. Nicholls 21 (39) / Williamson 2 (21) 

12th over: Bowling change - Plunkett replaces Archer - 0/20 from 5. 

Drop and run for Nicholls, Root fires at the stunps but misses - Nicholls gets an extra run with an overthrow. 

Nicholls pulls over mid-wicket for a couple. There is a boundary rider out there, but fell safely enough in front of him. 

Nicholls gets two runs to the square leg boundary - in the air again but safe. 

Six runs from the over. 

11th over: Woakes continues. 

Woakes loses his line for the first time. Leg side wide. 

Four for Nicholls. Short and wide from Woakes and Nicholls thrashes square for his first boundary through point. 

Seven from the over. 

10th over: Archer to bowl his 5th - 0/19 so far. 

Williamson away with a quick single. Drop and run.

Just two runs from the over. 

9th over: Woakes 1/10 from 4 continues.

Woakes full and wide and Nicholls drives but can't make contact - no wide given.

Nicholls hit and run to mid-off....Roy fires at the stumps but can't make contact. Would have been super close.  

Just a single from the over. Woakes bowling superbly to Williamson. Nicholls 10 (26) / Williamson 0 (10).

8th over: Archer continues.

Archer draws Williamson forward and he plays and misses. There is so much movement both in the air and off the wicket. Bit of a mindfield for NZ early doors. 

Just a single from the over. 

7th over: Woakes continues.

Wicket: Guptill lbw Woakes 19 (18): Guptill forward on the drive, but the ball nips back big time off the surface and strikes him in front of middle. Umpire raises the finger. The batsman chat and review but that was an awful decision as it was hitting half way up middle stump. NZ 29/1.

Williamson plays and misses - very very close to getting a little touch on that one.

One run and a wicket from the over. 

6th over: Archer to bowl his 3rd - 0/14 so far. 

Nicholls works Archer to square leg for a couple. 

Four from the over.

5th over: Woakes to bowl his 3rd - 0/7. 

Two singles from the Woakes over. Guptill 18 (16) / Nicholls 4 (14).

4th over: Archer continues. 

Guptill defends well off the back foot - Archer getting some movement in off the surface.

Six! Short from Archer and Guptill opens the face, goes up and over the slips and third man for a maximum. Great shot Marty. 

Archer pulls his length back and Guptill takes a step down the wicket and drives Archer down the ground for four. In the air, but too quick for Archer to get anythingon it.

12 from the over. 

3rd over: Woakes to continue. 

Nicholls back and struck in front - Poms go up and umpire raises the finger. Nicholls and Guptill discuss and then review. Great review! Ball bouncing over middle stump. 

Nicholls away through mid-wicket with a couple. 

Two from the over and a great review from Nicholls. 

2nd over: Jofra Archer to open alongside Woakes - Nicholls on strike. 

Nicholls confidently drives to mid-on first ball. No run.

Leg bye for the Blackcaps. 

Two for Guptill to fine leg. 

Guptill plays and misses - There is a deflection and England go up but not out . England don't review - off the thigh pad so good call from Morgan. 

Swinging all over the show. 

Three from the over.

1st over: Chris Woakes to open up for England - Marty Guptill on strike. 

Wide first up and swinging - Guptill has a big swing but misses.

Guptill advances and cuts - no timing - no run.

Four for Guptill off the back foot - in the air just wide of point. 

Five from the first over - there is genuine swing to start. 

9:40am - Anthem time. 

9:35am: Reminder that play will start at 9:45pm. 

9:26am: Teams and captains' thoughts.

England: Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan (capt), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(wk), Chris Woakes, Liam Plunkett, Jofra Archer, Adil Rashid, Mark Wood

New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Henry Nicholls, Kane Williamson (capt), Ross Taylor, James Neesham, Tom Latham (wk), Colin de Grandhomme, Mitchell Santner, Matt Henry, Trent Boult, Lockie Ferguson

Williamson: "Tough decision. A bat-first surface, but the overhead conditions do make it 50-50. It was a really good game of cricket [against India] and great to get across the line.

"But, this is a tough surface and tough opposition. I always back Martin [Guptill] with the bat and we know how good he can be. Any experiences you have you can learn from. It will be incredibly special."

Morgan: "With the overhead, toss is 50-50. Not at all (are you disappointed at losing the toss?). Jonny [Bairstow] is fully fit, which is great news for us. I'm extremely proud and everyone in the change room is.

"We want to win and throughout the tournament we have played tough games and the semi-final epitomised that."

9:17pm - Eion Morgan would have bowled first, so the toss was irrelevant pretty much. 

9:16pm - New Zealand have won the toss and will bat first! Kane Williamson said they thought about bowling, but he is confident they can get through the early period and score big. 

9:08pm - The wicket is quite green - hard surface according to Sourav Gangully, but the nature of the occasion could lead both captain's to take the less riskier option of bowling first. 

8:55pm - Toss has been pushed out to 9:15pm - no issue with the weather, they're just going to start a little bit later to allow the outfield to fully dry. 

8:38pm - 20-odd minutes away from the all important toss - some conjecture around batting or bowling first given it's overcast and humid. 

Kia ora, and welcome to Newshub's live updates of the Cricket World Cup final between England and the Blackcaps at Lord's.

Pre-toss chat: England captain Eoin Morgan wary of improved Blackcaps

England captain Eoin Morgan knows New Zealand have the ability to defend small totals and says the hosts will need to replicate their near-perfect game against Australia to prevail in Sunday's Cricket World Cup final.

Morgan's men dished out a ruthless performance against arch-rivals Australia, bowling out the five-times champions for 223 and romping home with nearly 18 overs to spare in a lop-sided semi-final at Edgbaston.

Asked if they would need to maintain a similar standard against the 2015 finalists, Morgan said: "I think we will need to, yeah.

"New Zealand are an extremely tough side, with a lot of experience, a lot of skill. They were the best side in the group stage and they improved, very similar to us, from the group stage to the semi-final performance.

"We are striving to improve on our performance. No doubt they [also)] will."

New Zealand are one of the two sides, along with Afghanistan, who have not posted a 300-plus total in the tournament, but successfully defended a modest 239 against India in the first semi-final.

Morgan does not expect Sunday's final to be a high-scoring contest and feels the likes of Trent Boult and Matt Henry could prove quite a handful for his batsmen.

"Throughout the tournament the scores have been a lot lower than they have previously here in the last three or four years. Us adjusting to that has been harder work than it normally is," Morgan said.

"New Zealand have done it brilliantly and Lord's isn't ever a high-scoring ground. I'd say tomorrow isn't going to be a high-scoring ground, so it will be a bit of a battle."

With Sunday's match available on free-to-air TV in England, Morgan acknowledged the importance of winning England's maiden men's 50-overs World Cup title though his focus remains on the final only.

"I haven't allowed myself to think about lifting the trophy," said the left- handed batsman.

"Cricket and sport in particular is very fickle. If you ever get ahead, it always seems to bite you in the backside.

"So for us to win it, I think around the country it would be awesome, great for the game.

"I think quite iconic in certainly young kids' memories if they are watching it at home and we manage to lift the trophy, it would be awesome."

Morgan paid tribute to Brendon McCullum, saying the former New Zealand captain had made a deep impact on his leadership style.

"We are close mates and he's taught me a lot about leadership and I think in 2015 the way that New Zealand played is very similar to the way they are playing at the moment."

Morgan credited the former wicketkeeper-batsman for New Zealand's distinct brand of cricket.

"They proved to everybody that you can perform at the highest level and get to the top by being yourselves and not trying to be somebody else, or a different team, or be somebody that is a bit of a novelty for everybody else, so that's quite cool."