Cricket World Cup 2019: Umpire Kumar Dharmasena admits 'error' in awarding England six runs in final against Blackcaps

Cricket World Cup final umpire Kumar Dharmasena admits an "error" was made as England was awarded six runs from an overthrow in the final over against the Blackcaps last Monday (NZ time). 

A throw by Martin Guptill to the stumps deflected off the bat of a diving Ben Stokes as he tried to complete a second run and raced to the boundary, with Sri Lankan umpire Dharmasena awarding six.

Dharmasena did deliberate with South Africa's Marais Erasmus before awarding six runs. 

The incident proved to be a turning point in the clash as both teams finished with 241 runs after 50 overs pushing the match into a 'super over'. However, both sides scored 15 in the 'super over' and England was declared as world champions on the basis of boundaries.

"It's easy for people to comment after seeing TV replays," Dharmasena told the Sunday Times. "I agree that there was a judgmental error when I see it on TV replays now. But we did not have the luxury of TV replays at the ground, and I will never regret the decision I made. 

"I did consult the leg umpire [Erasmus] through the communication system which is heard by all other umpires and the match referee," he told the newspaper.

"While they cannot check TV replays, they all confirmed that the batsmen have completed the second run. This is when I made my decision.

"Besides, the ICC praised me for the decision I made at that time."

After the dramatic scenes at Lord's, former umpire Simon Taufel was the first to spot the error, which he described as "a clear mistake", but he was sympathetic towards the umpires who would have had to be looking in two different directions at once to notice. 

A report from the Times earlier in the week said cricket's lawmakers, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), plan to review the overthrows law when they next meet with the laws sub-committee, but no timeframe was given. 


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