Duncan Garner: The Blackcaps don't look like a champion side

OPINION: The Blackcaps' record at this Cricket World Cup has actually been bloody average, it's been masked by early wins against the easybeats.

We beat Bangladesh, Afghanistan and a poor Sri Lankan team. We got past the West Indies, thanks to Trent Boult's soft hands and courage on the boundary.

And we picked up one point against India, because we didn't get out of bed - it was rained out. 

That point, in the end, is our bonus point - a bit like Charlie holding the golden Wonka ticket.

The lucky point will see us in the semi-finals against India or Australia. For us to miss out now, Pakistan would need to beat Bangladesh by around 316 runs, which is still possible, so it's a slightly nervous wait for New Zealand - but we can pretty much say we've made it. 

To me, the side has looked unsettled, when it comes to selections.

Ish Sodhi - yes or no? Why is he even there, if they barely play him?

Blundell - yes or no? Latham - yes or no?

Henry Nicholls is a good player with few opportunities. The truth is we have looked damn poor when it counted and we have been spanked.

It's been boys versus men.

At the last World Cup, we looked brave, courageous, tough and abrasive. We invented things and McCullum led his army proudly. 

This team does have players who, on their day, can totally destroy and devastate other teams - players like Guptill, Taylor, Williamson and Boult.

It's true we are now just two wins away from World Cup glory, but we don't look anything like a champion side. 

I hope I'm wrong.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show. Join us for live updates of the Blackcaps' Cricket World Cup campaign