Equestrian: Newly retired Sir Mark Todd says the time is right for something new

One of New Zealand's most acclaimed and successful sporting figures, Sir Mark Todd, has announced his time in the saddle is over.

After a career spanning four decades, the 63 year old double Olympic gold medalist has retired from eventing, saying it's time to move on.

"It was a hard decision to make and I feel sad it has come to an end but a sense of relief," Todd told newshub.

"When I take time to stop and look back, and you can do with videos and things, there were lots of great memories.

"When you get older you can't remember half of them so you have to be reminded."

Todd told Newshub he feels he has left the sport in good hands. 

"I think there are lots of talents guys and girls in the sport.

"They have a way to go to get to the top level, but hopefully, my departure will make them keener to full the spot."

Watch the video above for the full story.