Live Updates: Netball World Cup final - NZ Silver Ferns v Australia

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5:15 am - Click here for the match wrap. Thanks for tuning in.

Fourth Quarter: 

FULLTIME - New Zealand have won the Netball World Cup. The Silver Ferns are World Champions. They have beaten Australia 52-51 in a thrilling final. 

1 min - One minute left. Ferns still lead. SF 52-51 AUS

2 mins - As the Ferns look for a four-goal buffer, the Diamonds get the ball back, and it remains a two-goal contest. Aussie gets the ball back. SF 51-49 AUS

3 min - New Zealand turn the ball over, and they score to get that three-goal buffer. SF 51-48 AUS

4 min - The Ferns doing enough to hold that two-goal lead as the clock winds down. SF 50-48 AUS

5 min - Still a one-goal game. The Ferns have the ball and they take a shot, and Folau converts. SF 49-47 AUS

6 min - Six minutes remain, and the Ferns lead by one, but with Aussie getting the ball back, they close the gap to one. SF 48-47 AUS

7 min - There is lots of tension right now. Both teams trading blows. Folau takes a poor shot, and the Diamonds get the rebounds as they work the ball into the shooting circle. SF 47-45 AUS

9 min - Wow, Casey Kopua gets a turnover, and the Fern go on to score and they now lead by three again. SF 46-43 AUS

10 min - Ekenasio misses another shot, but she makes an acrobattic leap to get hte rebound. SF 45-43 AUS

11 min - Ekenasio misses her shot, but there was contact, so she gets another shot and she converts. SF 44-43 AUS

12 min - New Zealand doing enough to maintain a slim lead. I'm very nervous as I type  out my comments on the match. SF 43-42 AUS

13 min - Folau scores New Zealand's first of the quarter. SF 42-41 AUS

14 min - One goal game now. The Diamonds have clawed their way back into the game. SF 41-40 AUS

15 minutes to play - Australia starts the quarter with the ball here. Fifteen minutes away from the final whistle. Australia score quickly, and then the Ferns turn the ball over, and they make it a two-point contest. SF 41-39 AUS

Third Quarter: 

QT - Fifteen minutes remain, and the Silver Ferns lead by four goals. This is one amazing game. 

1 min - One minute left now, and the Aussies have closed the gap to four goals. Australia turn the ball over, and they have a chance to make it a three-goal game, but Bassett pushes off Jane Watson and the Ferns get the ball back. SF 41-37 AUS

2 min - Two minutes remain in the quarter. Big moments coming up here. The Diamonds are making some changes. The Diamonds turn the ball over. Five goal game now. SF 41-36 AUS

4 min - Australia ramping up the defensive pressure, but New Zealand holding firm. One of the umpires issues another caution to Australia. That's three against the Diamonds now. SF 39-33 AUS

5 min - Folau lands another shot for the Ferns, and the crowd is without question backing the women in black. SF 38-32 AUS

6 min - The Ferns still holding that seven-goal buffer. New Zealand's ball movement is amazing. SF 37-30 AUS

8 min - Australia look shell-shocked here. Ferns coach Noeline Taurua is showing no emotion though. SF 35-28 AUS

9 min - Seven! New Zealand leads by seven, but Australia score to make it a six-goal game. SF 33-27 AUS

10 min - Folau converts, and now the Silver Ferns lead by six goals in the final, they get the ball back at centre circle. 

11 min - Five goal lead now for New Zealand, and then the Ferns turn the ball over. They could go up by six should they score. SF 31-26 AUS

12 min - Folau misses, but Ekenasio gets the rebound, and the Ferns lead by four goals. SF 30-26 AUS

13 min - Folau scores New Zealand's first goal of the third quarter.  SF 29-26 AUS

15 minutes to play - Australia score first to start the second half. SF 28-26 AUS

HALFTIME - Having trailed by three in the first quarter, New Zealand now lead by three after 30 minutes. Maria Folau has really stepped up after a dismal first quarter, while Jane Watson continues to impress at the back. That turnover by Rore was huge. It was blow-for-blow until Rore came up with the goods. 

NZ - Folau 16/21, Ekenasio 12/13. AUS - Bassett 20/24  Wood 5/6

Second Quarter: 

1 min - New Zealand get that one-goal buffer back, and Katrina Rore gets a turnover. Can they double the lead here? Massive moment. They convert to lead by two, and they get the ball back with 15 seconds left. Folau converts, and it is a three-goal lead heading into halftime. SF 28-25 AUS

2 min - Two minutes left in the quarter, scores still even here. This is amazing stuff, and Folau sinks another shot. SF 25-24 AUS

4 min - It is still a back-and-forth contest here in Liverpool. Both teams going blow-for-blow. SF 22-22 AUS

5 min - Australia with another miss and New Zealand get the rebound, but straight away they drop the ball, and the Diamonds go onto score. SF 21-21 AUS

6 min - Ferns starting to find their feet. Neither team is making a mistake which makes for exciting netball. The next miss may be crucial.  SF 20-20 AUS

7 min - Folau is starting to land her shots, which is a great sign for New Zealand. Australia levels up straight away. SF 18-18 AUS

8 min - Australia with another miss, but the umpire said there was contact on the shot, so the Aussies get a chance to respond.  SF 17-17 AUS

9 min - Australia miss their first shot of the game, but somehow they get the rebound.  SF 16-16 AUS

11 min - Still a even contest. Nothing is separating these two teams now. SF 15-15 AUS

12 min - Ekenasio gets a rebound to ensure the Ferns hold their one-goal lead, but it is a back-and-forth contest right now as the Aussies level.SF 14-14 AUS

14 min - Eventually she converts, and the Silver Ferns lead. It doesn't take long for Australia to respond. SF 12-11 AUS

15 minutes to play - New Zealand get the quarter started. Folau misses another shot which would have put the Ferns in front. Luckily NZ gets the ball back. SF 10-10 AUS

First Quarter:

QT - Wow, what a first quarter that was. Jane Watson has been outstanding and her defence has kept New Zealand in the contest. 10-10 after 15 minutes of action. 10/10 shooting for the Diamonds, 10/14 for the Ferns.

1 min - Folau makes it a one-point game and the Ferns get the ball back. Then with 10 seconds left in the quarter, Ekenasio scores to level the match, and Australia push for one more goal, but Watson deflects the ball out and the quarter is over. SF 10-10 AUS

2 min - Two minutes remain in the quarter, and Folau misses another shot. She's 4/7 in the game. Ferns currently in possession. SF 9-10 AUS

4 min - One point game now. Both teams come up with turnovers. SF 8-9 AUS

5 min - Ekenasio lands a long-range bomb to make it a two-point contest. SF 7-9 AUS

6 min - Finally, Folau scores. SF 5-8 AUS

7 min - Luckily for the Ferns,  Jane Watson is doing everything at the back as she steals the ball mid-air. SF 4-8 AUS

8 min - Bassett continues her hot start, and the lead is three. New Zealand gets the ball into the circle and Folau comes up with another mistake. She's having a poor match. SF 5-8 AUS

9 min - Australia really putting the foot down early. New Zealand looking for space, and they come up with a turnover. SF 4-6 AUS

11 min - Bassett converts, and Australia hold a two-goal lead, before extending the lead to three. SF 3-5 AUS

13 min - Folau misses another shot, but NZ gets the ball back and Ekenasio converts. SF 2-2 AUS

14 min - Jane Watson gets a deflection ad the ball goes out. Eventually, Steph Wood scores her first. Maria Folau then mises her attempt and Australia get the rebound, but New Zealand turn the ball over again, and score. SF 1-1 AUS

15 minutes to play - We're underway in the final. Australia has first use of the ball. Australia covert with their first shot to Caitlin Bassett, but the Kiwis respond through Ameliaranne Ekenasio.

3:38 am - Time for the national anthems. Both teams are arm-in-arm on the court. 

3:30 am - Fifteen minutes awy from centre pass. I'm excited for this game. New Zealand came close to beating Australia a few days ago, will be interesting to see how they go in the final. 

3:25 am - Here is the Diamonds' starting side: GS Caitlin Bassett, GA Steph Wood, WA Kelsey Browne, C Liz Watson, WD Jamie-Lee Price, GD Jo Weston, GK Courtney Bruce.

3:11 am - Noeline Taurua has named the same starting seven that beat England yesteray.  GS Maria Folau, GA Ameliaranne Ekenasio, WA Gina Crampton, C Laura Langman, WD Katrina Rore, GD Casey Kopua, GK Jane Watson.

2:54 am - England have won the bronze medal, beating South Africa 58-42. About an hour away from the Ferns taking on Australia. 


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live updates of the 2019 Netball World Cup final between the NZ Silver Ferns and Australia from Liverpool's M&S Bank Arena in England. 

Just over a year ago, New Zealand were reeling from a disappointing fourth placing at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, and now they have a great chance to complete one of sport's greatest redemption stories. 

New Zealand are looking to win the World Cup for the first time since 2003, while Australia are aiming to retain the title for the fourth consecutive time.  

This final will be the sixth consecutive World Cup final between the Ferns and Australia. 

The Silver Ferns have lost six of their last seven matches against the Diamonds.

Just three days ago, Australia scraped to a 50-29 win over New Zealand. 


Silver Ferns: Maria Folau, Laura Langman (c), Ameliaranne Ekenasio, Gina Crampton, Bailey Mes, Casey Kopua, Jane Watson, Shannon Saunders, Karin Burger, Phoenix Karaka, Katrina Rore, Te Paea Selby-Rickett.

Australia: Caitlin Bassett (c), April Brandley, Kelsey Browne, Courtney Bruce, Paige Hadley, Sarah Klau, Jamie-Lee Price, Caitlin Thwaites, Gretel Tippett, Liz Watson, Jo Weston, Steph Wood.

Head-to-head: Silver Ferns $2.40 Australia $1.50 

Pre-match banter: Coach Noeline Taurua full of praise for Silver Ferns after booking final berth

Silver Ferns coach Noeline Taurua beamed with pride as she reflected on her side's gutsy World Cup semi-final triumph over hosts England on Sunday morning (NZ time).

New Zealand battled back from a three-goal halftime deficit to edge the Commonwealth champions 47-45 to book a spot in Monday morning's final against Australia, who beat South Africa in the first semi-final.

Although a rematch against the defending champions awaits, Taurua allowed herself a moment to savour a victory that is the most emphatic indication yet of the progress her side has made since she took over after the lows of their Commonwealth Games capitulation on the Gold Coast.

"It feels amazing and it has been a long time coming," Taurua told Newshub. "We feel like we've already won to some degree because we've come from down the other end of the table but also, this is massive for us.

"We are definitely going to celebrate. Not in a frivolous way, probably just a bit of coffee and cake, but we've got to live the moment.

"It's massive for us, our netball community, us as Silver Ferns, and Netball NZ, that we're currently in contention for a gold medal, so we've just got to ride the wave."

The Ferns were narrowly defeated against Australia during pool play, where just a solitary goal separated the teams. But Taurua believes the Ferns lifted to the kind of level against the English which could spell danger for the Diamonds.

"We played zone, we played war, we stuck to our true identity of how we play our game at home... the good thing is [Australia] don't know that - they haven't tasted it because we didn't do it against them.

"Things happen for a reason, so I can't wait to play them tomorrow."

It was a physical encounter in Liverpool as the New Zealanders battled both the hosts and a vocal partisan crowd down to the wire. Ultimately, the poise shown inside the circle from shooters Maria Folau and Ameliaranne Ekenasio saw the New Zealanders over the line, after they'd turned the tide in a definitive third-quarter effort.

"It was a rollercoaster," said veteran Casey Kopua. "Up and down, but it was a great one to ride. Mentally, physically, emotionally - everything needed to be put out there."

Kopua was a commanding presence defensively, and immediately post-match was still struggling to come to terms with her impending berth in the sport's biggest showpiece after her decision to come out of retirement.

"There was pressure from ourselves," said Kopua."The expectations of us and where we wanted to go.

"The hard work that's gone in there for us to get to this - from the sideline, to our team, to families, to the support from everything, is paying off. And it makes a real big difference when you see your family and all that support there with you."