'Mum life to a tee': Casey Kopua's daughter steals the show in post-match interview

After a stunning win against Australia, Silver Ferns veteran Casey Kopua was sweaty and exhilarated but it was her daughter Maia who stole the show.

In a post-match interview, Kopua holds her 3-year-old daughter close to her chest as she tries to talk to media.

Maia cuddles up to her mum before leaning in and licking the sweat off her shoulder and chest.

The interviewer switches tack and tries to interview the toddler instead.

"Maia, do you like the taste of the sweat?" she asks the girl through laughter.

But there's no response, as Maia is too busy using her mum as a snack.

Social media exploded with comments after the interview, with many users identifying with the hilarious moment.

"Casey Kopua's kid licking the sweat off her during the after-match interview is mum life to a tee," wrote one woman.

"Crying with laughter at Casey Kopua's daughter licking the sweat off her mum. So glad my kid isn't the only one who does that!" said another.

"Victory sweat must taste nice!"

The Silver Ferns won against Australia in a tense final in Liverpool on Monday. They brought the game home in the final seconds, winning 52-51.