The Chase star Paul Sinha calls the Blackcaps 'overperforming dicks'

The Chase star and Indian cricket enthusiast Paul 'The Sinnerman' Sinha has thrown a backhanded compliment at the Blackcaps following their dramatic semifinal victory on Wednesday night.

The Chaser, who is of Bengali descent, fondly described New Zealand's cricket team as "overperforming dicks" as they secured their win over India at the Cricket World Cup. 

The popular TV personality and stand-up comedian visited the country in May for the International Comedy Festival and appears to be returning next year.

Sinha took to Twitter to express his begrudging respect for New Zealand.

"Hastily changing the title of next year's show for New Zealand to 'Couldn't You Have Just Stuck To Rugby You Overperforming Dicks?'"

After he calmed down and the excitement wore off, Sinha clarified his comment.

"Well played New Zealand. The cleverer and the mentally stronger team. And that catch."