Blackcaps: Todd Astle to make a long-awaited return to Sri Lanka

It's been seven years since leg-spinner Todd Astle made his Blackcaps Test debut. 

And while he's only been able to add another three red-ball matches since then he's now heading back to the place where it all began, Sri Lanka. 

After helping the Blackcaps comprehensively reverse a five-match losing streak in Sri Lanka in 2012, Astle is heading back where it all started. 

"To have actually played at the ground at the Under 19 World Cup year, a few years ago before that as a batsman, and then to be a test bowler, and to have that victory, was once in a lifetime for me," Astle said. 

And that ground is where it almost ended taking him four years to get another Test after Colombo. 

"Yeah it's a long time ago and the journey since then it's been a crazy one, sort of ups and downs," Astle said. 

While the Blackcaps' form has now changed, having won their last five-series, Astle's often had to watch from the stands.

"There was a stage where I'm sure Todd thought that was going to be his only Test," Ross Taylor said. 

"Yeah he's had a few little ups and downs along the way but, that happens. I think the way he takes it and the way he gets on with it is a credit to him," Blackcaps bowling coach Shane Jurgensen said. 

Sri Lanka's spin-friendly conditions are set to give Astle plenty of opportunity across the two-Test series. 

"He's been unfortunate that he's got injuries at the wrong time and he hasn't had a great consistent go at playing at the international level but he's fit and raring to go," Taylor said. 

Astle is hoping he can revitalise his red-ball career in his return to Sri Lanka. 

"I was hoping that I'd be able to get more of an opportunity and it took a few years.

"Hopefully I can start to make more of a dent in the test circuit," Astle said. 

With the Black Caps en route to Sri Lanka Astle's hoping his Test career can also take off.