Football: Young Liverpool fan gets dream visit from Mo Salah after horror collision with lamppost

A young Liverpool football fan, who got knocked out after running into a lamp post, said it was "really worth it", after he got to meet hero Mohammad Salah.

Louis Fowler ran straight into the post, as he and brother Isaac chased after the Liverpool forward's Bentley, seeking a selfie, as the car left the club's Melwood training ground on Sunday [NZT].

The accident left him with a broken and bloodied nose, and  Fowler was drifting in and out of consciousness, when Salah unexpectedly turned up at his nearby home to check on his condition.

Speaking to ITV News, the young boy said he "bounced off" the lamp post was briefly knocked out.

"I saw his car drive out of the training ground and he drove up here, and that's when I started running," Fowler said.

"I ran all the way up here [after the car] and it was in front of me, and then I hit the landpost with my nose."

A bloodied Flower got his wish though, when Salah posed for a photo outside his house.  

"He was really worried about me," Fowler said. "But it was a dream to get a picture with him.

"Yes, I was in agony, but meeting Mo Salah was amazing. Its like he healed me or something."



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