Parker v Chisora: Brit rates Kiwi opponent 'one-out-of-10' before heavyweight showdown

British heavyweight Dereck Chisora has crucified upcoming rival Joseph Parker, by giving him a scathing one-out-of-10 rating. 

Chisora and Parker will square off in a high-stakes heavyweight tussle at the O2 Arena in London on October 27 (NZ time).

The bout will be Parker's first UK appearance, since his controversial bout against Dillian Whyte last year, and his team are working him hard in a training camp in Las Vegas.

Appearing on Sky Sports UK show Soccer AM, Chisora was asked to rate his Kiwi opponent. 

"One out of 10," Chisora replied, before the audience started laughing. 

"I like the guy. He's a family man, a cool guy - I shook his hand.

"But after I released my hand, we're at war. There's no playing around anymore."

Chisora also took a swipe at Parker's hunger to succeed in boxing. 

Questioning Parker's desire is nothing new from Chisora, who made similar comments after watching the Auckland-born fighter lose to Whyte last year. 

Parker v Chisora: Brit rates Kiwi opponent 'one-out-of-10' before heavyweight showdown

"The guy is good. He has a good right hand, but I believe that, since he moved to Vegas, he doesn't have hunger.

"That's massive in the game. I've got some losses, but I'm gassed and pumped for the fight."

Both fighters are unbeaten in their last two fights, with their last losses both coming against Whyte. 

Last week, Parker trainer Kevin Barry said he'd asked Parker's sparring partners to fight dirty and repeatedly foul the New Zealander during training sessions. 

"I've actually got some very good sparring guys," Barry told Sky Sports UK. "I won't name them... guys who, one in particular, is mimicking Chisora very well.

"Everything from leading with his head, using his elbows and his forearms and low blows, and choking Joe with his arm, pushing Joe's head down. All the fouls that we know Derek Chisora has as part of his skill-set."

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