Basketball: New Zealand Breakers v Oklahoma City Thunder - Live updates

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NZ Breakers 84 OKC Thunder 110

Fourth quarter

12th minute: Thunder dribble this game out and they prevail by 26 points. Corey Webster got a little hot in that final quarter with 10 points.

Rob Loe led the Breakers with 19 points, Scottie Hopson had 15.

Adams led Thunder, also with 19 points, but got a lot of help from Shai Gilgeous-Alexander with 18.

11th minute: Webster hits his second three. Ngatai sticks with Bazley and blocks his lay-up - Webster scores again.

10th minute: Bazley beats Ngatai on the dribble and dunks. Weeks is fouled going to the basket and will shoot free throws after the timeout.

Weeks hits one freebie.

Ninth minute: Thunder are going deep into their bench n0w - JOrdan Ngatai on for the Breakers. Webster finally scores.

Seventh minute: Webster is back on - they've really closed him down tonight. Dort shows some hussle for OKC and Nader hits a three.

Sixth minute: Hopson loses the dribble in the paint, but steps through for a basket.

Fifth minute: Weeks drives to the basket and draws a fouls. Misses the first three throw, misses the second, gets the rebound and makes the jumper.

Fourth minute: Weeks, Vodanovich and Rusbatch all on the floor now, Ashley hits a three.

Vodanovich misses from the corner.

Third minute: Diallo finds no-one home on the basline for an easy basket.

Second minute: Henry drives to the basket for a dunk and then steals at the other end.

First minute: Thunder go deep into their bench, but so do Breakers, with Rusbatch hitting a three.

Third quarter

12th minute: Gilgeous-Alexander stutters past Hampton on the buzzer - he has 18 points, 12 in this quarter.

11th minute: Gilgeous-Alexander makes two free throws. Hampton tries a Euro step and gets swatting into the stands, along with the ball.

Refers are reviewing the call, maybe a flagrant foul agains the Thunder defender on that play.

Hampton shoots two freebies - makes one, makes the second.

Hampton misses an easy defensive rebound - it dribbles off his foot - and Diallo makes an easy dunk.

10th minute: Nice dish from Hampton, driving to the basket and finding Hopson cutting to the hoop.

Ninth minute: Gilgeous-Alexander drives baseline and draws a foul - he makes a freebie and another.

Eighth minute: Loe with another basket - he's been the Breakers' best tonight.

Seventh minute: Hopson hits from mid range and then makes a lay-up.

Sixth minute: Hampton is now on the floor, but turns the ball over. He misses a lay-up, but Loe slams home the rebound.

Fifth minute: Paul shoots from the corner, but is fouled by Webster - he'll shoot three freebies. He makes the first... misses the second... makes the third.

Adams and Paul are off the floor, maybe for good. Abercrombie gets his first basket of the night.

Webster misses from mid range - that was open, so he's struggling.

Fourth minute: Loe is open for a lay-up and now has 15 points.

Third minute: Nice patience by Adams and Schroder in the post - Schroder lobs for an easy Adams basket.

Second minute: Bazley hits another three, but Loe responds with a turnaround jumper over Adams from the baseline. Hampton isn't on the floor.

First minute: Breakers need to find a way to the basket and get Webster some looks.

Hopson is called for an offensive foul. Next time down the floor, he's short with a three.


At halftime, Adams already has 15 points and 10 rebounds - no three-point attempts, but 7/10 from the field.

Diallo has 12 points and OKC are converting 57 percent from the floor.

For the Breakers, Loe has 11 points, Hopson and Ashley have seven each. Webster and Abercrombie are scoreless.

They have 11 turnovers and are shooting just 31 percent from the field.

Second quarter

12th minute: Majok hits a three from the corner over Adams. Hopson misses a three on the buzzer.

11th minute: Bazley hits from the corner and the lead is 30. Ashley matches at the other end.

Bazley misses from the corner, but Adams rebounds and is fouled on a turnaround jumper. He misses the first three throw... he hits the second.

10th minute: Hampton leads the transition and hits from mid-range with two teammates hitting the boards. Thunder timeout.

Loe has 11 points, Adams and Diallo 12 each for OKC.

Adams has a nice hook shot over Ashley.

Ninth minute: Hopson hits a three. Adams is called for an offensive foul, hitting Abercrombie with a vicious screen.

Eighth minute: Bazley takes a lob under the basket to score for OKC. Adams makes off a pick and roll to the basket.

Seventh minute: Adams re-enters the game to resume his duel with Rob Loe. Jared Weeks makes a nice one-handed stop-and-pop.

Sixth minute: Hopson misses a free throw, but makes his second. Hampton misses a driving lay-up.

Fifth minute: Burton beats Abercrombie on the dribble to score. Loe finds the basket again, but Muscala hits a three.

Fourth minute: Hopson hits a three. Nader steals for the Thunder and is fouled at the other end - he hits both.

Third minute: Burton hits off the Euro step. Breakers can't find the basket at all - Diallo makes a reverse lay-up and the lead is now 22.

From the timeout, Hopson misses a lay-up, but Loe tips in the rebound. Diallo scores agin.

Second minute: Nice defence from Loe, helps out on the screen and forces a turnover. Loe is then called for a moving screen at the other end - his second.

First minute: Webster is scoreless so far. Diallo gets a big dunk to open scoring for the quarter.

First quarter

12th minute: Mike Muscala subs on for Adams. Hampton drives to the rim and tries a floater, but is fouled.

He makes the first and the second to break the scoring drought. Diallo scores on the buzzer to extend the Thunder lead.

Adams leads all scorers for the quarter with 10 points and nine boards. The Breakers are only shooting 25 percent from the floor and have six turnovers.

11th minute: Thunder on a run now - 10 in a row. Breakers launch on the shot clock and miss, but Diallo makes an easy transition bucket at the other end.

10th minute: Webster misses, Adams rebounds and goes coast to coast for the lay-up. He misses a free throw.

Hampton misses a floater and Adams rebounds again.

Ninth minute: Bazley makes a nice floater high off the backboard. Breakers timeout.

Adams has eight points and eight rebounds so far. Ashely posts up, but is called for an obvious travel.

Eighth minute: Bazley misses another corner three, but Adams is there to tip it in.

Seventh minute: Hampton tries to lob for Majok, but he can't handle the pass.

Sixth minute: Gilgeous-Alexander adds two from the line. Hampton misses a three, but Loe has the loose ball and Henry puts up another from long distance.

Paul is called for the foul. Ashley puts up a lob, Majok throws it down.

Fifth minute: Abercrombie strips Adams in the key and at the other end, Brandon Ashley drives and is fouled for free throws - he makes the first. OKC timeout.

Loe leads all scorers with seven points so far, Adams has six for the Thunder.

Ashley makes his second freebie.

Hampton puts up a nice lob for Ashley to make the backdoor basket.

Fourth minute: Adams tries to post up Loe, but misses. Bazley misses a three, but Adams grabs the board and puts it back.

Third minute: Loe tips in a miss from Hampton, after outrebounding Adams. Ferguson hits a three for OKC, Loe also hits from the arc at the other end.

Second minute: Webster loses the handle in the key, but Abercrombie blocks a shot at the other end.

Adams has his second basket on an offensive rebound.

First minute: Adams and Loe will contest the tip-off. Adams wins it and heads to the rim, where he scores and is fouled. He misses the freebie.

Webster misses his first shot and plays good defence on Gilgeous-Aledander.

Loe runs the floor for the Breakers first basket.


Breakers are starting Abercrombie, American Scott Hopson, Rob Loe, Webster and Hampton.

Thunder are putting guards Chris Paul and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Adams at centre, and forwards Terrance Ferguson and Darius Bazley on the floor. They'll keep Dennis Schroder on the bench at the start.


The Breakers have played pretty well against NBA opposition over the past couple of seasons, albeit not against the best teams in the league.

Last year, they pushed a Phoenix Suns team that ended the season with a 19-63 record - the worst in the western conference.

Memphis are also not expected to challenge for a playoff spot this season, after dispatching cornerstone veterans Marc Gasol (to Toronto) and Mike Conley (to Utah), and tooling up with younger players.

Oklahoma are also in a state of flux, with the depature of All-Star guard Russell Westbrook and forward Paul George.

Just an aside, the local OKC organisers are playing our national anthem 'God Save New Zealand', which I don't think is actually our anthem, but never mind.

Kiwi Steven Adams is now the oldest remaining member of the Thunder line-up and while he still has some very capable teammates, no-one is talking them up as title contenders this year.

In the pre-season opener this week, OKC started three points guards, so it will be intriguing to see whether that's a permanent thing or just a pre-season thing.

Will Adams take more three-point shots, after hitting his very first shot from the corner against Dallas?

For the Breakers, Corey Webster was their best against Memphis with 19 points and eight assists, while Tom Abercrombie stole the show with a huge dunk over Grizzlies star Jaren Jackson Jnr.

Hot shot American guard RJ Hampton had a game to forget in front of the NBA scouts, so what will he produce tonight?


Kia ora and welcome to live coverage of the NZ Breakers matchup against the Oklahoma City Thunder from Chesapeake Energy Arena.

The match is the final game of the Breakers preseason and comes two days after they faced the Memphis Grizzlies. 

While the Breakers lost to the Grizzlies, they will hope to end their tour of the USA in style. 

Kiwi Steven Adams headlines the Thunder, who also have former All-star guard Chris Paul and former Adelaide 36ers swingman Terrance Ferguson.


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