Bathurst 2019 - Full race live updates from Mount Panorama

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Wow! - What a race and what a finish. A Kiwi 1-2 to boot with Van Gisbergen charging home in 2nd. Great job from James Courtney and Jack Perkins coming home 3rd. 

Whincup/Lowndes were 4th from Reynolds/Youlden and Coulthard/D'Alberto in 6th.

We will have a full race wrap up shortly as well as some video from the end of the race.

Final Lap: SVG all over the back of Scotty over the top ..... McLaughlin leads as they head onto Conrod. He guides it through the Chase and the final few corners and Scotty Mac is your Bathurst champion!!! SVG 2nd and Courtney 3rd.

Lap 160/161 - We are going to have a one lap sprint to the flag at full tilt for everyone and two Kiwis at the front of the pack. McLaughlin leads SVG from Courtney, Whincup, Reynolds and Coulthard.

Lap 158/161 - SAFETY CAR!!!! Heimgartner is in the fence at Forrest Elbow. This will get McLaughlin home and the race may finish under yellow.

Lap 157/161 - Courtney is holding up Whinchup for 3rd.....McLaughlin leads by less than a second from SVG. Still unsure if they can get home.

Lap 155/161 - Rick Kelly pits for fuel .... could throw a blanket over Scotty and SVG.

Lap 154/161 - McLaughlin leads from SVG, Courtneym Whincup, Kelly, Reynolds, Coulthard, Winterbottom, Pye and Davison.

Lap 153/161 - So Whincup will have no issue getting home now .... this should get everyone else home but Whincup won't need to save.

Lap 152/161 - SAFETY CAR - Stanaway collides with Jacobson at turn 1 and Whincup pits, McLaughlin and SVG stay out.

Lap 151/161 - Whincup leads by eight nine seconds but he will pit again .... McLaughlin and SVG saving big on fuel in 2nd and 3rd..

Lap 149/161 - Oh wow James Golding has a vibration and he has to pit again which ends his chances and somehow David Reynolds is back in the hunt. He can get home from here 100 percent.

Lap 146/161 - So it's Whincup by 4 seconds .... as Heimgartner and Winterbottom pit. McLaughlin second from SVG, Courtney, Kelly, Golding who can get home from here, Coulthard, Reynolds, Winterbottom and Pye.

Lap 144/161 - Okay so Whincup and his team have decided to gap it and worry about fuel later ... McLaughlin has backed off a little and the lkead is almost three seconds as they look to save ... SVG right behind McLaughlin. Golding is in the best spot of the cars that can 100 percent get home and he is in 9th.

Lap 141/161 - Golding pits from third ... Whincup and Red Bull can only get to lap 160 on his current numbers and that's the same for pretty much everyone on circuit. SVG gets past Heimgartner for 3rd.

Lap 140/161 - Whincup leads McLaughlin by less than a second from Golding, Van Gisbergen, Heimgartner, Winterbottom, Pye, Reynolds, Holdsworth and Courtney.

Lap 138/161 - Drive thru for Coulthard for backing up the field under safety car .... he's no longer a player.

Lap 136/161 - Coulthard backed the pack up so he didn't have to double stack which has gifted Whincup and McLaughlin the ace in the deck. This could still be a fuel battle though with 26 laps remaining. 23 is the most a car has done today. Whincup out in front with two lapped cars seperating him from Scotty.

Lap 135/161 - SAFETY CAR - Game changer ... Alex Rossi into the sand at the final corner. 

Lap 132/161 - Lee Holdsworth is also in the picture now as he stopped during the safety car period. Whincup leads McLaughliin by less than half a second, they are five seconds up the road from SVG - they need at least 10 seconds. Coulthard is 3rd but he's battling an overheating Mustang, Heimgartner next from Golding, Kelly and SVG.

Lap 130/161 - SVG gets by Davison ... up to 7th. He's the favorite from here.

Lap 128/161 - Okay so everyone still has a stop to make .. Van Gisbergen is in a great spot as he will only have to short fill .. he could save up to 10 seconds over his rivals. Whincup leads from McLaughlin, Coulthard, Heimgartner, Golding, Kelly, Davison, SVG, Jacobson and Holdsworth. The IndyCar wildcar pairing of Rossi/Hinchcliffe is up to 16th. On corrected order the rest of the field will need a ten second lead over SVG to cover him.

Lap 127/161 - SAFETY CAR: Drive through penalty for Mostert for causing an accident. Another safety car .... Anton De Pasquale into the wall at the top of the Mountain .... hard.

Lap 126/161 - So we have Whincup, McLaughlin, Coulthard, Heimgartner, Golding, Kelly, Davison, SVG, Jacobson and Holdsworth. SVG ducked in and made a stop under yellow ... he just played himself into this big time.

Lap 125/161 - Mostert at blame there ... was carrying to much pace into the Chase and clipped Waters. That's a huge moment and removes two genuine contenders from the battle. Waters didn't get out of the trap either. There were some who ducked into the pits, including SVG ... will work this out shortly.

Lap 124/161 - SAFETY CAR: Carnage at the Chase! Mostert and Waters take each other out. Waters trying to save fuel down Conrod but wan't carrying enough pace and Mostert ran into the back of him. Hard to tell whio was at fault but Mostert is beached .... Waters got going again. 

Lap 122/161 - Strategic battle in play as the whole field is playing a fuel save game....McLaughlin doing a nice job behind Whincup .... not letting him get away ... both guys saving on fuel as is Waters, Mostert, SVG and Coulthard behind.

Lap 120/161 - Nothing between Whincup and McLaughlin at the front ....Waters and Mostert right there, ready to pounce if they get the opportunity. 

Lap 118/161 - SVG and Coulthard get by Heimgartner who ran wide on the exit of the Chase.

Lap 117/161 - So Holdsworth leads but he's 17th on corrected order ....Whincup second from McLaughlin, Waters, Mostert, Heimgartner, SVG, Coulthard, Courtney and Reynolds.

Lap 116/161 - Pither pits from second under yellow.....while alot of the midpack keep stoping to put in little amounts of fuel.

Lap 115/161 - Holdsworth, Pither and Golding stayed out so they are the top three from Whincup, McLaughlin, Waters, Mostert, Heimgartner, SVG, Coulthard, Courtney, Reynolds, Winterbottom, Davison and Rick Kelly who also had to double stack.

Lap 114/161 - Kostecki crashed at the top of the Mountain so he is done for the day. Whincup jumped McLaughlin in the pits and SVG and Coulthard had to double stack so they have been hampered.

Lap 113/161 - SAFETY CAR: So we have McLaughlin almost four seconds in front ... he needs about five seconds as Whincup will have a shorter fill at the pitstop. Coulthard is next from Waters and we have another safety car.

Lap 110/161 - McLaughlin's lead out to 3 seconds ... he does have some body work hanging off the back of the car but it looks secure.

Lap 109/161 - Pither of the track at the Chase and is passed by Kelly and Reynolds for 10th and 11th. David Reynolds coming into this now after a horror race.

Lap 107/161 - McLaughlin, Whincup, Coulthard, Waters, Heimgartner, Courtney, SVG, Mostert, Holdsworth and Pither .... Five NZ cars in the top 10.

Lap 105/161 -  Back underway and McLaughlin gets a great jump and leads from Whincupn and Coulthard....SVG making moves in the pack and he is up from 11tth to 9th.

Lap 104/161 - Okay so after the stops we have McLaughlin, Whincup, Coulthard, Waters, Heimgartner, Courtney who has come from nowehere,  Pither, Holdsworth, SVG, Mostert, Kelly, Pye, Winterbottom, Davison and Golding. Big gains for Courtney, Pither/Stanaway, Holdsworth and Kelly.

Lap 103/161 - So this will benefit McLaughlin and Whincup as they had just pitted ... it's not great for Moffat/Mostert or SVG as they still need to stop and thety are coming in under yellow .. they will lose track position.

Lap 102/161 - SAFETY CAR: Hazlewood is in the wall at the Grate .... just the second of the race. Car 99 is also in trouble in pitlane. This will be madness for the next few minutes so i'll update when it all sorts itself out.

Lap 99/161 - Lowndes pits and hands over to Whincup, Caruso hands over to Waters and Fullwood hands over to Heimgartner.

Lap 98/161 - Van Gisbergen is flying and putting himself in the straight laps he sets his fastest lap of the race. Lowndes leads from Moffat, SVG and D'Alberto....McLaughlin is 7th after pitting.

Lap 96/161 - Premat pits from the lead .... McLaughlin will pilot No.17 for the rest of the race.

Lap 95/161 - Lowndes stalking Premat .... just trying to apply pressure to McLaughlin's teammate.

Lap 93/161 - So we have Premat leading by just under a second from Lowndes, Moffat, SVG, D'Alberto, Caruso, Fullwood, Wood, Richards and Luff.

Lap 92/161 - Premat has passed Lowndes for the lead at turn 1 ... huge moment.

Lap 90/161 - Alex Premat is quicker than Lowndes .... only Van Gisbergen is quicker on track at the moment. 

Lap 88/161 - Kiwi update: 2.McLaughlin, 4.SVG, 5.Coulthard, 6.Heimgartner and 17th. Pither and Stanaway.

Lap 86/161 - So Tander is about to stop leaving Lowndes a second in front from Premat, Moffat, D'Alberto, Caruso, Fullwood, Holdsworth, Wood and Richards. Richie Stanaway is struggling after a great start ... he's 18th. SVG in for the run home.

Lap 84/161 - Tander is flying at the front .... he's closing in on a stop but trying to get SVG back within reaching distance of the top three. Premat is stalking Lowndes at the front ... just a one second lead for the seven time champion.

Lap 82/161 - Moffat stalled leaving the pits .... lost about 10 seconds handing the lead to Lowndes. Coulthard has jumped Heimgartner in that round of stops.

Lap 81/161 - Whincup pits from second .... Lowndes will hop in for his final stint. Coulthard also hands over to D'Alberto who did a great job earlier. Premat needs to hang on to the back of Lowndes. Moffat pits and will stay in the car.

Lap 80/161 - McLaughlin pits...Premat back in for his final stint. Caruso pits from 4th and will stay in the car.

Lap 78/161 - Race Update - Tim Slade retired on lap one after hitting the wall at the cutting. David Reynolds initially nmade progress but has stalled ... currently 15th after starting 22md. Both Fabian Coulthard and Andre Heimgartner (and their teammates) have done a great job. Coulthard up to 7th from 16th and Heimgartner 6th after starting 13th. Next round of stops coming up.

Lap 75/161 - So we have two battle packs emerging: Moffat, Whincup and McLaughlin in the top three .. then Caruso, Tander, Heimgartner and Coulthard for positions 4-7 about 12 seconds down the road.

Lap 74/161 - Kiwi update: 3.McLaughlin, 5.SVG, 6.Heimgartner, 7.Coulthard, 15. Stanaway who is having a poor stint.

Lap 72/161 - You can throw a blanket over the top three .... Scotty has done a great job bridging the gap. Coulthard is stalking Fullwood for 6th. Just the one safety car so far today on the opening lap.

Lap 70/161 - Moffat leads by a second from Whincup with McLaughlin a second back from car No.88. Caruso is 4th from Tander, Fullwood, Coulthard, Kelly, Winterbottom and Pye. Stanaway is 12th.

Lap 66/161 - So after that round of stops here is the order .... Moffat, Whincup, McLaughlin, Caruso, Tander, Fullwood, Coulthard, Randle, Kelly and Winterbottom. McLaughlin fastest on track ... just four seconds off the led after starting his stint more than 10 seconds down the road.

Lap 65/161 - SVG pits from the on track lead .... he will hand over to Tander who will probably do a double stint.

Lap 62/161 - McLaughlin has already dispatched Waters and is up to 3rd on corrected order .... Coulthard pits from 3rd on track and will stay in car No.12 - they have done a superb job today.

Lap 60/161 - Chris Pither pits and hand over to Stanaway ... they have been running top 10 all day. Whincup pits and will stay in the car and Waters is also in and will stay in the car.

Lap 59/161 - Youlden pits from 16th ... hands over to Reynolds who has a alot of work to do.

Lap 57/161 - So as we head into the next round of stops the top ten is Mostert, Whincup, Waters, Premet, SVG, Coulthard, Wood, Richards, Davison anbd Pither. Premat pits to hand over to McLaughlin.

Lap 56/161 - SVG is hunting down Premet now who is really struggling for pace....more than a second a lap slower than anyone else in the top 10. Heimgartner pits from 6th.

Lap 54/161 - Premat now almost 10 seconds off the lead ... did a 2.08. Everyone else around him doing 2.06s.

Lap 53/161 - Waters gets past Premat for third .... Mostert holding a two second lead over Whincup.....Waters a second further back then Premet is two seconds further back.

Lap 52/161 - Called it! Premat locks up at the Chase and Mostert and Whincup storm by ... he just holds off Waters. Mostert has already gapped a 1.4 second lead in half a lap.

Lap 51/161 - Mostert gets past Waters as does Whincup at turn 1 .... Premat has a brief reprieve but Mostert has pace and i'd expect him to get the lead shortly.

Lap 50/161 - Coulthard and his teammate D'Alberto have done a stellar job .. currently 7th after starting 16th. Heimgartner the other big mover up to 6th from 13th.

Lap 48/161 - Premat doing a great job holding off the heavyweights behind him....his car pace enough to keep him in front. 

Lap 46/161 - So after the stops it's Premat, Waters, Mostert and Whincup ... three seconds apart...then SVG about 10 seconds down the road, Heimgartner, Coulthard, Wood and Richards.

Lap 44/161 - Tander pits handing over to SVG .... but his driver door isn't shut properly and they will come back in. Horrific luck..... oh no...her's managed to latch the door safely. Meanwhile Premat is well and truly under the pump from three of the biggest heavtweights in the paddock ... Waters, Mostert and Whincup.

Lap 43/161 - So still in the middle of the pit cycle ... on track it's Tander, Davison, Wood, Luff, Randle, Premet, Waters, Mostert, Whincup and Heimgartner. Waters hunting Premet for the corrected race lead.

Lap 42/161 - Really key battle lining up at the tail end of the top ten ... which is on corrected order for the race lead. Premat, Waters, Mostert and Lowndes all within three seconds of each other. Premet under the pump.

Lap 41/161 - Will Brown, Canto and Moffat pit. Mostert hops back in car No.55 to replace Moffat.

Lap 40/161 - So Premat stays in car No.17, Whincup in for Lowndes and Waters will stay in car No.6. Lowndes had a superb stint ... closing a eight second lead into just three seconds.

Lap 39/161 - Craig Lowndes is reeling in the leaders ... only four seconds off the lead as he pits and so does Premet from the lead.

Lap 37/161 - Youlden pits and they change brake pads ... must make two pad stops during the race. Premet still leading by just under three seconds from Moffat. Youlden under threat from going a lap down in car No.9 ... yep Premat gets past him.

Lap 36/161 - Heimgartner pits from 6th and will stay in the No.7 Nissan.

Lap 35/161 - Kiwi update: 1.McLauglin, 5.SVG, 6.Heimgartner, 8.Coulthard, 11.Stanaway. Luke Youlden off the road at turn 1 .... rejoins in 16th. Long way back for the 2017 champs in car No.9.

Lap 32/161 - D'Alberto up to 8th as he forces his way past Davison. Moffat closing the gap at the front .... just 2.2 seconds behind Premet now. Lowndes 8 seconds back in 3rd.

Lap 31/161 - Premet leads Moffat at the front by 2.8 seconds .... they are more than 8 seconds in front of Lowndes and Waters in 3rd and 4th.

Lap 28/161 - Heimgartner has made huge ground in the No.7 Nissan after starting 13th ... he's up to 6th after the first round of stops. Premet leads from Moffat, Lowndes, Waters, Tander, Heimgartner, Richards, A.Davison, D'Alberto and Wood. Chris Pither is 11th in Stanaway's GRM Holden.

Lap 27/161 - D'Alberto remains in car No.12. Will Brown spins at the chase in the Erebus Holden .... he's back on  track now.

Lap 24/161 - Great fuel economy for Coulthard's car ... making his first stop now - the last front runner to stop.

Lap 22/161 -  Tander pits from the leas and will stay in car No.97 leaving Tony D'Alberto in position one in Coulthard's car No.12. Lee Holdsworth is second from Le Brocq, Kostecki and Premet who has taken over car No.17.

Lap 21/161 - Will Davison, Richie Stanaway and Scott Pye all pit ... great stint from Stanaway getting car No.33 inside the top 10.

Lap 20/161 - Michael Caruso pits ... hands over to Cam Waters leaving nine cars on track that have yet to make a stop.

Lap 18/161 - Lowndes is in for his first stop and will stay in the car.  On track it's Mostert, Caruso, W.Davison, Tander, De Pasquale, Winterbottom, Stanaway, Pye, Kelly and Hazlewood. Premet is 17th in McLaughlin's Mustang ..... Chaz Mostert pits and hands over to James Moffet.

Lap 16/161 - McLaughlin's lead is 3.4 seconds over Mostert ... they are more than 10 seconds ahead of  Caruso in third. McLaughlin pits from the lead to handover to Alex Premet.

Lap 15/161 - Fullwood, Golding and Reynolds all pit from the midfield .... all three handing over the reins.

Lap 14/161 - Kiwi update: 1.McLaughlin, 6.SVG, 9. Stanaway/Pither, 13.Coulthard and 14.Heimgartner.

Lap 13/161 - Jack Perkins pits from 17th ..... James Courtney steps in. Tim Blanchard is piloting Percat's No.8 BJR Holden after that car stopped a few laps back.

Lap 11/161 - McLaughlin and Mostert running away at the front .... McLaughlin has a 2.8 second lead over Mostert who is four seconds up the road from Caruso.

Lap 9/161 - Percat pits from 6th .... it's a planned stop. So McLaughlin leads from Mostert, Caruso, W.Davison, Lowndes, Tander, De Pasquale, Winterbottom, Stanaway and Pye. D'Alberto is 13th in Coulthard's No.12 Mustang and Fullwood is 14th in Heimgartner's Nissan.

Lap 8/161 - Okay so Brodie Kostecki has potential carbon monoxide poisining .... Supercars will allow his cousin Kurt to replace him if he can't continue .... Jake is currently in the car in 22nd.

Lap 6/161 - Mostert is past Caruso for second. 

Lap 5/161 - David Reynolds up to 17th from 22nd....McLaughlin leads by a second at the front.

Lap 4/161 - Back underway and McLaughlin gets away nicely from Caruso.

Lap 2/161 - So we are under yellow .... McLaughlin leads from Caruso, Mostert, W.Davison, Lowndes, Percat, Tander, De Pasquale, Winterbottom and Stanaway. D'Alberto is up to 14th in Coulthard's Mustang but Bryce Fullwood has dropped to 15th in Heimgartner's Nissan.

Lap 1/161 - Slade got a little bump from Scott Pye that put him in the wall ..... Holdsworth and Jones pit under yellow ... smart. 

Race start: Perfect start for McLaughlin who leads over the top from Caruso, Mostert and Lowndes ... Tim Slade has hit the wall at the cutting and this could bring out a safety car and does.

1:48pm - Cars back out on the circuit for the warmup lap - a second one. The Kostecki car will start from pit lane with cousin Kurt at the wheel.

1:45pm - Wow... so a cool suit failure has pumped dry ice onto Brodie Kostecki's head! Ouch. Hopefully he is okay.

1:40pm - 1:50pm will be the new start time.

Delayed Start: We will have a delayed start - the Kostecki cousins Holden has stopped on Conrad on the warmup lap .... looks like he was inhaling fumes .... coming through the car. Unsure at the moment but the medical car is transporting him back to the pits.

1:32pm - Warmup lap underway .... everyone got off the line okay. David Reynolds is starting car No.9 from down in 22nd position.

1:26pm - Tander will start for van Gisbergen ... it might take a few laps to figure out what other main game drivers have handed over to their teammates.

1:16pm - But the teams have right up until five minutes before race start to decide.

1:15pm - So that's Caruso for Waters, Lowndes for Whincup, Richards for Winterbottom, D'Alberto for Coulthard, Perkins for Courtney, Hinchcliffe for Rossi and Fiore for Jacobson.

1:10pm - Here are the co-drivers that will start the race.

1:05pm - Great moment for the family of Kiwi legend the late Dennis Hulme .... inducted into the Bathurst Legends Lane, alongside Greg Murphy and Australians Paul Morris and Peter Williamson. Hulme lost his life at the Mountain during the 1992 event.

12:55pm - The cars are all fired up and heading out to the grid.

12:45pm - There could be a real mixture of main game and co-drivers to start the race ..... sounds like Red Bull are leaning towards Lowndes to start in No.88, and David Reynolds hinted that Luke Youlden is probably going to start the No.9 Holden.

12:31pm - 59 minutes away from the green flag for the 2019 edition of the Bathurst 1000.

12:22pm - Three laps to run in the Carerra Cup race .... conditions are fantastic for racing. The temp is on the rise and the sun is out and beaming down on a huge crowd at Bathurst.

11:47am - Driver parade almost over - just a Carerra Cup Porsche race 12:10 before we start to gear up for the 161 laps of Mount Panorama.

11:20am - Just in case you missed it.....

Here is the grid for the 2019 Bathurst 1000:

1.Scott McLaughlin/Alex Premet
2.Chaz Mostert/James Moffat
3.Cam Waters/Michael Caruso
4.Jamie Whincup/Craig Lowndes
5.Shane van Gisbergen/Garth Tander
6.Will Davison/Alex Davison
7.Anton De Pasquale/Will Brown
8.Nick Percat/Tim Blanchard
9.Tim Slade/Ash Walsh
10.Mark Winterbottom/Steven Richards
11.Rick Kelly/Dale Wood
12.Richie Stanaway/Chris Pither
13.Andre Heimgartner/Bryce Fullwood
14.Scott Pye/Warren Luff
15.Todd Hazlewood/Jack Smith
16.Fabian Coulthard/Tony D'Alberto
17.Simona De Silvestro/Alex Rullo
18.James Courtney/Jack Perkins
19.James Goulding/Richard Muscat
20.Lee Holdsworth/Thomas Randle
21.Garry Jacobson/Dean Fiore
22.David Reynolds/Luke Youlden
23.Macauley Jones/Dean Canto
24.Brodie Kostecki/Jake Kostecki 
25.Alexander Rossi/James Hinchcliffe
26.Jack Le Brocq/Jonathon Webb

11:10am - Driver parade not too far away ..... currently on track are the Touring Car Masters featuring classic cars from past years. Team New Zealand boss Grant Dalton one of the entrants, but his race was over early.

10:46am - No incidents to speak of so all 26 cars are good to go for the race start.

10:44am - Tony D'Alberto quickest in the warmup in Fabian Coulthard's car - those guys will be one's to watch from the mid pack. McLaughlin was second quickest.

10:18am - You have to check out this video that Fox has put together - this is chilling.

10:14am - Cars are firing up for the final warmup. By the way, conditions are magnificent this morning. Weather is cool and the sun has come out to play. We should  have a full dry race.

9:58am - Good morning all - we are about 10 minutes away from the final warmup session for the Supercars - just a 20 minute session, but there have been some disaster stories in years gone past of drivers putting their weapons into the walls of the Mountain. Let's hope we get none of that today.

Welcome to live coverage of the Bathurst 1000 from Mount Panaroma in New South Wales.

Kiwi Scott McLaughlin will start on pole heading a talented New Zealand attack on the 2019 edition of the Great Race.

McLaughlin is joined by Shane van Gisbergen, Fabian Coulthard, Richie Stanaway, Chris Pither and Andre Heimgartner. 

The shootout on Saturday night was sensational with first Cam Waters setting a huge marker with a mid 2:03 which secured pole until Chaz Mostert recorded the second fastest time in a top 10 shootout with a low 2:03.

Step up Scott McLaughlin who would then smash his own qualifying record with a 2:03:37 to set the Mountain on fire.

Here is the grid for the 2019 Bathurst 1000:

1.Scott McLaughlin/Alex Premet
2.Chaz Mostert/James Moffat
3.Cam Waters/Michael Caruso
4.Jamie Whincup/Craig Lowndes
5.Shane van Gisbergen/Garth Tander
6.Will Davison/Alex Davison
7.Anton De Pasquale/Will Brown
8.Nick Percat/Tim Blanchard
9.Tim Slade/Ash Walsh
10.Mark Winterbottom/Steven Richards
11.Rick Kelly/Dale Wood
12.Richie Stanaway/Chris Pither
13.Andre Heimgartner/Bryce Fullwood
14.Scott Pye/Warren Luff
15.Todd Hazlewood/Jack Smith
16.Fabian Coulthard/Tony D'Alberto
17.Simona De Silvestro/Alex Rullo
18.James Courtney/Jack Perkins
19.James Goulding/Richard Muscat
20.Lee Holdsworth/Thomas Randle
21.Garry Jacobson/Dean Fiore
22.David Reynolds/Luke Youlden
23.Macauley Jones/Dean Canto
24.Brodie Kostecki/Jake Kostecki 
25.Alexander Rossi/James Hinchcliffe
26.Jack Le Brocq/Jonathon Webb


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