Live updates: Constellation Cup 2019 - Silver Ferns v Australia, third test

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NZ 54 Australia 53

Fourth quarter

15th minute - Thwaites levels, but Ferns can score here to win. Ekenasio goals.

Turnover in midcourt for NZ. Ekenasio's shot at goal comes after the final whistle.

Wow, that was intense!

14th minute - Philip called for held ball, Ekenasio scores for the lead.

13th minute - Folau zigs, when she shold have zagged, but Rore has a turnover in midcourt. Then NZ turn it over again.

12th minute - Folau misses and Australia rebound, but the Diamonds overthrow Thwaites at the other end.

11th minute - Thwaites misses and NZ grab the rebound, here's a chance. Ekenasio goals, centre pass to come.

10th minute - Thwaite extends the lead, Crampton replaces Saunders in the NZ midcourt. Ekenasio goals.

Ninth minute - Turnover by Rore. Philip puts Australia back in front with centre pass to come.

Eighth minute - Another turnover from NZ, so the Diamonds have a chance to take the advantage. Watson intercepts.

Seventh minute - Folau hits another mid-range shot. Thwaites matches.

Sixth minute - Thwaites levels the scores and Jamie-Lee Price enters the game at WD for Australia.

Fifth minute - Aussie defence create a turnover and a chance to close up. Thwaite scores.

Fourth minute - Folau scores and the margin is three.

Third minute - Goal for goal, Folau scores from mid range. Langman intercepts the centre pass, so a chance to build a lead. Ekenasio scores.

First minute - Australia centre pass to start the final quarter. Langman intercepts and Ekenasio immediately equalises.

From the pass, Folau puts NZ back in front.

Third quarter

Big effort from the Ferns in that quarter to bridge the gap and take a lead, but now they must repeat that in the final period.

Great changes mid-quarter from Aussie coach Lisa Alexander to change the momentum, just when it was slipping away - will Noeline Taurua respond with changes of her own?

15th minute - Thwaites equalises again. Aussie defence force a turnover, Watson fouls at the defensive end and Thwaites scores after the siren for the lead.

14th minute - Aussie defence still tight, making the Ferns work hard. Eventually Folau hits another long shot.

13th minute - Folau hits a long shot, but Thwaites matches at the other end.

12th minute - NZ struggle to get upcourt, forced to retreat.

11th minute - Langman finds Ekenasio free on the baseline to score.

10th minute - Ferns pushing for a turnover, but Thwaite misses, Philip rebounds and scores.

Eighth minute - Goal for goal, Ekenasio matches Thwaite.

Seventh minute - Folau misses, Aussies rebound and Thwaite scores, change in momentum and scores level.

Sixth minute - Changes from Australia Caitlin Thwaites and Philip at the shooting end, Kalu comes in on defence.

Fifth minute - Another defensive turnover from Watson, Folau scores to extend the lead and from the centre pass, she scores again. Five straight goals.

Fourth minute - Ferns get a turnover in midcourt, Ekenasio misses, but rebounds to score and level the scores.

From the centre pass, Ekenasio scores for the first lead of the game.

Third minute - Goal for goal right now.

Second minute - Turnover for NZ, here's a chance to close to one very quickly. Folau scores.

First minute - Tippett is back for the Diamonds, Saunders replaces Crampton at WA for the Ferns. Ekenaso scores first.

Second quarter

Silver Ferns are just hanging on here, but they're creating enough turnovers to stay in contention, if they can tidy up their own possession. The lead has been six goals during both quarters, but NZ closed to within one during the second.

Folau and Ekenasio are shooting well enough - both are 13/14 - but they've attempted six less shots on goal, which is pretty much the difference between the two teams.

New Zealand haven't taken advantage of their big penalty advantage - Australia lead that count 29-16.

Surprising that Gretel Tippett exited the game during that quarter - she hadn't missed yet, so maybe an injury concern.

15th minute - Ekenasio eventually scores and NZ have centre pass. Folau scores and the margin is back to three at halftime. 

14th minute - Berger has another turnover, it's given back, but then NZ gain a turnover.

13th minute - Folau scores to right the ship and Burger snatches the ball at the other end, but the attack turn the ball over.

12th minute - Phillip misses her second, but Bassett is rebounding and scoring.

11th minute - Tippett wants a timeout and Teagon Phillip comes on at shooter. NZ immediately turn over the ball and Phillip misses her first attempt.

10th minute - Ekenasio stops the rot.

Ninth minute - Ekenasio brings NZ to within one goal. Bassett intercepts at the attack end, so a chance for the Diamonds to re-establish their dominance.

Eighth minute - Another Australia turnover for contact, Folau scores.

Seventh minute - Great chance for NZ here to close the gap, Folau scores.

Sixth minute - Folau scores, Watson intercepts.

Fifth minute - Ekenasio misses, but recovers to score. Watson just misses an intercept, but Australia retain the ball and score.

Fourth minute - Aussies untidy on attack, but Ferns just can't get their hands to the ball. Bassett eventually scores.

Third minute - That turnover enables Australia to stretch out to six goals, but Folau is open under the goal to stop that run.

Second minute - Bassett misses, but gets the rebound to score. At the other end, a pass goes soaring over Langman's head.

First minute - Aussie pass-off to start the second quarter. Tippett scores first.

Ekenasio answers for NZ.

First quarter

Tippett has missed only two goals so far this series and none today (9/9). Both Ferns shooters have just one miss apiece.

15th minute - Folau works hard to get close to the goal, but ends up taking a long shot that finds its mark. Three goals down after their slow start and early six-goal deficit isn't a bad comeback for the Ferns.

14th minute - Diamonds overthrow to Bassett, that's no mean feat, but intercept downcourt.

13th minute - Folau misses, Aussies rebound, but lose possession in midcourt. Ekenasio gets another one back.

12th minute - Miscue between Bassett and Tippett at the attack end, so Ferns have a chance to chip at the lead. Folau goals.

11th minute - Ekenasio scores, she's doing most of the shooting for NZ.

10th minute - Ekenasio misses her first. Bassett scores at the other end, with centre pass to come.

Eighth minute - Folau scores and the NZ shooters are faultless so far, just not enough chances. The NZ defence grab their first turnover.

Seventh minute - Australia have not turned the ball over yet, so NZ haven't been able to make any inroads into the lead. Ferns are struggling to get the ball into the shooting circle.

Sixth minute - Ekenasio breaks Australia's five-goal run.

Fifth minute - Another turnover from the Ferns, they're gifting the Diamonds this big early lead.

Fourth minute - Another turnover at the attack end for NZ, giving the Aussies another chance to stretch the lead. Bassett capitalises.

Third minute - Bassett puts Australia two goals up early.

Second minute - Tippett opens the scoring for Australia and they get an immediate turnover. Tippett scores again and Australia centre pass.

First minute - Langman has the first centre pass for NZ. Ekenasio goals first.

3:15pm - Teams have now been introduced and we've heard the traditional Welcome to Country, before national anthems.

3:04pm - When the Aussies say a 3pm pass-off, they probably mean that's when they begin their long, drawn out introduction to the start of the game... which is pretty much the recipe for State of Origin league.

It's just ticked over 3pm, and still no sign of introductions or anthems. Stand by, Kiwis.

The Aussies have lost Paige Hadley from the midcourt with a broken wrist from the last encounter.


Netball New Zealand's live matchday stats lists the Silver Ferns starting line-up as Maria Folau (GS), Ameliaranne Ekenasio (GA), Gina Crampton (WA), Laura Langman (C), Katrina Rore (WD), Karin Burger (GD) and Jane Watson (GK).

That means Crampton, who hasn't been on court during this series, starts in place of Shannon Saunders at wing attack.  

Listed as starters for Australia are Caitlin Bassett (GS), Gretel Tippett (GA), Laura Scherian (WA), Liz Watson (C), Ash Brazill (WD), Jo Weston (GD) and Courtney Bruce (GK), so it remains to be seen how accurate that proves.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the third Constellation Cup netball test between New Zealand and Australia from Sydney.

After beating the Aussies at the World Cup final this year, the Silver Ferns began this series strongly to take the opening game by one goal in Christchurch, but their rivals bounced back for a six-goal victory in Auckland.

New Zealand's win marked their first back-to-back success against their trans-Tasman opponents since 2015.

That leaves the series delicately poised heading across the ditch, where they last won in 2016 at Launceston.

Join us at 3pm for the first centre pass in New Zealand's 500th test.

Pre-Game: Silver Ferns still confident despite Constellation Cup loss

Defender Katrina Rore says the Silver Ferns know what the team must improve, after Australia levelled the Constellation Cup series, winning the second test in Auckland. 

After losing the series opener by one goal in Christchurch on Sunday, the Diamonds turned the tables 48-42 win in Auckland on Wednesday night.

The result was the perfect way for Australia to celebrate coach Lisa Alexander's 100th test in charge of the national side. 

The remaining two games are in Sydney and Perth respectively, and the Ferns will need to win at least one of the two remaining games, if they are to win the Constellation Cup trophy for the second time and the first since 2012. 

If the series finishes tied, goal difference across the four matches would be the decider. 

"They did come out hungrier, compared to the first game," said Rore, from Auckland Airport. "They had lots to prove and the game stepped up a lot, compared to Sunday. 

"We knew they were going to come out firing and now we must step up in the next game. 

Katrina Rore in action for the Silver Ferns.
Katrina Rore in action for the Silver Ferns. Photo credit: Photosport

"It is always tough to win in Australia, but that's what we need to do. We know what we need to work on and where we can improve.

"This rivalry is building towards something special in this Constellation Cup." 

The Ferns were aiming for their third straight win over the Diamonds since 2006, after back-to-back games in the Netball World Cup final and the opening Constellation Cup test. 

Even though they lost, Rore insists the belief in the squad remains high and that comes down to the hard work Noeline Taurua has done since taking over.

"We've proven we can win back-to-back games, which is something we hadn't done in a long time. 

"In games, we don't get our heads down and we know we can fight back when we need to… and we weren't able to do it last night, but at least the belief is there.

"We know we can build confidence and carry on in this Constellation Cup."  

During the national anthem, shooter Maria Folau broke down in tears, adding to speciation that this was her last test in New Zealand, before retiring. 

Coach Taurua's future is also up in the air, as her contract expires after the Northern Quad Series in England. 

Rore has no idea what their futures are, adding that they probably don't know either. 

"Who knows what they're up too. They like to keep their cards close to their chest. 

"I don't think they know what they're doing. You know what Noeline has done over the last 18 months. 

"Words can't describe what's she's done for Netball New Zealand."