Live updates: Rugby League World Cup Nines 2019, Day One

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That's all for tonight, both Kiwi teams went down to Australia but two wins tomorrow will see them in the semi-finals. Join us tomorrow from 1:30pm for live updates of day two. 

Papua New Guinea 23 - 10 USA

18min - Great try to finish things off from USA - a cross field kick to Bureta Faraimo scores. 

13min - Another try from Papua New Guinea, turning into a very one-sided contest. Boas scores again. 

12min - Four tries on the bounce now for PNG, Stargroth Amean is too strong and crosses from close range. 

10min - PNG are the first to score in the second half! Gary Lo busts through two defenders and runs away to score their third try. 

Half time. 

7min - They go bang-bang, a loose carry from the USA falls to the quickest man on the park and Edene Gebbie scores. 

6min - PNG hit back, Watson Boas slices through the defence and scores in the bonus zone.

5min - USA go over for the first try of the match, great work there, they work the short side and it's Junior Vaivai who scores. 

One game left, Papua New Guinea v USA.

Kiwis 12 - 25 Kangaroos

Full time. 

18min - Fafita is far too big and strong again, the big man goes past two then scores in the corner. Great try. 

16min - TRY, once again, Johnson with a perfect set up, beats two then throws a no look pass to Isaako who scores again. 

13min - TRY, Fafita is too strong and goes over for the four-pointer. 

12min - Mitch Moses comes up with the first 20/40 of the tournament. 

11min - CNK can't throw the quick pass and he is tackled out, Aussie ball. 

10min - NZ force a line drop out.

Second half is underway

Half time.

9min - Lovely play from Australia, Fafita starts it off and Feldt finishes it with a bonus zone try. 

7min - Genius from Johnson, he beats one and two then throws a lovely cut out pass to Jamayne Isaako who scores. 

6min - Another penalty for NZ, they need to score next you feel.

5min - Graham puts in a kick in behind and Addo-Carr scores, great work from both players there. 

4min - NZ lose the ball and Cherry-Evans starts the ball for Aussie.

3min - Penalty won by NZ, quick tap is taken. 

1min - TRY - Australia, Graham finds a gap and hits Addo-Carr with the pass and that's a try. 

1min - Underway in Sydney.

Here comes both sides onto Bankwest Stadium. 

NZ 8 - 22 Australia (W)

Full time, Australia are far too good for the Kiwi ladies in the opener, up next is the Kiwis v Kangaroos. 

18min - Try, a nice way too finish for New Zealand but a bad first half has cost them. 

14min - The Kiwi ladies are on the board, a lovely try - they shift the ball right and Atawhai Tupaea does well to score out wide.  

12min - What a try from Ali Brigginshaw, she's been the best player on the park, she sees some space in behind, puts in a kick and gathers to score. 

10min - NZ go the closest they've been this game, but there's a foot in touch, Aussie have the ball back and the penalty.

Half time! 

8min - Once again, Aussie work the ball to the right and they score again, Corban McGregor goes over. 

3min - Lovely from Aussie, they move the ball to the right and a great offload finds Tiana Penitani who scores. 

The perfect start from the hosts, they find some space down the left, a kick in behind sees Keeley Davis gather and score. 

A New Zealand v Australia double-header is up next! The women are first. 

Samoa 32 - 17 Fiji

Full time.

18min - For the first time tonight we see Sivo running at full speed, the big man goes down the left wing and runs for an 80 try! Too little too late from Sivo though. 

17min - David Nofoaluma scores late for Samoa to make it a 6-2 try difference. 

15min - TRY for Fiji, it's a bonus zone try and it's Joseva Lawalawa who scores out wide. 

13min - Another Samoan try and that should be it, too clinical and Fiji are missing too many tackles! Try is scored by Moses Leota. 

11min - Samoa open the scoring in te second half too, they move the ball right and To'o has another. 

9min - Fiji miss tackles and it costs them, a soft try to concede! Brian To'o scores.

6min - Fiji blow an easy try on the left edge, but they shift the ball right and it's Maika Tudravu who scores. 

4min - Samoa score again, it's another Panthers player, Moses Leota scores under the posts. 

2min - Samoa open the scoring, too strong so close to the line and Jarome Luai scores. 

This game will be a cracker! Expect lots of pace and firepower. 

Men - Samoa v Fiji is up next.

Tonga 7 - 30 Cook Islands

Full time! Another upset, what a win from the Cook Islands. 

17min - Tonga finally have a try, a nice one at that, Sione Katoa scores. 

15min - Cook Islands score again, wow! What a performance this is. Anthony Gelling scores.

12min - TRY - Cook Islands can't be stopped, they work the ball to the left and it's Aaron Teroi. 

11min - TRY - Cook Islands are in again! Massive upset alert here, Brad Takairangi sets up the try and it's Steven Marsters who scores. 

Half time!

7min - What a start from Cook Islands, they score again! It's Reubenn Rennie this time. 

5min - Another try from Cook Islands, Iro has a double after a little bit of luck goes his way off the bounce, great start. 

2min - TRY early on from the Cook Islands, the shift the ball right, and it's Kayal Iro who scores. 

A knock on early on from Tonga, Cook Islands have the ball early. 

9:32pm - The first Kiwis are in action is just an hour, The women take on Australia before the men take on the Kangaroos!

Men - Tonga Invitational v Cook Islands is moments away. 

England 25 - 4 Wales

Full time

17min - Wales have something to cheer about, a great try out wide from Mike Butt, he scores after a grubber in behind! 

13min - Tomkins continues to dominate this game and Connor has his second, great work from England. 

England fly out of the sheds in the second half, the ball is put through the hands of their stars, Graham, Whitehead and Tomkins combine to send Jake Connor over. 

Half time

6min - England added to their total just two minutes later, Jermaine McGillvary crossing out wide to take a big lead.

Superb start from England, Daryl Clark and Sam Tomkins score early, Tomkins is all over this game, making breaks and tackles. 

Men - England v Wales is up next. 

Enlgand 25 - 4 Papua New Guinea (W) 

Full time.

Too easy, Leah Burke scores down the left hand wing and it's convincing now. 

Dominance now from the English, they are far too quick when they shift the ball, they go right this time and Emily Rudge scores out wide. 

England are the first team to score in the second half, they shift the ball left then quickly inside again to the right. Rhiannon Marshall is the try scorer. 


Papua New Guinea manage to get on the board on the cusp of halftime. Ua Ravu scoring. 

England score again, this time they shift the ball to the right and it's Caitlin Beevers who scores. 

After spending the opening five minutes defending their line it's England who open the scoring through Tara-Jane Stanley, she scores in the bonus zone.

Women - England v Papua New Guinea is up next. 

France 8 - 12 Lebanon

Full time - Lebanon hold on despite a late push from France, but it's an upset in the opening match! 

France are successful again when they shift the ball left, they score through Gavin Marguerite - it sets up a great finish in the opener.  

France hit back, a lovely try out wide from Paul Marcon, 6 minutes to go. 

Back underway for the second half and an early knock on from France sees Lebanon start on attack. 

Half time - Lebanon open the scoring with a try through Bilal Maarbani, he is too strong for the French defence.

Maarbani has his second three minutes before the break! What a first half for Lebanon. 

8:20pm - Kick off here at Bankwest, we are underway!

8:10pm - Just 10 minutes away from kickoff, France v Lebanon is the opening match. 


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Rugby League World Cup Nines tournament at Sydney's Bankwest Stadium.

The Kiwis will field several newcomvers, including young Parramatta Eels five-eighth Dylan Brown, Canberra Raiders fullback Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad and teammate Bailey Simonsson, who has also represented New Zealand in rugby sevens.

Kiwis: Leeson Ah Mau, Adam Blair, Dylan Brown, Corey Harawira-Naera, Jamayne Isaako, Shaun Johnson,  Jeremy Marshall-King, Ken Maumalo, Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad, Briton Nikora, Kodi Nikorima, Kevin Proctor, , Bailey Simonsson, Reimis Smith, Joseph Tapine, Zane Tetevano

Kiwi Ferns: Madison Bartlett, Teuila Fotu-Moala, Georgia Hale, Honey Hireme-Smiler, Onjeurlina Leiataua, Nita Maynard, Raecene McGregor, Jules Newman, Apii Nicholls, Kanyon Paul, Charntay Poko, Krystal Rota, Aieshaleigh Smalley, Kiana Takairangi, Crystal Tamarua, Atawhai Tupaea

The men's competition also features Cook Islands, England, Fiji, France, Lebanon, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tongan Invitational, USA and Wales, while England and Papua New Guinea complete the women's field.

Today's schedule looks like this: 

8:20pm Men - France v Lebanon 

8:45pm Women - England v Papua New Guinea 

9:10pm Men - England v Wales 

9:35pm Men - Tonga Invitational v Cook Islands 

10:10pm Men - Samoa v Fiji 

10:35pm Women - Australia v New Zealand 

11pm Men - Australia v New Zealand 

11:25pm - Men - Papua New Guinea v USA


World Cup Nines can help boost international game - Michael Maguire

Less may be more for rugby league's developing nations, according to New Zealand coach Michael Maguire ahead of the weekend's World Cup Nines in Parramatta.

The free-wheeling nature of the nine-a-side format should suit Maguire's squad, but he said the tournament had potentially greater long-term for their rivals.

Both Lebanon and Tonga will field outfits at the 12-team event despite ongoing tension between the nation's respective boards and their high-profile players.

Maguire won an NRL Nines title with South Sydney but, with that in mind, says the format works better on the international stage.

"I've spent 18 months now in the Kiwi space and ... once you get involved and understand the enormity of the international game and where it can go, it's one aspect of the game that can really grow," the coach said.

"That's where the game and improvement of various areas of that international space can grow, get the right processes in place.

"If you get the right processes in place the international game will prosper.

"You see the whole community get behind them (when developing nations play); this will enhance that and we've got to keep growing it."

The Cook Islands, United States, France, Papua New Guinea and Wales are among 12 teams that will feature at Bankwest Stadium against the code's traditional powerhouses.

Shaun Johnson, Kodi Nikorima, Briton Nikora and Dylan Brown should all be factors in the open spaces over the weekend for New Zealand and Maguire is quietly confident.

"We're going to make sure it's one hell of a spectacle," Maguire said.

"I'm very excited ... we're going to have a shot at it.

"When the boys put the Kiwi jersey on it's very special to everyone."