NBA: Steven Adams nails rare three-pointer in pre-season game

It seems Steven Adams may have a new arrow in his quiver for the upcoming NBA season.

In the very first play of his Oklahoma City Thunder's pre-season game against the Dallas Mavericks, the big Kiwi spotted up on the wing and - without an ounce of hesitation - splashed a rare three-pointer.

The 26-year-old has yet to make a shot beyond the arc through his six-year NBA career, and while this one won't count, it could be a sign of things to come for the upcoming season.

Coach Billy Donovan drew the play up specifically to get Adams the open look.

"I just got the go, mate," Adams said post-game.

"Coach was like 'look mate, we're going to get you a three', and I was like 'all right, I'll just shoot it'. 

"All jokes aside, it's good that it went in, but you're going to have to miss like 20 of them to get a feel for how it kind of works with the timing and stuff like that."

Adams has long hinted at a stretching of his shooting range but it's never come to fruition, preferring to operate around the rim where he feasts on baby hooks, putbacks and lobs.

But the loss of Russell Westbrook in a trade to the Houston Rockets means there are now plenty more shots to go around, and this could well be the campaign we see Adams open up.

"It depends on what the game plan is," he said at the Thunder media day, when quizzed on the possibility of more outside shooting.

"If that's a thing, then yeah. I'm not just going to come out and be like, maybe now is a good time to jack up a couple threes.

"This isn't like rec centre basketball. It's still taken very seriously."

Adams had an impressive outing in his side's first pre-season fixture, posting 17 points, three rebounds and three assists in just 21 minutes of action in a 119-104 win.

The Thunder next face the NBL's NZ Breakers on Friday (NZT), where we may get a better indication of just how serious he is about this three-pointer business.



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