Sky Sport Now app crashes just as Kiwi driver Scott McLaughlin makes history at Bathurst

Another streaming stuff-up has happened at the worst possible moment, but this one has nothing to do with the rugby.

Sky Sport has apologised to viewers after an issue with its live-streaming app stopped motorsport fans seeing history in the making at Bathurst on Saturday night

The Sky Sport Now app crashed moments before Kiwi driver Scott McLaughlin's thrilling record-fastest qualifying lap at Mount Panorama. 

Sky says it's incredibly disappointed, and is offering full refunds to those frustrated fans watching when the fault occurred.

"We are very sorry that Sky Sport Now customers experienced a fault in their Bathurst viewing tonight," the company said in a statement. "A fault at any stage is not good enough, but an error just as Scott McLaughlin posted his fastest ever lap is incredibly disappointing. We're really sorry."

It says it's working hard to ensure Sunday's Bathhurst viewing experience is a good one. The TV coverage was uninterrupted. 

Sky lost the rights to the Rugby World Cup to online-only service Spark Sport, which has had a rocky start - the All Blacks' first match of the tournament was plagued with problems.

A group of disgruntled fans have even threatened a class-action lawsuit against the newcomer. 

Spark Sport announced earlier this week it has won the rights to stream the Blackcaps' home games for the next six years.



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