Tonga Invitational XIII v Great Britain Lions - Live updates

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Tonga – 14   Great Britain - 6

FULLTIME - Superb effort from Tonga to upset Great Britain. Check out a full wrap here.

80 mins - Another penalty. Means little now. Tupou cleans up the grubber and that will do us.

79 mins - Bateman breaks the line. Bomb goes up, forward off Tonga. Lions scramble to set the scrum 10m from the Tonga line. The hymns break out again, the Tongan fans can sense victory here.

78 mins - Taumalolo isn't done yet, brushing off tacklers as they move towards the Lions 10m. 

77 mins - Hall with some room past halfway but the tackle forces the ball free, Tonga scoop it up and head into the Lions half.

76 mins - Great kick chase drives the Lions right back on to their own line. 

75 mins - Skip ball to a charging Hall but Fusitu'a is there to meet him with a crunching hit to put him over the sideline. Tonga scrum at their own 22m.

74 mins - Lions hold out.  Tackle three at the 30m line.

73 mins - Huge touchfinder from Lolohea and Tonga take tackle on at the Lions' 40m. 

72 mins - Tupou soars to reel in the bomb and earns his team a penalty for tackle in the air. 

70 mins - TRY LIONS - Bateman powers his way over with some space out wide. Is there hope for the Lions yet? Widdop helps the cause with a sideline gem. 

70 mins - Taumalolo comes out of the line to manhandle Widdop.

69 mins - Penalty Lions late in the tackle count. They tap and go, 30m out from the Tonga line.

68 mins - Hurrell grubbers through, collected and flicked back outside but the pass is just out of his reach and into touch with the tryline begging.

67 mins - Tupou pumps his legs on the kick return. 4th tackle at the Lions 30m

65 mins - Big set from the kick restart from Tonga. Lions pinned inside their own 20m.

62 mins - Lolohea grubbers back towards the posts, chaser taken out says the referee. Penalty Tonga right in front of the posts, and they'll choose to take the two points. No mistake from Taukeiaho, and Tonga push the lead beyond two converted tries.

61 mins - McGillvary fumbles, Tonga take the scrum just inside the Lions half.

60 mins - Taumalolo trying to work Tonga out of danger. 

59 mins - Graham pulled down a metre short. Handover.

58 mins - Lions on the attack. Penalty will give them a fresh set, 20m out.

57 mins - Hurrell with a trademark battering ram carry but there's a knock on at the next play.

56 mins - Jennings tackles Widdop metres from the UK line. Knock on in the play of the ball, Tonga scrum on their own line.

55 mins - Taumalolo power through a tackle. Tupouniua offloads in the tackle but straight to a Lions player. 

53 mins - Katoa out of the line with a monster hit. Tonga defence has been staunch. Grubber rolls dead and Tonga tap and go.

52 mins - Katoa snares the one-on-one strip, what a play. Tonga hold out well, tackle 4 at halfway.

51 mins - Grubber wrapped up. Another six on the way for the Lions.

50 mins - High tackle from Fifita. Lions go again, 20m out from the line.

49 mins - Ryan Hall reels in the bomb. Penalty Lions, they take tackle on just 30m out.

47 mins - Widdop grubber on the last, Jones knocks on in the chase. Tonga scrum on their own 22m.

46 mins - Nicely weighted grubber, Fusitu'a chases back to get a fingertip on it ahead of the chasing Gildart. Dropout coming.

45 mins - Tongan mistake gives the Lions an attacking scrum. 20m out now.

44 mins - Tonga tackle one at their 22m.

43 mins - Jennings looking dangerous. Lolohea grubbers, Lions hold on. 

41 mins - Tonga return from the restart. Solid set ends in a bomb, Lions take tackle one at their 30m.

Second half underway...


41 mins - TRY TONGA - Unbelievable! The ball goes through what seems to be every Tongan player's hands as they look to keep play going after the halftime hooter. Ends with a grubber on the left edge and Katoa bolts through to dot it down right in the corner. Taukeaiho nails the sideline conversion to put the icing on the cake.

40 mins - Tupou with a big kick return after the bomb retrieval. Tonga playing touch footy out there trying to keep the game alive....

39 mins - Fifita tken 10m out as the hymns start to ring through FMG Stadium. Crossfield kick for Fusitu'a but he doesn't time his leap, Hardaker twraps it up.

37 mins - Burgess takes his first carry of the game and he's met by no less than three Tongan tacklers who don't miss their mark and force the fumble. Tonga with another big chance here, 40m out.

36 mins - Lolohea looks for the sideline on the final tackle and they all have a breather. It's a real arm wrestle out there, mistake-free rugby league.

34 mins - Lions holding on, they've been forced to do a heap of tackling. Manu Ma'u crashes on to a short ball, falls over the tryline but he can't hold on to the ball. Lions survive.

32 mins - Tonga immediately back on attack with a huge set from the restart. Lolohea's grubber is on the money, six more coming up for Mate Ma'a.

30 mins - TRY TONGA - Katoa weights his grubber perfectly, Coote can't reel it in under the pressure of the chasers, ball's free for Lolohea who links with his support in broken play and Jennings is on hand to run it the final 20m to score. Taukeaiho slots the conversion.

29 mins - McGillvary puts the foot down and beats two. Lions 5m out now...Josh Jones tries to bulldoze his way over, held up and that will be a handover.

28 mins - Lolohea looks for touch. Lions cut it off.

26 mins - Taumalolo marches it down to the Lions 10m. Bomb goes up for Fusitu'a, he can't quite regather. Lions ball.

25 mins - Tonga feed the scrum at halfway.

23 mins - Fonua-Blake getting through a mountain of work. Fifita unable to take the pass with an overlap begging. That's the first uncompleted set from either team so far.

21 mins - Ma'u with a deft kick on the last, Lions force it for a dropout.

20 mins - Lions strip the ball in the tackle, Tonga take the penalty and tackle one at halfway.

18 mins - Taukeiaho launches at the line, Lions just holding on. Taumalolo up next, can't quite get there. Lions survive, turnover ball.

17 mins - Tupou beats two, canters up the left flank down to the Lions 30m. Penalty at the play of the ball, six more coming up for Tonga just 10 metres from the line.

15 mins - Jenning on a nice inside line, almost breaks free. Lolohea bombs on the last, Coote's under it and cops a huge hit for his troubles.

14 mins - Taumalolo drags defenders past halfway. Havili kicks out of dummy half and the chase is fantastic, Lions pinned metres from their tryline. 

13 mins - Lolohea finds touch, Lions scrum 10m from their own line.

11 mins - Widdop on the wrap around play is nailed by Hurrell. Bomb on the last is comfortably taken and Tonga quickly break down field.

9 mins - Lolohea grubbers again but this time Widdop is on hand to regather and run it out of danger.

8 mins - Taukeiaho with a huge carry to start the set. Taumalolo goes close.

7 mins - Tonga just metres from the line, Lolohea grubbers and the Lions have to bat it dead. Six more coming up.

5 mins - Grubber to the outside, Tupou turns and reels it in well after a Lions knock-on. Tonga scrum 10m from their line.

4 mins - Taumalolo gives away a penalty and the Lions will launch again, 30m out.

3 mins - Hurrell carries strongly to the 30m, Fifita with a great offload and they're past halfway. Lolohea bombs and Coote is up to the task.

2 mins - Graham carts it within 15m of the Tonga line. Whitehead on the charge but he's wrapped up on the final tackle.

1 min - And there's an anti-climax, as Tonga kick out on the full to gift the Lions a penalty.

We're underway...

8:02pm - Havili leads a typically fearsome pre-game challenge from the Tongans. Bring on these first few hit-ups.

7:58pm - A moment's silence in memory of Kiwi rugby league stalwart Mike McClennan. Now we're into the anthems.

7:56pm - Both teams make thier way out to a pristine FMG Stadium pitch. The Tron is looking a picture in the setting sun.

Kia ora and welcome to live updates of the Tonga International XIII's showdown with the touring Great Britain Lions in Hamilton.

Commentary will be available from 8pm.

TAB betting odds: Tonga - $2.22 Great Britain - $1.64

Pre-match banter: 

Nicoll-Klokstad overcome with emotion after test debut

By Ben Francis

While it wasn't the debut he'd hoped for, NZ Kiwis utility Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad was overcome with emotions, after representing his country of birth for the first time. 

The 24-year-old was one of four debutants, as the Kiwis slumped to a 26-4 defeat to Australia in their Oceania Cup test in Wollongong on Friday night. 

While the result was disappointing, Nicoll-Klokstad's performance was one of the bright points, including a try, 112 run metres and six tackle breaks. 

"It is so crazy and surreal," Nicoll-Klokstad told, reflecting on his debut. 

"It's every kid's dream to be here and to cross the white line in the same game is surreal. 

"Pretty upset about the result, but we'll take the good with the bad."

While coach Miachel Maguire admitted some of the less-experienced players didn't adjust to test football the way he expected, he was impressed with Nicoll-Klokstad. 

"We had a number of young guys come in and play, and unfortunately they didn't get what this jersey is all about at this present moment," Maguire said.

"We have high expectations in the jersey. [Nicoll-Klokstad] showed some really good form there in the centres, so he's going to grow in that space.

"He showed a lot of confidence there, so I was really pleased with how he played."

Nicoll-Klokstad's rise through the ranks has been one of the talking points during the 2019 season. 

After struggling to crack the Warriors starting team, Nicoll-Klokstad was released by the Penrose-based side and signed with the Canberra Raiders, where he became the team's starting fullback. 

Nicoll-Klokstad was a key member of the Raiders squad that reached their first final in 25 years. 

He was expected to sit out the remainder of the year, but after Maguire invited him into the Kiwis squad, he couldn't resist the offer. 

"It's a privilege and honour to be here," Nicoll-Klokstad added. "We missed our little one-percenters and couldn't get into the game.

"We put pressure on ourselves and the scoreline reflects that."