Auckland protesters will highlight the 'hidden cruelty' of Melbourne Cup Races

Animal activists will line the streets of Auckland's Viaduct to protest the Melbourne Cup.

Protesters from the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR) will hold placards and footage of the "cruel reality" of racing.

A number of pubs and bars along the waterfront will screen the Cup and CPR will be calling on party-goers to reconsider their choices.

"Horses are breaking bones and having heart attacks for our entertainment," CPR spokesperson Frances Baker told Newshub on Tuesday.

"The industry will sell you the façade of glamour, the event, pushing charity but behind exists a shocking reality for the horses themselves," she continued.

CPR says the industry has kept the cruelty a secret. 

"The cruelty in the industry has been well hidden and we want to raise awareness in a peaceful yet effective way so that people consider making conscious and kinder choices," said spokesperson Aya Oba in a statement.

"We have already recorded the deaths of 12 horses from hemorrhages, heart attacks and fractures related to horse racing so far this year. All of these deaths are a direct consequence of the demand for gambling and entertainment."

Peter McGauran from Racing Australia has strongly denied claims the industry abuses horses.

"The claim that racing authorities are inactive on welfare issues is not supported by the facts," he told in 2017.

"We are acutely aware of our responsibilities to meet community animal welfare expectations and purposely enforce the rules of racing to this end."

Victoria Racing Club has been contacted for comment.

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