Baseball: Kyle Glogoski eyeing Major Leagues after stellar season with Philadelphia Phillies

One of New Zealand's most exciting baseball prospects is edging closer to Major League Baseball dreams.

Kyle Glogoski is back home to play for the Auckland Tuatara, after a stellar run in MLB's minor league system. 

The 20-year old isn't wasting time trying to become the first Kiwi to make the big time, with his determination and signature 145kph (90mph) pitches putting him on baseball's map.

Twelve months ago, Glogoski started his second minor league campaign as a relative unknown in the third tier of US professional baseball.

Glogoski told Newshub he had a few sideways looks from some of his talented peers.

"Yeah, it's funny, when I got there, I was walking around the club shaking hands and they ask, 'where are you from?', and you say New Zealand and they're like 'oh!'" he said.

"Some of them don't even know where that is."

His teammates might not know where New Zealand is, but the Philadelphia Phillies found him as a development player back in 2017, after just six years in the sport. 

Fast forward to August this year and Glogoski's suddenly a stand-out performer, striking out 83 hitters in just 73 innings and earning promotion into a league a few ranks away from the majors.

Glogoski will start the 2020 MLB season in AA ball, just a few pitching injuries away from a spot in the big leagues.

"I got up there and started pitching pretty well, and they were like, 'wow, this guy knows what he's doing'.

"I got told I had a pretty advanced approach for my age and how I take things, and my work ethic impressed scouts." 

To continue that progression, the Phillies let him return for a second season with the Auckland Tuatara in the coming Australian Baseball League.

Glogoski was a standout for the Tuatara last season, finishing with an earned-runs average (ERA) of 1.37 over his 19 innings pitched, dominating opposing line-ups

"I think I've got a bit advantage over everyone else now, having a good understanding of it, and I'm just looking forward to it, starting now - I can't wait."

Glogoski would also like to make a statement internationally - the Aucklander told Newshub he would love to wear the Silver Fern, once he establishes himself as a genuine Major League pitcher.

"The main goal right now is the Philadelphia Phillies, but New Zealand is where I was born and raised, this is my home, so you've got to look out for the place where I grew up."

With America calling, Glogoski hopes he can soon make it his full-time home and continue rubbing shoulders with the world's best - like Phillies star player Bryce Harper.

"It's only a little bit from here on out that separates you from the best, so it's definitely something I've got my eyes on right now."

The Kiwi is certainly making a strong pitch for his future in Major League Baseball.