Blackcaps v England: Fourth Twenty20 - Live updates

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England 241/3 (Dawid Malan 103*, Eoin Morgan 91)

New Zealand 165 (Tim Southee 39, Colin Munro 30)

England win by 76 runs!

17th over - Jordan to bowl.

Top edge from Boult, it goes over the keeer for four. 

WICKET! Full and straight from Jordan and it goes on to hit the stumps. Boult 8 b Jordan.

16th over - Sam Curran

Boult hits it straight to the fielder at mid off - Sodhi is backing up too far, it's a direct hit and he's gone! Sodhi 9 run out Jordan. 

Single from Boult.

Single from Tickner to follow. 

15th over - Tom Curran to bowl.

HUGE! Massive six, Sodhi gets it out of the middle and clears the grandstand. 

Good finish to the over , four singles. 

14th over - Sam Curran to bowl.

Three singles and two off the over.

WICKET! Santner gets a little tickle on the ball from a bouncer and Billings takes the catch. Santner 10 b S Curran c Billings. 

13th over - Parkinson to bowl.

Six runs from Tim Southee, short from the bowler and he gets put into the stand.

Southee follows it up with two runs. 

Southee looks to clear the field again, he doesn't time it at all, but it yorks the fielder and it goes for four. 

WICKET! Southee looks to heave the ball into the stands again, he misses it and is given out LBW, Southee goes for the review - but it's out. Southee 39 LBW b Parkinson. 

12th over - Brown to bowl.

Southee tries to clear the field again, Jordan dives for the catch, gets a hand to it but puts it down. 

Huge six from Southee, short and pulled into the grandstand for six. 

Southee toes one down the ground, it just goes past the bowler for a single. 

Another wide from Brown, this really is terrible bowling from the young fella. 

Santner gets one out of the middle, it goes through the gap for four, down the ground.


11th over - Parkinson to bowl.

Souhee gets on one knee and hits the middle of the bat and it flies for six over square leg.

Another six from Southee - over the mid wicket region, lovely timing from Southee.

Southee picks out the man at long on with another big shot, Brown gets on one knee and drops the catch, absolute sitter! 

Santner goes for a big shot himself, bt he doesn't get it at all, goes for a single. 

Missfield on the boundary, straight through the hands and it goes for four. 

10th over - Brown to bowl.

WICKET! Ross Taylor looks to get going and hit some boundaries. He doesn't get it, Taylor 14 b Brown c Banton.

Single from Southee off the last. 

9th over - Parkinson to bowl.

Hat-trick ball for Parkinson, a first slip goes in, He drags it a little down the leg side and Taylor works it into the leg side for a single. 

Straight up from Mitchell who looks to go down the ground! Straight into the hands of Chris Jordan. Mitchell 2 b Parkinson c Jordan.

Six from Taylor - slog sweep , trademark Ross Taylor. 

8th over - Brown to bowl.

Five singles and a two wides off the over. 

7th over - Parkinson to bowl.

Single from Munro, good cricket from him so far. 

Single from CDG, down the ground. 

Another Munro single.

Massive from de Grandhomme - a couple of steps down the ground and it's massive.

WICKET! de GRandhomme goes for the same result, but he doesn't get enough of it. Colin de Grandhomme 7 b Parkinson c Banton.

WICKET! The very next ball, Munro looks to go for six too, but he hits it straight to Pat Brown. Munro 30 b Parkinson c Brown.

6th over - Jordan to bowl.

Seifert gets of the mark with a single down the ground.

Single from Munro, direct hit and he was out, he takes out Jordan too, elbow to the ribs, he seems to be okay now.

WICKET! Super soft from Seifert, he tries to get too cute and nurse one into the leg side, a slower ball catches the leading edge and it's taken easily. Seifert 3 b Jordan c T Curran.

Single off the last ball.

5th over - Tom Curran to bowl.

Full toss to Munro and he drives it down the ground for a single.

Guptill goes over another shot over the field, he doesn't get it well, but it's in the gap - four runs. 

WICKET! Guptill middles another one, but it's straight to Malan, Guptill 27 b T Curran c Malan.

Single to get off the mark from Seifert. 

Eight off the over. 

4th over - Chris Jordan to bowl.

Six runs from Guptill, too short from Jordan, and Guppy gets it all.

Lovely shot from Guptill, huge, over the grandstand! Massive six. 

Good ball from Jordan, a yorker, Guptill digs it out for a single. 

15 off the over. 

3rd over - Sam Curran to bowl.

Wide off the first.

Short ball from Curran and Guppy is onto it in a flash, pulls it for six. 

Munro comes down the pitch and lofts an on drive for four, Curran follows it up with a wide. 

Three off the last two - 18 off the over. 

2nd over - Tom Curran to bowl.

Two singles to start the over for the Blackcaps.

Munro then works a shot ball fine for four runs. 

He follows it up with a single.

Single off the last.

1st over -  Sam Curran to open up for the Poms.

Guptill swings and misses outside off stump.

Guptill pulls and misses outside off. 

Poor ball from Curran, Munro flicks it away for a boundary. 

Lovely shot to finish the over from Munro, an on drive, it goes for three. 

The Blackcaps will need to be at their very best to chase this massive total, huge partnership from Malan and Morgan. 

20th over - Southee to bowl.

Lovely couple of balls to start the over from Southee, two yorkers - two singles.

Full and straight, on the stumps and flicked away for six from Morgan.

WICKET! Morgan goes over the off side but he doesn't get it properly. Morgan 91 b Southee c Mitchell.

Dotball to finish the innings from Southee. 

19th over - Mitchell to bowl his first. 

Wide from his second ball, Morgan follows that up with a big six down the ground, lovely shot. 

Another six from Morgan, high and long over the leg side. 

After a dot ball, Morgan hits.... another six, over long on. Morgan finds another gap and it goes for four.

25 off Mitchell's over. 

18th over - Boult to bowl.

Malan is on here! He gets one off Boult too, six more over mid wicket for six!

A single down the ground from Morgan, and the final ball goes for six, another massive one - that's the 100 for Malan, 48 balls is all it took, the fastest by an Englishman. Over the leg side once again. 

17th over - Sodhi to bowl.

Too wide from Sodhi and Malan reverse sweeps him for four. 

Six more from Malan, he moves over to the off side and slog sweeps Sodhi for six.

More great batting from Malan, he comes down the pitch and with a lofted drive, hits Sodhi for six more - great batting. 

Another reverse sweep, four runs. 

Another six! Crazy batting here - Malan doesn't get all of this but he gets enough, over the leg side for six. 

Two to finish the over, 28 off the over. 

16th over - Tickner to bowl.

Nice shot from Morgan, he swings the bat and it's four runs down the ground. 

Another catch in the outfield, but it's another no ball for height - really average bowling from the Blackcaps. Free hit to come. 

Malan goes for the scoop and it's a dot ball, good recovery - slower ball.

Single off the last. 

15th over - Santner to bowl.

Catch, Morgan plays one into the leg side and is caught by Mitchell but it's ruled a no ball for height, not out and free hit to come.

Really good comeback, Santner goes for seven off that. 

14th over - Southee to bowl.

Lovely from Malan, driven for four from the lefty to bring up his 50.

Three runs from Malan, good fielding from Munro.

Full and wide from Southee and Morgan slashes across the line for four down the ground. 

Late cut from Morgan and it goes for four, 50 for Morgan now.

Bad over from Southee, the last ball goes for four, over the covers. 22 off the over.  

13th over - Tickner to bowl.

Good bowling from Tickner, four good change ups, pace and line, just four singles. 

Too full from Tickner, driven well for four over covers. 

Nine off the over. 

12th over - Boult to bowl. 

Top edge from Morgan, runs away for four. 

Four-straight singles after the boundary. 

Lofted drive off the final ball of the over, it goes for four - 12 off it. 

11th over - Santner to bowl. 

Santner tries to slide one wide down the off side, Malan moves to the ball and heaves it across the line for six, well timed! 

Great shot from Malan, over the covers for three, the 100 comes up.

Great cricket from Malan, another single. 

Six off the fifth from Morgan, over the covers for six. 

Single off the last, 20 off the over. 

10th over - Tickner to bowl.

Big LBW appeal, it's given not out and the Blackcaps review, pitched outside leg, not out is the call - it stands. 

Not timed from Malan, he goes for a pull shot but it falls safe, four runs. 

No man back at long on, in the slot from Tickner and Morgan slaps him for six over cow. 

Very nice from Morgan, inside out over cover and that over goes for 15. 

9th over - Sodhi to bowl.

Dropped short from Sodhi and Morgan is onto it - six runs.

Two singles into the leg side.

Another heave from Morgan, he goes for the six over square leg, Mitchell takes the catch but as he is falling, he throws the ball in. Just two runs. 

8th over - Santner to bowl. 

Big shout for LBW there, it's given not out, but Southee goes for the review and it's reveresed, really close and a great review. Banton 31 LBW b Santner. 

Morgan is off the mark with a single off his first. 

Malan works a single into the leg side.

A single off the last too, great work from Santner. 2/5 off two overs from he lefty.

7th over - Ish Sodhi to bowl.

Malan works one into the leg side for a single. 

Banton drives one deep into the off side, Santner cuts it off for a single. 

Four singles to start the over. 

Reverse sweep goes away for four, lovely from Malan, nine off the over - as easy as you like for England at the moment. 

6th over - Tickner to bowl.

Poor line from Tickner, too straight and it's flicked fine for four. 

Another bad ball, on Banton's legs and flicked away for another four. 

Short and straight from Tickner and Banton pulls him away for six - lovely shot. 

Well timed through the covers, two off the final ball. 

5th over - Southee to bowl.

Lovely drive from Banton, through the covers for four. 

Bad bowling from Southee, too far down leg side but it's cut off on the boundary. 

More bad bowling, full toss outside off and driven for four. 

Single off the last, 13 off. 

4th over - Santner to bowl.

WICKET! First ball from Santner, he drops it short, it's a loosner and Bairstow picks out Daryl Mitchell. Bairstow 8 b Santner c Mitchell. 

Single off the last, just two runs off the over, great work from Santner.

3rd over - Boult to bowl.

Lovely from Southee, Bairstow comes down the track and cant get it through.

Bairstow goes over the top, average ball from Boult and it gets what it deserves. 

Big shout and given LBW, but Banton goes for the review but it's pitching outside leg. Big break for England.  

2nd over - Tim Southee to bowl.

Too straight from Southee, Banton flicks it for two.

Full and straight and Banton drives it for a single. 

Once again, too far on the leg side from Southee and Bairstow is underway with two.

Big appeal from the Blackcaps, Bairstow tries to sneak a single, he turns back and it's nearly run out, he snuck his bat in good from both bowler and batsmen there.  

1st over - Trent Boult to bowl. 

Four off the first ball, goos cll from ump, Boult gets it wrong, down the leg side. 

Single off the last ball, five off the over. 

New Zealand: 1 Martin Guptill, 2 Colin Munro, 3 Tim Seifert (wk), 4 Colin de Grandhomme, 5 Ross Taylor, 6 Daryl Mitchell, 7 Mitchell Santner, 8 Tim Southee (capt), 9 Ish Sodhi, 10 Trent Boult, 11 Blair Tickner

England: 1 Jonny Bairstow, 2 Tom Banton, 3 Dawid Malan, 4 Eoin Morgan (capt), 5 Sam Billings (wk), 6 Lewis Gregory, 7 Sam Curran, 8 Tom Curran, 9 Chris Jordan, 10 Matt Parkinson, 11 Pat Brown

Toss update: New Zealand win the toss and will bowl first.

Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the fourth Twenty20 between the Blackcaps and England. 

TAB Odds: Blackcaps $1.69   England $2.08

Pre-match chat: Rookie bowler Blair Tickner back on home track

Blackcaps rookie Blair Tickner is turning heads during the current T20 series against England - and not just for his bowling.

The Central Districts pace bowler was a hero of New Zealand's 14-run win at Nelson on Tuesday, returning figures of 2/25 in just his second international outing, as the home side took a 2-1 lead in the five-match series.

But Tickner is attracting just as much attention for his distinctive hairstyle that bears an uncanny resemblance to a famous TV villain.

"I've been told I look like Arthur off Peaky Blinders," he laughs. "I don't mind that.

"I'm gowing out the mo' at the moment, so maybe I'll get a cheesecutter to warm up for the next game and I'll be right."

Peaky Blinders portrays a ruthless gang from early-1900s Birmingham and Arthur Shelby is the unhinged ex-military, right-hand man to brother and gang leader Tommy Shelby.

Tickner, 26, debuted for the New Zealand T20 team against India in January and hopes to take the field in his hometown of Napier in the fourth match against England on Friday.

"I love playing here for the Stags, and it would be pretty awesome to play in front of friends and family," he says. "I love McLean Park, so very excited."

Tickner operates the 13th Stag cafe at the Hastings Regional Sports Park.