Fake tan, fascinators and fashion: New Zealand Cup brings 20,000 punters

Punters pulled out the fake tan and fascinators for Canterbury's eagerly anticipated social event of the year. 

More than 20,000 people poured into Addington Raceway for a day at the races on Tuesday.

There were old-timers, new-timers, realists and rebels.

One man was so intoxicated early in the day he was trying and failing to evade authorities.

Fashion boundaries are pushed this year. They are men with headpieces and mullets aplenty.

The winners of the fashion in the fields were Matt Anderson in blue and white from top to toe, and Nikki Pagen in a red and white Ted Baker number.

Matt Anderson.
Matt Anderson. Photo credit: Newshub.
Nikki Pagen (on left).
Nikki Pagen (on left). Photo credit: Newshub.

Police told Newshub the crowd's been near perfect this year, but it's the end of the day they worry about.

"That's really what we're here about, preventing people from hurting themselves and harming themselves," said Roy Appley from Christchurch police.

Limes were a safe ride to the races but banned for getting home. Cup organisers took credit for the Christchurch's biggest social occasion.

"We've done a lot of work around that in the last two or three years and it's starting to pay off," said New Zealand Cup CEO Brian Thompson.

And it paid off for the owners of All Star Racing Stables, the Purdons, who won the big race and the New Zealand Cup.

After a long day in the sun, punters were happy to stumble their way home.



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