Live updates: Blackcaps v England, day two, first test at Mt Maunganui

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England 353 (Stokes 91, Denly 74, Burns 52, Southee 4/88)
Stumps: New Zealand 144/4 (Nicholls 26*, Watling 6*)

51st over - This will be the last over of thedsay and Joe Root will have a bowl. Two from the over and that's the end of play. 

50th over - Nicholls smashed in the head by a vicious short ball from Archer. The Cantabrian is okay .... just having a drink and a chat with the doctor. Archer working Nicholls over here ... a real quick bouncer has him in no mands land but it's through to Buttler safely enough.

49th over - Nicholls sweeps for a single.

48th over - Jofra Archer is back - 0/39 from 12.

47th over - Maiden from Leach to Watling.

46th over - Full from Curran and Nicholls is hit on the pad .... umpire says not out and for good reason. He edged the ball back onto his pads. Maiden over. 

45th over - Two singles from the over.

44th over - Maiden from Curran.

43rd over - A two to Watling from the over.

42nd over - Full from Curran and Nicholls goes down to mid-on for four ... lovely shot.

41st over - Two singles from a tidy over from Leach.

Kane Williamson c Stokes b Curran 51 (85) 7x4's FOW 127
40th over - WICKET: 
Fifty for Wiliamson as he steers Curran to third man for four. Got em! That ball took off from Curran and took the gloves, flew to Stokes at 2nd slip and he took a nice catch. Huge moment.

39th over - Nicholls pulls Leach through square leg for four.

38th over - Sam Curran is back - 1/18 from 5. Width from Curran and Nicholls slashes through point for a well timed four.

37th over - Jack Leach is back - 1/17 from 5. Nicholls gets a sole single from the over.

36th over - A couple of singles from the Jofra Archer over.

35th over - Henry Nicholls off the mark with a lovely shot through midwicket for four. 

34th over - Maiden from Archer to Nicholls.


Ross Taylor c Pope b Stokes 25 (40) 1x4's FOW 106
33rd over - WICKET: 
Dumb from Taylor .... they had nurdled 6 from the over but then on the last ball Stokes drops in short and Taylor swings hard but gets no timing and finds the fielder on the midwicket fence. 

32nd over - Two runs for Taylor through a vacant cover area. Two more for Taylor, this time through midwicket and that's the NZ 100 up.

31st over - Three singles from the Ben Stokes  over.

30th over - Archer changes end to replace Broad - 0/26 from 8. Taylor flicks one through midwicket for three .... great work by Debly on the rope to prevent four. 

29th over - Ben Stokes replaces Archer. Three singles from the over.

28th over - Just two singles from the Broad over.

27th over - Taylor cuts Archer for four through point.

26th over - A couple singles from the Broad over.

25th over - Jofra Archer is back replacing Leach - 0/16 from 6. Two singles from the over.

24thover - Taylor play and miss to a lovely off-cutter from Broad. 

Jeet Raval c Denly b Leach 19 (68) 3x4's FOW 72
23rd over - WICKET: 
Raval has four over wide long-on. Oh no Jeet!! He goes again to the slog sweep and hits it straight to Denly at mid-wicket ... dirty slog .... dumb cricket. 

22nd over - Williamson gets lucky. Drives at an outswinger but he has to reach for it and it flies through a vacant wide gully for four.  Williamson punches the next ball through point for three. 

21st over - Raval gets a dodgy four .... he slog sweeps again but doesn't get all of it. Archer runs back but can't get to it and the ball trickles over the rope. 

20th over - Maiden from Broad.

19th over - Jack Leach will continue - 0/6 from 2.  Raval slog sweeps and is hit on the pad ... up goes Leach but umpire says not out. Root goes upstairs but that looked to strike Raval outside off stump.  Decision holds up ... umpire's call on impact.  

18th over - Stuart Broad will start - 0/5 from 4 overs. Williamson cuts through a vacant gully for four. 

Evening session - Crucial period come up as New Zealand look to dig in on a slow wicket. Williamson, as always, is the key. 

TEA - The Blackcaps trail by 303 runs at the break having lost just the wicket of Tom Latham in their 17 overs of batting. Raval has been solid but finding it hard to score while his skipper looks in terrific touch scoring his 23 runs from 31 balls. Back soon.

17th over - Leach to bowl the last over before Tea. Full toss and Williamson drills it straight down the ground for four. Fifty up from NZ as Williamson punches down the ground for a single and that's Tea. 

16th over - Williamson turns Curran square for four ... well timed shot that from the NZ skip. 

15th over - Spin for England - Joe Root turns to Jack Leach. Raval almost plays on ... he tries to flick off his pads but the ball goes between his legs and spins away from the stumps. Lucky break. 

14th over - Maiden from Curran to Raval.

13th over - Short and wide from Archer and Williamson cuts through wide point for four.

12th over - A Jeet Raval single from the Sam Curran over.

11th over - Archer goes wide and full and Raval with a big drive but he can't make contact. Bouncer from Archer and that's over Buttler's head and down to the fence for four byes. 

10th over - Williamson punches square off the back foot for four through gully-point. 

9th over - Archer replaces Broad. Raval turns one to midwicket for one. Williamson off the mark with a single to midwicket. Four runs from the over. 

Tom Latham lbw Curran 8 (21) FOW 18
8th over - WICKET: 
Sam Curran replaces Archer.  Latham forward but he's struck on the pad and is plum in front and the umpire raises his finger. Latham had a think about it but walks off ... replay suggests he should have gone upstairs as he edged the ball onto his pad at the same time his bat hit is he pad ... hope that makes sense. Wicket maiden for Curran. 

7th over - Well run quick single from the bat of Latham to break a run of 15 dot balls. Broad goes past the edge of Raval's bat with a ball that came a long way back. Raval drives superbly down the ground for four. 

6th over - Maiden from Archer to Raval.

5th over - Third maiden on the bounce for Broad. 

4th over - Latham clips Archer square for three ... nice shot that. 

3rd over - A second maiden from Broad to Raval.

2nd over - Archer will bowl with the wind. Four byes .... Archer bowls a wide bouncer and Buttler can only parry it down to the boundary. Latham pushes on the offside, times it well and will come back for a third. 

1st over - Stuart Broad will bowl the first over into the breeze. Maiden to start from Broad to Raval,

End of innings: That's a wrap. A frustrated Wagner gets the final wicket. New Zealand will be annoyed that England got 353 given the great first hour they had when England fell from 277/4 to 286/7, but Buttler and Leach played very well. Latham and Raval will be out shortly. 

Jos Buttler played well for England
Jos Buttler played well for England Photo credit: Getty

Stuart Broad b Wagner 1 (10) FOW 353
124th over - WICKET: 
Broad drags back on a full one after a barrage of short balls from Wagner.

123rd over -  Just a Broad single from the over.

Jos Buttler c Santner b Wagner 43 (70) 5x4's 1x6 FOW 347
122nd over - WICKET: 
Short and wide and Buttler cuts high but straight down Mitch Santner's throat at deep point. Leach drives through a vacant 3rd slip for four. 

121st over - Dropped! Buttler goes high ... very high ... Raval running in from deep point and he dives to take the catch but he can't get a hand on it. Southee is livid as Henry Nicholls probably should have called for that one.  Buttler smashed Southee to the cover boundary for four to add some salt into quite a deep wound. Buttler gets a single from the last ball ... he is winning this battle hands down as the partnership reaches 51. 

120th over - Buttler plays out five dot balls ythen gets a single to third man on the final ball of the over .... enthralling stuff......

119th over - Southee onto Leach's pads and he has a single to fine leg. Two off the over. 

118th over - Wagner will bowl - 1/82 from 28. Leach gets one from the first ball as he glances to fine leg. Two for Buttler to deep extra cover .... good save from Santner on the rope to prevent four.

117th over - Tim Southee will open up - 4/74 from 28 overs. Leach pushed for two on the last but can only get one. 

Afternoon session: The Blackcaps had for a brief moment contemplated bowling the Poms out for under 300 but Buttler and leach have recovered nicely and now England will be eyeing 400 with an hour of batting - NZ must get Buttler in the first 15 minutes. 

LUNCH: A fairly even session you'd have to say. England came out swinging to start the day, and added some more runs on the board, but then New Zealand claimed four quick wickets - three to Tim Southee - but things have really slowed up now England are 329/8 at the break. The Blackcaps will want to get those last two wickets quickly and then try to get some runs on the board before the day is up.

116th over - Mitch Santner comes in for a maiden over to end the first session so now it's lunch time. 

115th over - The crowd cheers are something happens as Jos Buttler hits a six over long-off, I think that's the first of the match.

114th over - The same as the last few overs with just a single. Not long now till lunch. England at 322/8. 

113th over - Trent Boult comes back into the attack. Just one more single in that over as Jos Buttler punched out to mid-on.

112th over - Just one single from that Neil Wagner over. Will probably get three-four more overs in before lunch at this rate. 

111th over - De Grandhomme's first ball of the over goes for a wide, while both batsman add a couple more runs. 

110th over - Neil Wagner completes his sixth maiden over in 26 overs with the ball. Tom Latham and Henry Nicholls are starting very close to Jack Leach, looking for a tiny edge. England at 315/8. 

109th over - After five dots, Leach adds another run onto the board to end the over. 

108th over - England add a few more runs in the over. After a fleury of wickets, things have slowed up.

107th over - After two great balls from Southee, Buttler smashes this over mid-on down for four. Just one bounce until it goes over the rope. Buttler then ends the over with another four, this one goines through point. England are 311/8. 

106th over - Neil Wagner now into the attack for New Zealand, and he bowls a maiden in his first over of the day. 

105th over - England bring up 300 now as Jack Leach hits a cover-driver four. 

J Archer c Southee b Boult 4 (3b 1x4) SR: 133.33
104th over - WICKET -
Now the wickets are tumbling as Jofra Archer's stay is short-lived. After the paceman hit a four, Trent Boult claims his wicket on the next ball, Tim Southee takes the catch. England now 295/8. 

O Pope c Watling b Southee 29 (56b 6x4) SR: 51.78 
S Curran lbw b Southee 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

103rd over - WICKET X2 - Another one down as Tim Southee claims the scalp of Ollie Pope for 29. Pope hits it behind straight into the gloves of BJ Watling. On the next ball, he gets Sam Curran out LBW. England do review the decision, but it stands and Southee is on a hat-trick on the last ball of the over. Sadly Southee can't get a wicket and it goes for four leg-byes. 

Tim Southee celebrates a wicket
Tim Southee celebrates a wicket Photo credit: Photosport

102nd over - Buttler backs up his single with two fours in the over. His first was down mid-wicket, and the second was the exact same. England now 286/5.

B Stokes c Taylor b Southee 91 (146b 12x4) SR: 62.32
101st over - WICKET - Ross Taylor's makes up for yesterday's two dropped catches with a stunner to remove Ben Stokes, as Tim Southee claims the wicket. Stokes edges it to Ross who makes an amazing one-handed catch in the slips. Jos Buttler comes in and gets one run in the over. England now 278/5. 

100th over - England have done a great job, adding to their run total to start day two, the Blackcaps are looking to get Pope out, more so than Stokes. Trent Boult gets the first maiden over of the day. 

99th over - Another four for Ben Stokes and he's getting very close to a century as he reaches 90 runs in the over. England now 276/4. 

98th over - Ollie Pope finds the rope with another four. That is three boundaries in three overs as the partnership between Pope and Stokes is at 66.  

97th over - Tim Southee into the attack now. Stokes gets four more runs for the visitors. He hot the ball down backward point all the way to the ropes. 

96th over - First boundary of the day, as Pope his Boult at deep backward square for four. 

95th over - Ollie Pope finally adds to his 18 runs from yestrday on the final ball of the over. 

94th over - Ben Stokes is now upto 78 as the New Zealand-born star adds three runs to the total in the over. England now 253/4.

93rd over - England bring up 250 off a Ben Stokes single. Then de Grandhomme appeals for the wicket of Pope, and straight away, he appeals the decision. It pays off as it's overturned. 

92nd over - Trent Boult to start down the other end of the pitch. Two runs from that over, one single and one leg bye. 

91st over - Colin de Grandhomme to start the day with the ball. They need an early wicket here. After two dots to start the over, Ben Stokes hits the ball down the ground for four. 

Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the first cricket test between the Blackcaps and England at Bay Oval in Mt Maunganui.

England will start day two on 241/4 with Ben Stokes (67) and Ollie Pope (18) at the crease.

On day one, Rory Burns (52) and Joe Denly (74) helped England post a competitive total, with Colin de Grandhomme (2/28), Tim Southee (1/46) and Neil Wagner (1/77) taking wickets. 

The Blackcaps missed a late chance to dismiss Stokes on day one, but the ball went straight through Ross Taylor's hands in the slips. 

Of course, this particular match-up has taken on greater significance this year - no so much in the test format - after the pulsating climax at the Cricket World Cup, where England pipped New Zealand on a countback of boundaries in the final.

Then, two weeks ago, the T20 series decided at Eden Park also went into extra time, with the tourists again prevailing in a 'super over'.

In the longer format, New Zealand sit poised for their 100th test victory some time this summer, currently sitting on 98, after their victory over Sri Lanka in Colombo three months ago.

The Blackcaps last beat England (by an innings and 49 runs) at Eden Park in March 2018, after dismissing their rivals for 58 runs in the first innings. Skipper Kane Williamson and Henry Nicholls both scoring centuries, and Trent Boult (6/32 & 3/67) turned in a man-of-the-match performance with the ball.


England: Rory Burns, Dom Sibley, Joe Denly, Joe Root (c), Ben Stokes, Ollie Pope, Jos Buttler (wk), Sam Curran, Jofra Archer, Jack Leach, Stuart Broad.

New Zealand: Tom Latham, Jeet Raval, Kane Williamson (c), Ross Taylor, Henry Nicholls, BJ Watling (wk), Colin de Grandhomme, Mitchell Santner, Tim Southee, Neil Wagner, Trent Boult.