Live updates: Kiwis v Great Britain Lions, first test

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Kiwis 12 Lions 8 


NZ 12 (Harawira-Naera & Isaako tries; Isaako two goals) GB 8 (Clark try; Widdop two goals)

40th minute - JWH soaks up time in the tackle. Last tackle... Hughes finds touch.

Britain try to set their scrum before the final siren, but time is blown and the Kiwis have hung on for a good win. They had to overcome some adversity to achieve that.

These two teams will meet again next week in Christchurch - join us on Saturday for live updates.

39th minute - Lions are looking for a way out of their half. They'll kick on their 40 and Maumalo brings the ball back to halfway.

38th minute - Marshall finds touch with his kick. Lions have a scrum on their own 10.

37th minute - Kiwis look tired and Lions are rampant. They're 10m out... McGilvray goes over in the corner, but it looks suspect.

Kenny Bromwich is the last defender and skilfully knocks the ball out of McGilvray's hand as he dives. No try... phew!

Bromwich is still down and he knocked his head in the tackle.

From the tap, RTS makes ground, Manu surges towards halfway and JWH reaches Lions territory.

36th minute - Widdop tries to kick to the line, but Kiwis cover it and work the ball out. Marshall kicks from his 30.

35th minute - Lions reach halfway and set McGilvray loose on the right - pass looked forward.

34th minute - Kiwis back in Lions half. Nikora runs across field and Bromwich straightens up.

On the last tackle, Maumalo dies with the ball.

33rd minute - Isaako kicks 55m on the bounce. Lions charge back and Hughes steals the ball.

32nd minute - Hastings slips off three tackles, but RTS makes the tackle. Lions on attack and Widdop kicks to the goal - RTS forces for a dropout.

31st minute - Nikorima almost loses the ball at dummy half, Marshall kicks high and Hall catches on his 20.

30th minute - Lions try to break out of their territory, sniffing victory. They'll kick from Kiwis territory - RTS meets Widdops high kick.

28th minute - Clark TRY.

There's a video review though...

Walmsley charges to the line, Nikora strips the ball, Clark regathers for the Lions and spins over the line in two tackles. It looks good and is given.

Widdop converts. NZ 12-8

27th minute - Lions go onto attack, the ball goes left to McGilvray. Burgess gets an offload and surges 10m, and when the ball goes left, the Kiwis make a tackle on the last.

Marshall is pinged for a high tackle.

26th minute - Harawira-Naera has left for an HIA, probably from that tackle a few minutes ago. Marshall stone-cold drops the ball in good attacking position.

25th minute - Graham tries to slip a pass to Walmsley, but he loses the ball and Kiwis will get possession inside Lions half.

24th minute - Ball goes loose, but Tapine regathers. Marshall kicks high and Hall is safe.

23rd minute - Kiwis are fired up by the biffo and defend strongly. Lions lose 14m and try to kick, but it deflects into touch - Kiwis ball.

22nd minute - Another tap. This game is getting testy.

21st minute - Lions take the tap. Harawira-Naera is lying on the ground after making a tackle, but RTS and Bateman square up... Tuivasa-Sheck is the least likely to get into a fight.

20th minute - Hastings is taken in a high tackle, but there's a scuffle 20 metres away - looks like Graham was taken late by Tapine, right in front of the posts.

Tapine also throws a punch, but this looks like just a penalty.

19th minute - Isaako is writhing on the ground after a tackle. He's getting medical attention, but plays the ball safely.

RTS is looking explosive, but Blair spills a pass in midfield. Lions will have a scrum 30m out from the line.

18th minute - On the last tackle, Widdop chips to the line, RTS misses a running catch, but it's gone forward off the Lions.

17th minute - Manu runs the ball back from the kickoff. Marshall kicks long and Lomax returns to the Lions 40.

15th minute - Harawira-Naera TRY

Kiwis go left on the last tackle, but Hughes passes to Harawira-Naera, who wrestles his way over the line in four tackles. That looks like a try... it's given.

Isaako converts. NZ 12-2

14th minute - Marshall runs from dummy half and catches the British defenders offside. Kiwis on attack again.

13th minute - That could have been a gamewinner right there, but the Lions survive.

Hastings kicks and Isaako catches two-handed.

12th minute - Nikora NO TRY

The officials are checking for a knock-on...

Marshall puts a grubber kick through and it deflects off a defender, onto Nikora's hand. He then kicks through and gathers to cross the line, but ruled out by video review.

11th minute - Kiwis draw a penalty and Isaako kicks to touch. They have the ball on halfway.

Ninth minute - Isaako TRY

RTS puts the defence in two minds and wriggles through the line on halfway. He makes ground and eventually sneaks a back-handed pass to Isaako, who sprints to the corner.

He swings the conversion across the face of the goal. NZ 6-2

Eighth minute - Lions kick from their 40, RTS catches and sets Isaako away.

Seventh minute - Kiwis are on the Lions 30, Marshall kicks high, but Hall takes the ball in traffic.

Sixth minute - Lions reach halfway on the third tackle. Eventually they kick, but RTS is safe.

Fourth minute - Nikora offloads, RTS is over halfway... Marshall kicks to the line, but it bounces dead.

Third minute - Bateman offloads, but the ball goes back. They run on the last again and again they die in the tackle.

Second minute - Nikorima's pass to Blair is shocking and the forward can't gather it. That's a turnover on their first set of the half, gifting territory to the Lions straight away.

First minute - Isaako kicks off for the Kiwis - they have the wind. McGilvray runs it back. Lions kick from their 40, Hastings goes high, but Isaako takes a niggly ball.


NZ 2 (Isaako goal) GB 2 (Widdop goal)

High error rate is keeping the Kiwis on the back foot, although they have provided the only real enterprise during the first half, with two movements near the end of the half.

The Lions have consistently run on the last tackle, but have died with the ball each time.

40th minute - Kiwis clearing their line, ball goes right to Manu, who finds Marshall inside.

Marshall flicks behind him and Manu regathers. He loses the ball in the tackle and halftime is called.

This is a tough battle, with few real highlights - that flurry near the end of the half was probably as exciting as it got.

39th minute - Widdop darts to the line, ball goes right, Hardaker is tackled on the last.

38th minute - Hughes tries to find Isaako on the wing, but Hall intercepts the ball and is tripped. Lions clear to touch.

37th minute - Kiwis steal a loose pass and go on attack. Marshall goes left, RTS makes ground, JWH offloads to Blair.

36th minute - Kiwis looking for a way through on the last, but Harawira-Naera is tackled and the ball is handed over.

35th minute - Waerea-Hargreaves charges over halfway, Kiwis setting up good field position.

34th minute - Lions scrum on their 20. Kiwis penalised for offside and GB on attack again. Hastings loses the ball and Manu gathers.

32nd minute - Lions kick from their 40, Widdop goes high to Maumalo, who makes ground up the middle.

RTS reaches halfway in the third again. Ball goes right, Blair straightens and loses the ball.

31st minute - RTS reaches halfway on the third tackle. Kiwis have good position.

30th minute - Hastings chips high, but Isaako catches and offloads. Isaako is down.

29th minute - Kiwis can't reach halfway again, Marshall kicks from his 40 and Lomax is safe again.

28th minute - On the last tackle again, Lomax heads to the line, Widdop grubbers, but Hughes gathers again.

27th minute - Kiwis send the ball right, but Manu loses it. Lions scrum in NZ territory - they're really enjoying possession and territory now. 

26th minute - Walmsley on the last, McGilvray dies with the ball on the last. Kiwis run the ball out from their line.

25th minute - Lions go on attack from the scrum.

24th minute - Bromwich loses the ball in a tackle in his own territory - the first real turnover in the game.

23rd minute - Widdop kicks to the goal-line, Isaako gathers the bouncing ball and is driven backwards, but offloads to RTS, who earns a penalty.

22nd minute - Marshall kicks long and the Lions work the ball out of their territory.

21st minute - Lions swarm towards the Kiwis posts, Widdop tries a little grubber, but Hughes falls on it skilfully.

20th minute - Marshall smashes Walmsley in a tackle and Waerea-Hargreaves comes over the top with some verbals. He's penalised and the Lions clear.

19th minute - Kiwis run right and Manu is tackled near touch. Marshall kicks high, but McGilvray takes a great catch in traffic.

18th minute - Lions drop Isaako's kickoff, but it goes backwards and they tidy up. Widdop kicks from halfway and Maumalo catches it looking into the sun.

16th minute - Lions are hot on attack now and they draw a penalty in a tackle. Nikorima carries on too long and Widdop looks to the posts.

He levels the scores.

15th minute - Lions run the ball on the last tackle and are lucky that Hughes deflects the ball in a tackle, so they get the ball back 10m, with a fresh set.

14th minute - Marshall kicks to Hall, who charges back to the Lions 40.

12th minute - Lions running out of their half now, after a deep kick from the Kiwis. Foran diagnosed with dislocated shoulder.

11th minute - Lions run on the last, but their attack is stopped two metres out from the line. That's a handover to NZ.

10th minute - Lions on attack now from that penalty.

Ninth minute - Kiwis kick from their own territory, Marshall's kick bounces awkwardly for Hall, who eventually corals it. Kiwis are penalised deep in Lions territory.

Seventh minute - Kiwis earn another penalty in the play-the-ball and Isaako lines up a shot at goal. He slots it for the early lead. NZ 2-0

Sixth minute - Widdop kicks high, Tuivasa-Sheck catches, but Foran is in trouble, with a shoulder. He may have done that in a tackle on James Graham.

While he's being treated, Kiwis earn a penalty - the first of the game. Luckily, Kiwis have Jahrome Hughes on the bench, so a natural replacement for Foran.

Marshall kicks to touch and finds it in Lions territory.

Fifth minute - Kiwis kicking from Lions territory, Marshall goes high, Lomax catches again. No mistakes from either side yet.

Fourth minute - Burgess rumbles up to halfway and Widdop kicks to Maumalo, who is safe.

Third minute - Marshall kicks high to Lomax, who is safe.

Second minute - Lions rumble up field, Hastings kicks high and Isaako fields.

First minute - Benji Marshall keeps his team in a huddle after the haka, just composing them and helping them refocus on the task at hand.

Lions to kick off through Widdop... Waerea-Hargreaves takes the first hit-up.

On the last tackle, Marshall kicks long, fielded by Lomax near his goal-line.


4:52pm - News from the Kiwis camp is that Nikorima will go straight into the starting line-up, after his late call-up to replace Brandon Smith. Hughes will stay on the bench for now.

Big day for Adam Blair, as he celebrates hs 50th test for the Kiwis, just the second player to achieve this, after Ruben Wiki. He has his kids out on the field for the national anthem.

Would love to see the Kiwis face off against the All Blacks in a haka... that would be awesome!

4:10pm - Fiji run out 44-18 winners over Samoa in the first game of the triple-header, a convincing win.

Fiji 44 (Kikau 2, Lovodua, Lumelume, Miller, Naiqama, Ratuvakacereivalu & Wiliame tries; Wakeham 5 & Moceidreke goals) Samoa 18 (Taufua 2, Lafai & Mulitalo tries; Lafai goal) 

3:19pm - Breaking news from the Kiwis camp, hooker Brandon Smith is out of the line-up today, after breaching team protocol, so Jahrome Hughes is promoted from the bench into the starting team and Kodi Nikorima joins the interchange in that utility role.

At halftime, Fiji Bati are all over Toa Samoa 30-6.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome Newshub's live coverage of the first rugby league test between the Kiwis and the Great Britain Lions from Eden Park in Auckland. 

The test is the second of three played in the City of Sails today. Samoa are currently in action against Fiji, while at 7:40pm, the Tonga Invitational XIII face Australia. 

Both the Kiwis and Lions are looking to back up from last weekend's disappointing losses to Australia and Tonga respectively, as they square off for the first time since 2007.

Kiwis coach Michael Maguire made the bold call to drop five-eighth Shaun Johnson for Kieran Foran, who will play his first test since 2017. Another change sees Joseph Tapine come in for Braden Hamlin-Uele.

NZ Kiwis: 1-Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, 2-Ken Maumalo, 3-Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad, 4-Joseph manu, 5-Jamayne Isaako, 6-Kieran Foran, 7-Benji Marshall, 8-Zane Tetevano, 9-Brandon Smith, 10-Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, 11-Briton Nikora, 12-Kenny Bromwich, 13-Joseph Tapine.

Interchange: 14-Jahrome Hughes, 15-Corey Harawira-Naera, 16-Leeson Ah Mau, 17-Adam Blair.

Great Britain: 1-Jonny Lomax, 2-Jermaine McGillvary, 3-Zak Hardaker, 4-Jake Connor,  5-Ryan Hall, 6-Gareth Widdop, 7-Jackson Hastings, 8-Chris Hill, 9-Josh Hodgson, 10-Tom Burgess, 11-John Bateman, 12-Elliott Whitehead, 13-James Graham (c).

Interchange: 14-Josh Jones, 15-Joe Philbin, 16-Daryl Clark, 17-Alex Walmsley.

TAB Odds: Kiwis $1.38 Lions $2.95

Pre-game:Kiwis captain Benji Marshall excited to reunite with Kieran Foran against Lions

Kiwis captain Benji Marshall is excited to reunite with Kieran Foran in the halves when New Zealand face the Great Britain Lions in Auckland on Saturday. 

Marshall played on Foran's debut in 2009, and the pair will play their ninth test together when they run out onto the field in the first of two tests against the Lions. 

kiwis squad
Photo credit: Newshub.

The pair last played together in a 18-10 defeat against the Kangaroos back in 2012.

Foran was recalled into the starting side at the expense of Shaun Johnson, who was dropped following a disappointing performance against the Kangaroos last week.  

The 29-year-old hasn't played for New Zealand since 2017, and Marshall knows how it feels to wait years between tests, having experienced the same thing himself. 

"I played in Kieran's debut for the Kiwis, and we went on to play a few tests together," explained Marshall. 

"He's in a good space, physically and mentally. We've achieved lots by building our combinations during the week, and I can't wait to play with him again.

"He's determined on every play, he does all the little things, and we complement how each other." 

Kiwis coach Michael Maguire said it was rewarding telling Foran he'd earned the right to play test football again. 

"It's a great thing about being a coach, being able to tell someone they're coming to play a test match, especially somebody like Kieran who has been away for a long time," Maguire explained. 

"Kieran has had his challenges, but he deserves credit for the way he's bounced back. He's worked hard, he's got his body in shape, and I admire the way he plays football."

Maguire added that he expects Shaun Johnson to bounce back from his demotion. 

"Shaun's been excellent. He's been a strong leader, he's been set standards like every other player, and I have no doubt he'll bounce back at some stage."

The Kiwis last played the Lions in 2007.