Motocross: Levi Sherwood excited for one last ride before retirement

After more than a decade, the time has finally come for the last ride with freestyle motocross ace Levi Sherwood in Auckland on Saturday. 

"[I'm] Comfortable with where I am and ready to give it a good nudge tomorrow and see where I end up," Sherwood told Newshub. 

The ride will be rare for the international high flier as it will be in front of kiwi friends and family.

"It's usually just me and my mechanic," Sherwood told Newshub. 

To make things more special he'll share the dirt with the world's best who have become his motorsport family through the highs and lows overseas. 

"It's pretty cool and it's pretty special to have some good friends here who've competed with, rode with and just hung out with for the last ten years.

As well as the last chance to see Sherwood get aerial the crowd will be treated to American Supercross great Ricky Carmichael.

He's in town for a battle that's sure to entertain.

"He's never competed here in NZ, Him and I are going to go head-to-head at the end of an ANZACS vs US relay," Kiwi veteran Ben Townley told Newshub. 

Townley hopes Carmichael will help boost the appeal of the sport to kiwis.

"It's a massive line up and I said last year, I don't think it could get much bigger but the boys have made it bigger," Townley added. 

"I love being apart of all this stuff but just the drive to do the stuff I was doing isn't what it used to be," Sherwood told Newshub. 

Now, the two time X-Games gold medalist will go big for one last time, then go home.


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