NFL: Questions swirl around Colin Kaepernick's trial

Civil rights activist Colin Kaepernick suddenly has a portal back into the NFL.

An open trial has been thrown together for the quarterback, with all 32 teams are invited, three years after Kaepernick was blacklisted for kneeling during the national anthem to support the 'Black Lives Matter' movement.

But his latest opportunity seems too good to be true for close friend and former San Francisco 49ers teammate Eric Reid.

"I'll quote Malcolm X," said Reid. "If you stick a knife nine inches in my back and pull it out six, then it's not progress - there's still a knife in my back." 

On Sunday (NZ time), Kaepernick tweeted that the American football league had offered him a workout in Atlanta.

He says he's been in shape for three years, and can't wait to see the head coaches and general managers.

But Reid doesn't think any will attend, because NFL teams travel then, before Monday's games.

"At this point, it feels like a PR stunt."

Reports suggest the NFL denied Kaepernick's request to change the day, but six teams have confirmed they'll send someone.

Strangely, the NFL hasn't released a statement nor announced the workout on its website.

The offer has come amidst a quarterback injury crisis across half the NFL's 32 teams.

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