ASB Classic: Michael Venus balancing wedding with embedding new tennis doubles partner

If Michael Venus thought his start to 2020 couldn't get any better, it has.

The Kiwi tennis star was confirmed as the ASB Classic's top doubles seed on Thursday in what will be his first tournament with new playing partner John Peers.

But that's not the only partnership he's locking down over the next fortnight.

He has a few last-minute details to organise before getting married on Saturday.

"I have a little rehearsal this afternoon - a little bit of setting up and I still need to finish writing my speech," Venus told Newshub. 

While he'll lock in his partner for life off the court, on it, there's a new relationship blossoming to kick-off 2020.

After two successful years on tour, Venus parted ways with South African Raven Klaasen and aligned with former world No.2 John Peers, who lives just 10 minutes down the road in London.

The benefits that come with practicing with someone all year round were too good to turn up and the New Zealand No.1 hopes it can lead to more finals and another Grand Slam title.

"You never know until you get out there but everything on paper seems good and we get on really well."

They'll find out at the ASB Classic - when they take the court together for the first time. 

It's shaping up to be a tennis honeymoon.

The annual Auckland event is the 32-year-old's favourite tournament of the year, and the 2020 edition will be particularly memorable given his upcoming nuptials.

And his wife to be is a fan of his new off-court relationship. 

"Yeah, she gets on well with John and his wife and he has two young kids also so they all play together and that so it actually works out really well."

A new wife is not the only blossoming partnership Michael Venus is serving up in 2020.