Basketball: Video shows Kobe Bryant's doomed chopper circling 'aggressively' before crash

Eyewitness video has emerged of Kobe Bryant's private helicopter circling the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale, 30 minutes before it crashed, killing all nine on board.

The video, posted on Twitter by @theironlydreams, shows a chopper, believed to be the Sikorsky S-76B carrying Bryant, his daughter and seven others to a basketball tournament, circling 'aggressively' above the man's house.

"I try and video/photograph all the weird stuff happening above my house in Glendale, CA," the user tweeted alongside the video.

"Unfortunately this morning, I didn't realise I was filming the helicopter Kobe Bryant, his daughter and others were in 31 minutes before they crashed."

The Today Show confirmed the chopper's recorded flightpath circled directly above the man's home.

The Twitter user later added: ".....the pilot was performing a very aggressive circling manoeuvre, that's why I went outside to film because it was so loud."

He said he "observed one or two circles before filming & he was even lower & closer to my house, engine maxed".

Bryant's helicopter received special clearance to fly in foggy conditions on a day when the Los Angeles Police Department grounded its chopper fleet.