Live Updates: 2020 Hamilton Sevens, Day One

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Join us again for live updates of day 2, starting at 8:45am tomorrow morning. 

8:51pm - What a finish from NZ - a comprehensive win, Dickson scores in the corner to make it 26-5. 

8:49pm - The Kiwis steal the ball, superb work at the lineout, then Mikkelson gets the ball beats three defenders and scores! Cracking try. 21-5.

8:41pm - Half time! NZ lead 14-5. 

8:39pm - A double thumbs up, really nice from the Kiwis, an offload from Ware sees Baker go straight through to score. 14-5 NZ.

8:38pm - Try, Perry Baker gets it back for the USA, they spin the ball wide and he's far too fast! It's really the USA's first attack. 7-5 to NZ. 

8:35pm - Try time! Scott Curry is too strong, he burts through a gap and scores the opening try. 

8:33pm - Kick off! 

Up next, the last game of the night - NZ v USA. 

8:24pm - Scotland beat Wales 24-19. 

8:14pm - It's half time in the penultimate game of the day, Wales lead Scotland 14-10. 

Up next Scotland v Wales. 

7:54pm - Fiji hold on to win, 19-10.

7:44pm - At the break, just one try in the match, Fiji lead 5-0. 

Up next - Fiji v Australia.

7:24pm - A comfortable win for Argentina, they get the better of the island nation, 40-0.

Next up, Argentina v Samoa.

6:49pm - England just pip South Africa, SA score at the end but can't slot the conversion, England win 21-19. 

6:38pm - Half time and it's South Africa on top 14-7. 

Up next, South Africa v England. 

6:28pm - Back-to-back draws, now it's Kenya and Japan who draw - 12-12 too. 

6:17pm - A very late try, on the cusp of half time from Japan and it puts them level, 5-5. 

Up next - Kenya v Japan.

6:06pm - A late try from Canada gets them level with France, but they cant kick the goal, full time 12-12. 

Half time and it's the Canadians leading 7-5. 

France v Canada - up next

5:43pm - Full time, Ireland win 28-17. 

5:32pm - A late try from Ireland gives them the lead at the break - they're up 14-12. 

Next up - Ireland v Spain.

5:16pm - Full time, cracking match from NZ  - 40-7. 

5:15pm - England score to get on the board, Helena Rowland scores. 

5:10pm - Another try, Fluhler scores again, too easy for the hosts, dominating the English at the mo. 

5:06pm - Another one! Blyde scores again, England make a mistake, and the Kiwis gather the ball, spread it wide and she's over for her fourth. 33-0 at the break. 

5:04pm - She has a hat-trick, Blyde runs onto a ball from Gayle Broughton and smashes through a defender to score under the posts. 26-0. 

5:02pm - Superb work from captain Hirini and NZ turn the ball over and begin another rampant attack! Stacey Fluhler scores. 19-0.

5:01pm - Another try, it's Blyde again, a one-two punch from NZ, too easy at the mo. 10-0.

4:59pm - It doesn't take long to get on the board for NZ, it's Blyde who gets the ball out wide and gasses the defenders to score the first try. 

4:57pm - The final women's match of the day is about to start, NZ v England. 

4:55pm - WOW, a last second try from China and they shock Fiji, they sneak past them to win 17-12. 

4:44pm - Red card from Fiji and off the back of that, China score a try to open up a 5-0 lead. But Fiji hit back on the stroke of half time, 5-5 

Up next - China v Fiji.

4:31pm - Dominant from the Aussies - Russia grab a late try but lose, 40-12. 

4:23pm - Four really good tries in the first half - three from Aussie and one from Russia, 19-7 at the break. 

Up next - Aussie v Russia [W]

4:09pm - One way traffic after the break and the USA romp home to win 34-7.

3:59pm - A cracking try from little speedster Thalia Costa down the left wing opens the scoring for Brazil, but the USA go bang, bang, bang to end the first half up 17-7. 

Up next: USA v Brazil [W]

3:48pm - A massive second half from Canada - their captain Landry scoring twice to seal the 35-5 win. 

3:38pm - A good close game here at half time, a late try from Spain's Iera Echebarria scores to make the score 7-5 Canada. 

Up next - Canada v Spain [W]

3:29pm - Great work from France - 35-7 final score. 

3:15pm - Half time, France lead 21-0 - one way traffic here. 

Next up: Womens - France v Ireland. 

2:49pm - Full time, it's been a clinical performance from the hosts ! What a statement start. 47-0.

2:45pm - The impact of Tone Ng Shiu comes up trumps straight away, he does well to offload the ball in a tackle to Vilimoni Koroi he beats one then runs 70m to score. 47-0.

2:44pm - It's thumbs up time, Kurt Baker gets the ball out wide steps off the left foot - beats a man and scores. 

2:42pm - They start the second half as they finished the first, a quick ball to the right and Scott Curry goes over untouched. 

2:39pm - Half time - the Kiwis are cruising here - 28-0 at the break. 

2:37pm - That is too easy, Joe Webber uses his gas, he shoots through a gap and cant be caught - another very nice try. 

2:35pm - Another try, Mikkelson sets it up and he finishes it off - him and Ware combine to take the Kiwis out to a 21-0 lead. 

2:33pm - The Kiwis go over again, this time it's Regan Ware - they're too much for Wales to handle at the mo. 

2:32pm - Try time! The hometwon lad - Tim Mikkelson scores after a great bit of teamwork, perfect start. 7-0. 

Up next: NZ v Wales.

2:29pm - A convincing performance from the USA - they win 24-7.

2:16pm - A late try from Steve Tomasin has given the USA a 12-7 lead at the break. 

2:09pm - USA v Scotland is up now. 

2:06pm - Fiji are able to hang on and win, they hold to a 19-12 lead - great win.

1:55pm - Fiji take the lead into the break, they took the lead after a lovely length of the field try, finished off by Vilimoni Botitu - 12-7 at the half. 

1:47pm - Kick off here between the two Island nations. 

Next up: Fiji v Samoa 

1:43pm - Australia have put on a clinic to beat the Pumas 38-7. Lewis Holland, Longbottom and, Josh Turner scored in the second half secured the one-sided win. 

1:33pm - Australia take a surprise 19-7 lead at the break. All three tries they scored where outstanding. Maurice Longbottom, Henry Hutchison and Lachie Anderson were the try-scorers. 

Next up: Argentina v Australia 

1:23pm - The 'Blitzboks' are too good for Japan, claiming a 31-5 win. Japan did score a wonderful try from the kick-off to start the second half through Fisipuna Tuiaki, but South Africa showed why they're one of the best Sevens teams in the world with a great display. 

1:11pm - South Africa take a 12-0 lead into the break, but they left it very late to score their two tries. Muller du Plessis opens the scoring before JC Pretorius scores 90 seconds into injury time. 

1:03pm - The stadium is starting to fill up now, I thought more people would be in the stands now with Fiji's first game coming up in the next hour. Back to the action, South Africa kick-off against Japan in their match.

Next up: South Africa v Japan 

1:01pm -  England have come out on top after a dominant second half display, where Kenya baerly touched the ball. They've won 24-19 and as the final whistle blows, boos can be heard around FMG Stadium. 

12:50am - A brace to Willy Ambaka has inspired Kenya to a 19-12 lead  at the break. Andrew Amonde also scored for the African nation. 

12:41am - Tom Mitchell gets things started for England in the third men's match of the day.

Next up: Kenya v England 

12:37am - France survive a massive scare to beat Spain 21-17. Spain did lead 17-7 with three minutes remaining but back-to-back tries from Sacha Valleau and Thibaud Mazzoleni help France secure vicotry. That is a big result considering only the Pool winners advance to the semi-finals. 

12:27am - Spain head into the break with a surprise 12-7 lead after Francisco Hernandez and Manuel Sainz-Trapaga both scored tries. 

12:20am - France get this match started. 

Next up: France v Spain

12:17pm - And Canada wins the match after Phil Berna scores after the full-time siren. Even mor eimpressive was that Canada was a man down to end the match.

12:06pm - Canada take a 14-7 lead into the break, having trailed midway through the first half. Terry Kennedy opens the scoring for Ireland, before Andrew Coe and Jake Thiel score to put the Canadians in front. 

11:57am - Ireland get the first of the men's matches started. 

Next up: Canada v Ireland 

11:38am - That brings an end to the first round of women's matches. The ladies will be back in the afternoon when Canada face Ireland at 3:08pm.

There will be a 20-minute break before the men's games start. The first will kick-off at 11:57am when Ireland face Canada. 

11:36am - A easy win for the Black Ferns, as they finish up 40-7 winners. Second half tries to Fluhler, Theresa Fitzpatrick and Gayle Broughton was enough to secure the biggest win of the day so far. 

11:27am - The Black Ferns take a 21-7 lead into the break. Having missed the last tournament due to injury, Michaela Blyde srtikes first before Stacey Fluhler (nee Waaka) doubles New Zealand's advantage. Gu Yaoyao then creates a nice piece of hitory by becoming the first player from China to score against New Zealand. But Tyla Natahn-Wong ends the half with the Ferns' third of the game. 

11:20am - The Black Ferns' first official match in New Zealand is underway. China gets things started. 

Next up: New Zealand v China.

11:17am - Fiji hold onto win and claim the upset of the tournament so far. They survive a late England fight back to win 26-19. They almost threw it away, but credit to them to get the win. 

11:07am - Alex Matthews opens the scoring for England, but Fiji hit back with three straight tries through Ana Maria Naimas, Asinate Savu and Raijieli Daveua to lead 19-5 at the break. Is an upset on the cards? 

10:58am - Black Ferns star Selica Winiata is the referee in charge of this match. Fiji get things started. England are wearing an interesting jersey design for this match. 

Next up: Fiji v England 

10:56am - Two more women's games before the men come up for their first games of the day. 

10:55am - Australian run away with the match, as second half tries to Emma Sykes and Ella Green seal at 24-14 win. Brazil score their second after the full-time siren. 

10:45am - Brazil open the scoring after Thalia Costa runs around the entire Aussie team. But Australia respond with a brace of tries to Emilee Cherry to take a 10-7 lead at the break. 

10:36am - Brazil start the match and this one will be confusing as both teams are wearing very similar coloured jerseys. 

Next up: Australia v Brazil.

10:32am - The Americans extend their lead as Alev Kelter scores their second of the match. But Russia refuse to give up easily as Kristina Seredina scores to make it a one score gane. But Lauren Doyle's try puts the result beyond doubt. Russia do score a consolation try but the USA win 19-12. 

scores their first in the 11th minute. The conversion is missed which could be costly. 

10:22am - Took over five minutes, but the USA finally open the scoring through Ilona Maher. The American's do have a one-player advantage with Baizat Khamidova currently off the field after being shown a yllow card. That one try sees the USA lead 7-0 at the break. 

10:14am - Game three is underwat. The Americans get things underway. 

Next up: USA v Russia.

10:11am - Massive achievemnt from Ghislaine Landry. She's kicked 300 goals for Canada, the second most all-time for women. The final whistle has gone and Canada walks away with a 24-7 win.

10:01am - Canada lead 12-7 at the break. It was all even until Kaili Lukan scored on the stroke of half-time. 

9:52am - Canada v Ireland is now underway. 

Next up - Canada v Ireland. 

9:48am - France score three second half tries to win 31-7. Camille Grassineau, Joanna Grisez, and Jade Ulutule all scored in the second half. After the match, France captain Chloe Pelle says it's a dream to play in New Zealand.

9:38am - Two tries from Séraphine Okemba sees France hold a 12-7 lead at the break. Maria Garcia scored Spain's only try. 

9:30am - Hamilton welcomes specatators and players with a traditional Maori welcome, and then the first game begins - Spain v France. Remeber this is the first offical women's game to be played in Hamilton. 

9:25am - Not long now till the first match of the day between France and Spain. A small number of fans already at the stadium. Expect it to fill up around midday. 

Kia ora and welcome to live updates from the Hamilton Sevens at FMG Stadium in Waikato.

Today is the first day of the event which will see 16 men's and 12 women's teams competing. Day Two will see the final pool games played ahead of the Challenge and Cup finals. 

The Hamilton Sevens is the third leg for the 2019/20 season, for the men, while this is the fourth for the women. 

There is also a new-look forward this year with the quarter-finals dropped from the schedule, only the winners from the four men's pools will advance straight to the semi-finals.

Winners of the three women's pools will be joined by the best second-placed team in the final four. 

The All Blacks Sevens face Wales in their first match at 2:31pm, then against the USA at 8:33pm. On Sunday, they face Scotland at 1:41pm.

The Black Ferns Sevens open their account against England at 11:20am and England at 4:58pm. On Sunday, they will face Fiji at 10:35am.

The first match of the day kicks off at 9:30am. 

The men have not won the New Zealand title since 2016, when the tournament was based in Wellington.

Hamilton Sevens Men's Pools 

Pool A: New Zealand, Scotland, USA, Wales 

Pool B: South Africa, Kenya, England, Japan

Pool C: France, Ireland, Canada, Spain

Pool D: Fiji, Argentina, Australia, Samoa 

For a full list of men's matches, click here

TAB odds: NZ $2.80, South Africa $3.10, Fiji $4.50, France $8.00

Hamilton Sevens Women's Pools 

Pool A: New Zealand, Fiji, England, China

Pool B: Australia, USA, Russia, Brazil

Pool C: Canada, France, Spain, Ireland 

For a full list of women's matches, click here

TAB odds: NZ $1.36, Australia $8.00, Canada $10,00 France $13.00 

Pre-day banter: New cut-throat format eliminates quarter-finals

Stakes will be raised at next month's Hamilton Sevens, with a new format leaving little room for error in pool play. 

The January 25-26 tournament will see the All Blacks and Black Ferns compete in front of home fans for the first time in a world series event.

But with quarter-finals dropped from the schedule, only the winners from the four men's pools will advance straight to the semi-finals.

Winners of the three women's pools will be joined by the best second-placed team in the final four. 

The news was confirmed after the official draw for the tournament was conducted. 

Currently leading the men's series, the All Blacks will face Wales, USA and Scotland in their pool.

"With this new format, every game counts, so every team has to hit the ground running on day one," head coach Clark Laidlaw said. 

"The players can’t wait to get out on the field at Stadium Waikato and play in front of a big home crowd." 

Meanwhile, the Black Ferns - who also lead their world series standings - have drawn China, England and Fiji.

The women face China and England on day one, before rounding out pool play against Fiji on day two. 

The Black Ferns Sevens played an abbreviated 'Fast Four' format in Hamilton last season.

"Last year was a great occasion, but to play in a world series event on our whenua for the first time, alongside the men, is something the team has been looking forward to for a long time," said Black Ferns co-coach Allan Bunting.

Both men's and women's sides will take the field in Hamilton on a roll, with both winning their finals at Cape Town last weekend.