Live updates: 2020 Nations Cup final - NZ Silver Ferns v Jamaica

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Silver Ferns 67-56 Jamaica

Fourth Quarter: 

7:30am - Click here for a full match wrap. 

FULLTIME - The Silver Ferns are Nations Cup champions, after pulling away in the second half for a 67-56 win in the final. Wilson shot 44/47, while Fowler led the way with 46 for Jamaica. A full match wrap is coming up shortly. 

1 min - One minute left.  SF 66-54 JAM

2 min - Safe to say the Ferns will hold on now. SF 63-54 JAM

3 min - Dame Noeline Taurua brings back Burger and Crampton for the final few minutes of the match. SF 62-51 JAM

4 min - The Ferns are just holding on here. But they still hold that 10-goal lead. Discipline and errors have let Jamaica down. SF 61-51 JAM

6 min - Now it's a seven goal game. Jamaica have flipped the switch just like that. SF 58-51 JAM

8 min - Now it's a 12-goal lead by the Ferns. They're doing a great job in this final quarter. SF 58-47 JAM

9 min - The Ferns still lead by nine. Jamaica is sharing the scoring load now. SF 55-46 JAM

11 min - The lead is now out to 10 and you'd expect the Ferns to hold on from here. SF 54-44 JAM 

13 min - Both teams score two early goals to start the quarter. SF 51-43 JAM

15 minutes to play - Final quarter is underway. 

Third Quarter:

QT - The Ferns will take a seven goal lead into the final quarter. New Zealand outscored Jamaica 19-11 in the third and they already have one hand on that trophy. SF 49-31 JAM 

2 min - The lead is now at seven, as Wilson passes the 30-goal mark. SF 46-39 JAM 

3 min - Back-to-back goals to Jamaica now. The crows is on Jamaica's side right now. They're cheering them on like crazy.  SF 44-39 JAM 

5 min - One of Jamaica's players has been given a warning. The 'Sunshine Girls' were meant to have the centre pass, but the Ferns get the ball and go and score. SF 43-37 JAM 

7 min - And just like that, it's a three goal game as Jamaica score a few quick goals. SF 40-37 JAM 

8 min - Errors are starting to creep more and more into Jamaica's game now. The lead is now out to six. SF 40-34 JAM

9 min - Wilson gets her 26th goal of the match, as the Ferns now lead by five. SF 39-34 JAM

10 min - A costly mistake from Jamaica gives New Zealand possession, and they go up the court and the lead is up to four. SF 38-34 JAM

11 min - The lead is now at three. A great start to the half from the Kiwis. SF 36-33 JAM

13 min - The Ferns have opened up a gap now. SF 34-32 JAM

14 min - Both teams score in the opening minute of the quarter. SF 31-31 JAM 

15 minutes to play - We're underway. Kimiora Poi is on the court for Karin Burger, with Shannon Saunders moving to WD. 

Second Quarter: 

HALFTIME - A crazy passage to end the half. The Ferns turn the ball over, but win it back right away. They then go down the court and briefly take the lead, but Jamaica score just before the siren so we're all square at the half. SF 30-30 JAM 

2 min - This is the first time we've really seen the Ferns under this kind of pressure at the Nations Cup. They're down by one as halftime approaches. SF 28-29 JAM 

3 min - Whitney Souness comes on for Gina Crampton. SF 26-28 JAM 

4 min - Jamaica miss a shot, but get the rebound and Fowler gets her 23rd goal of the game. SF 25-27 JAM 

6 min - Jamaica has a chance to go up by three, but they can't convert with more sloppy passing. SF 23-25 JAM 

7 min - Now Jamaica has a two-goal lead. SF 22-24 JAM

8 min - Jamaica take the lead for the first time. They score after Kadie-Ann Dehaney comes up with a big play, who blocked Ekenasio's shot. SF 22-23 JAM

9 min - Fowler gets her 19th goal of the game and we're all square once more. SF 22-22 JAM

10 min - And as I typed my last message, the Kiwis pounce on a unforced error and they open up a two-goal buffer. SF 22-20 JAM

12 min - Still nothing separating these two teams. Very intense encounter so far. SF 19-19 JAM

13 min - Jamaica turn the ball over and have a chance to take the lead, but a costly error gifts NZ possession and they go and score themselves. SF 18-18 JAM

15 minutes to play - Jamaica get the second quarter started and score right away. Doesn't look like the Ferns have made any changes. SF 16-16 JAM

First Quarter:

QT - The quarter ends with Ekenasio scoring just after the siren, meaning the Kiwis take a 16-15 lead into the break. This is much closer this time around. SF 16-15 JAM

1 min - But just like that, we're all square once again. SF 14-14 JAM

2 min - The Ferns finally open up a gap again on Jamaica. SF 14-12 JAM

3 min - Back-and-forth drama in London. Jamaica turn the ball over and the Ferns look to restore a lead, but then they lose the  ball. Then the exact same thing happens again and Jamaica gifts NZ possession, and then the Kiwis give it away. SF 12-12 JAM

4 min - Both teams hit double figures now. This is much more even compared to their match a few days ago. SF 11-11 JAM

6 min - New Zealand hold a one-goal buffer, but Jamaica just keep getting the ball to Fowler who levels things up.  SF 9-9 JAM

7 min - Just like that, we're all square once again. Six straight goals for Jamaica. SF 7-7 JAM

8 min - New Zealand get an intercept and but Ekenasio misses the first shot of the game. SF 7-5 JAM

9 min - Jamaica get back-to-back goals and the gap is closed to four. They then get a intercept and go down the other end for their third straight. SF 7-4 JAM

10 min - One-way traffic goes on as Ekenasio gets her fifth goal of the game.  SF 7-1 JAM

11 min - Easy going for the Ferns who look the far better side during the early exchanges. SF 6-1 JAM

12 min - Jhaniele Fowler scores Jamaica's first of the game. But the Ferns hit right back. SF 4-1 JAM

13 min - Wilson gets her second and the Ferns already have a three-goal buffer. SF 3-0 JAM

14 min - Jamaica show their physicality early on defence, but Ameliaranne Ekenasio gets the first goal of the game. The Kiwis then intercept a mid-curt pass and they do down the other end and Maia Wilson scores their second. SF 2-0 JAM

15 minutes to play - The anthems are done, and now it's game time. New Zealand get things underway 

5:40am - Jamaica will name their team shortly, but expect this to be their starting side. GS: Jhaniele Fowler, GA: Shanice Beckford, WA: Khadijah Williams, C: Nicole Dixon, WD: Shadian Hemmings, GD: Shamera Sterling., GK: Kadie-Ann Dehaney

5:30am - The Silver Ferns have gone with their strongest side for th final. It's the same one which they used in their opening two matches. GS: Maia Wilson, GA: Ameliaranne Ekenasio, WA: Gina Crampton, C: Shannon Saunders, WD: Karin Burger, GD: Phoenix Karaka, GK: Jane Watson.

Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live updates of the 2020 Nations Cup final match between the NZ Silver Ferns and Jamaica at the Copper Box Arena in London, England.

The Ferns head into the final full of confidence, after going unbeaten in group play, which included a 71-45 win over Jamaica on Thursday.

The Silver Ferns are without many familiar faces, with the self-titled 'Fossils' group of Laura Langman and defender Katrina Rore, also taking a break, and shooter Maria Folau and defender Casey Kopua, who have both retired since last year's World Cup triumph.

Ameliaranne Ekenasio will lead New Zealand, with defender Jane Watson and midcourt Gina Crampton serving as vice-captains.

Silver Ferns: Bailey Mes, Ameliaranne Ekenasio (c), Te Paea Selby-Rickit, Maia Wilson, Gina Crampton (vc), Shannon Saunders, Kimiora Poi, Whitney Souness, Karin Burger, Phoenix Karaka Michaela Sokolich-Beatson, Jane Watson (vc).

Jamaica: Jhaniele Fowler, Shimona Nelson, Shanice Beckford, Gezelle Allison, Jodi-Ann Ward, Nicole Dixon, Khadijah Williams, Shadian Hemmings, Shamera Sterling, Kadie-Ann Dehaney, Latanya Wilson and Shannika Johnson.