Live updates: Blackcaps v Australia, day one, third test at Sydney

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Australia 283/3 (Matthew Wade 22*, Marnus Labuschagne 130*)

Absolutely Australia's day, join us at 12:30pm for live updates on Saturday. 

89th over - Henry to bowl the last of the day. 

Miaden over to end the day. 

88th over - Wagner to bowl.

Just three singles off that over. 

87th over - Henry is back. 

Two singles off the over. 

86th over - CDG to bowl.

Just one single off that over. 

Lovely from Wade, on the pull shot and it goes for four. 

Wade takes on the short ball, he gets it well and it goes the whole way, six runs, same ball and it goes for four on the last ball of the over.  

85th over - Wagner to bowl. 

Another cover drive from Labuschagne, lovely boundary. 

84th over - CDG to bowl.

WICKET! Lovely from de Grandhomme, a soft outswinger and it catches the edge of Smith's bat and Taylor takes the grab at first slip. 

Smith 63 b de Grandhomme c Taylor. 

Lovely, Labuschagne with a nice drive through the covers. 

83rd over - Henry to continue. 

Lovely drive from Labuschagne, over pitched and through the covers for four. 

Five off the over. 

82nd over - CDG to bowl.

Maiden over. 

81st over - Henry to bowl - the new ball is taken .

Another outside edge, and it runs through the vacant gap in the slips, four runs. 

80th over - Somerville will continue.

One single off the over - the new ball is available. 

79th over - Astle will bowl.

Four off the over - the new ball is one over away.  

78th over - Somerville to bowl.

A big LBW shout, umpire says no , the Kiwis look to review but it is pitched outside leg, not out - review lost. 

Just two singles off the over. 

77th over - Astle to bowl.

Three singles from the Astle over - the Blackcaps need a pick me up, two or so wickets. 

76th over - Somerville to continue.

Both batsman cruising, the Kiwis are three overs away from the new ball, it can't come saoon enough. 

Four off that over. 

75th over - Wagner to bowl. 

Just one single off the Wagner over. 

74th over - Somerville to bowl.

Three off the over. 

73rd over - Wagner to bowl. 

Just one single off that over. 

72nd over - de Grandhomme to bowl.

A bad ball from CDG and Labuschagne works it down to the boundary for four, and that shot brings up the century. 

71st over - Wagner to bowl.

Smith is forced to play a short one, comes off the glove but just falls short of the fielder. 

Single off the over. 

70th over - CDG to bowl.

A single off the first from Labuschagne, he moves to 99. 

A single off the last from Smith and he moves to 50, a cracking half century really, considering it took him 39 balls to get off the mark. 

69th over - Wagner to continue.

Labuschagne gets a short ball into the leg side, it puts him to 98. 

68th over - Astle to continue.

One off the over. 

67th over - Wagner to bowl. 

Three runs off the first, a nice shot through the mid wicket area from Labuschagne. 

66th over - Astle to bowl. 

Ball starting to spin more, three singles off it, too short. 

65th over - Henry to bowl.

A loose drive from Labuschagne, and it flies to second slip... only thing is they dont have one - four runs. 

64th over - Astle to continue. 

These two batsman are cruising - very easy for them at the moment, three singles. 

63rd over - Henry to bowl.

Just two singles off the over. The 100 run partnership comes up too.

62nd over - Astle will continue. 

A lovely shot from Labuschagne, he gets to the pitch and drives Astle through the covers for four. 

Six off the over. 

61st over - Henry to continue. 

One Labuschagne single off that over. 

60th over - Astle to bowl. 

Just two singles from the over. 

59th over - Matt Henry to bowl. 

Looks like Henry will bowl short to Smith too, a stacked leg side - Smith gets a single. 

Three singles off the over. 

We are back from tea, a couple of minutes untill we are back underway. 

Australian domination in that session, 22 overs until the next new ball - the Kiwis will want one before then and then two or three with the new pill. 

58th over - Astle to bowl.

Two runs off that over, and that is tea. 

57th over - Somerville to continue. 

Three off the over. 

56th over - Astle to bowl.

Lovely from Smith, he rocks back and cuts a short wide one from Astle for four. 

55th over - Somerville to bowl.

Six off the over. 

54th over - Astle to bowl.

Smith gets two off the final ball of the Astle over. 

53rd over - Henry to bowl.

Just one off the over. 

52nd over - de Grandhomme to bowl.

Two off the over. 

51st over - Henry to continue. 

A single comes off the first ball, Smith works one into the leg side. 

A pull shot from Labuschagne and he gets another single. 

A loose drive from Labuschagne goes in the air, it flies into a gap, four runs. 

50th over - de Grandhomme will continue. 

Smith gets a single into the off side, then Labuschagne flicks one into theleg side for a single. 

Smith finishes the over with a single into the leg side. 

49th over - Henry to bowl. 

A mis-field from Astle and Smith gets a single. 

48th over - Somerville to bowl.

Labuschagne comes down the track and smashes the off spinner for six - lovely shot. 

47th over - Henry is back into the attack. 

A short ball from Henry and Labuschagne pulls it away for a single. 

Two runs off the last, just flies past leg slip. 

46th over - Somerville to continue.

Another half century for Marnus Labuschagne, a nice shot through the covers for three - he moves to 51. 

A bad ball from Somerville and Smith cuts it away for four. 

Seven off the over. 

45th over - Astle to continue.

Lovely shot from Smith, a bad ball from Astle, but Smith gets on the back foot and puches it through the covers for four - five off the over. 

44th over - Somerville will bowl.

Smith has the helmet off and the baggy green on.

 Just the two singles off the over. 

43rd over - Astle continues. 

Just two runs off the over - Labuschagne looks very comfortable.

42nd over - Somerville is back. 

Big LBW appeal first ball, umpire says no - no review, it's going down leg.

Smith comes down the pitch and hits a nice shot over mid on for four. 

41st over - Astle to bowl.

Smith comes down the track to the leggy and flicks him into the leg side for two. 

40th over - Wagner to bowl. 

Labuschagne gets off the mark early. 

Smith is now off the mar, it took 39 balls but he gets a single - finishes the over with another single. 

39th over - Astle to bowl.

Still no run for Smith, doesn't seem too bothered either - 0 off 38 now. 

38th over - Wagner to bowl. 

Another maiden, that's now 40 minutes without scoring a run. 

37th over - Astle to bowl. 

A rank full toss from Astle and Labuschagne slogs it away for four. 

36th over - Wagner to continue. 

Another single for Labuschagne who pulls one into the leg side, Smith wishes he had that space. 

Just one off that over. 

35th over - Astle to bowl.

Smith still can't get off the mark 0 off 24 now. 

34th over - Wagner will continue. 

Labuschagne gets a single into the leg side - just one off the over.  

33rd over - de Grandhomme to continue. 

One single, then Smith blocks out five, he isn't off the mark yet - 17 balls into his innings. 

32nd over - Wagner to bowl. 

An obvius tactic here, short to Smith from Wagner, five men on the leg side. 

A maiden from Wagner, short pitched barrage to Smith. 

31st over - de Grandhomme to bowl. 

Two runs off that over - a loose ball gets tucked away into the leg side. 

30th over - Wagner to bowl. 

Just the single off Wagner there. 

29th over - de Grandhomme to bowl. 

Just one single off that over. 

28th over - Wagner to bowl. 

WICKET! The short approach after lunch works, Warner can't help himself, a ball on his hip and he tries to pull it but it flies to de Grandhomme who takes the catch at a short fine leg/leg slip position. 

Warner 45 b Wagner c de Grandhomme. 

Wicket maiden, great start. 

We are back from lunch and moments away from the start of the second session. 


A wrap of the first session is here. 

27th over - Todd Astle to bowl now. 

Just two off the final over before lunch, two singles. 

26th over - Somerville to bowl.

These two batsman are settling into their work here, cruising against Somerville - who hasn't bowled well. 

Six off the over. 

25th over - Henry to continue. 

Coming around the wikcket, Henry is making Warner play, getting too straight though if anything. 

A foyur off the pads of Labuschagne, nice shot. 

24th over - Somerville to bowl.

A bad first and last ball from the off spinner, four off the over - too straight, very leg sidish. 

23rd over - Matt Henry back into the attack. 

Five runs off the Henry over, decent length but too straight on his line. 

22nd over - Somerville to bowl for the first time. 

Just the one single, hardly any spin from the 35-year-old. 

21st over - Four more runs to David Warner, who is closing in on another 50 it seems. They're the only runs scored in the over. 

20th over - A third maiden over for Wagner. Australia are 65/1 after 20 overs. 

19th over - A solid over from de Grandhomme. There was a no ball in the over, as he over-stepped the line by some distance. Warner ends the over with a four. 

18th over - David Warner top edges the ball to Will Somerville, and it lands just short of the spin bowler. Probably should have taken it, but probably just out of his reach. 

17th over - The Blackcaps will be desperate for another wicket here. Aussie piling on the runs, now 57/1. 

16th over - Australia bring up 50 in the over. Warner has a good portian of them with 24. 

15th over - WICKET - Colin de Grandhomme gets the breakthrough and it's Joe Burns who departs. De Grandhomme changes ends, replacing Matt Henry and he strikes with his first ball. Burns edges it straight to Ross Taylor at first slip and the Blackcaps have the breakthrough. 

J Burns c Taylor b de Grandhomme 18 (39b 3x4) SR: 46.15

Marnus Labuschagne comes to the crease and gets two early fours to end the over. Australia re now 47/1. 

14th over - Wagner bowls back-to-back maidens. Stil searching for that first wicket. 

13th over - Matt Henry is back on the field, and resumes with the ball. There is another shout for a wicket with BJ Watling catching the ball, but it comes off Warner's hip and not his bat. The over ends with a single. 

12th over - Something has happened to Matt Henry so he heads off the field with the trainer. Tim Southee comes on as the replacement fielder. Wagner resumes for his second over, and it's a maiden.  

11th over - Another four to Burns with a lovely cover drive. Six runs from the over, and the hosts are 38/0. 

Tenth over - Neil Wagner comes into the attack, coming in for de Grandhomme. His first ball goes for four after just missing third slip. A few balls later, there is a shout for LBW on Burns, but the ball came off the bat. 

Ninth over - Henry resumes for his fifth over. There have been a few inside edges so far, some close calls for the Aussies. Australia is at 28/0. 

Eighth over - Burns gets his first four of the innings. Looks like the spinners will be getting a bowl very soon. 

Seventh over - A couple of close calls for Australia in that Henry over. His last ball clips the stumps, but nothing happens. They're looking good early, and will want to get a wicket soon before Aussie builds a big partnership. 

Sixth over - There is a shout for a wicket at the end of the over, but the umpire doesn't raise his finger. Replays should there may have been a tiny touch, but hard to tell. 

Fifth over - After 12 balls, Burns finally gets on the board. Next ball, Somerville saves a four, and rips up some of the field near the ropes. Australia 14/0 after five overs. 

Fourth over - First boundary of the day goes to Warner. De Grandhomme's delivery is too straight and full and it eventually rolls down midwicket to the ropes. 

Third over - Another single to Warner in the over. Three overs down and three runs on the board. 

Second over - Colin de Grandhomme to bowl from the other end. Interesting decision. Another single from the over. Warner with both runs. 

First over - Matt Henry to open the bowling for the Blackcaps. 
Turns out to be a solid over for Henry, with one run being scored from the final delivery. 

12:30pm - Anthems are done. Both batsmen are out on the pitch. Game on!

12:19pm - Both teams make their way onto the field. Wearing black armbands for the Aussie bushfire victims. 

12:10pm - Here is what Tom Latham had to say.

"It's been a tough 48 hours for us. We've had a virus which has gone through the team which is unfortunate. We would have liked to have had a bat but hopefully there is a bit in the wicket and we can use that this morning.

"Kane and Henry are down and Mitch is down. They gave their best this morning to be right but obviously they're not right. It's a hug honour.

"I certainly didn't think I'd be doing this last week but it's a huge honour to captain New Zealand and I'm really looking forward to it. We've got five changes."

12:03pm - Here is the Blackcaps team. Tom Latham (c), Tom Blundell, Jeet Raval, Ross Taylor, Glenn Phillips, BJ Watling (wk), Colin de Grandhomme, Todd Astle, Will Somerville, Matt Henry, Neil Wagner.

12:01pm - Australia have won the toss and will bat first. They are unchanged for the test too. 

11:57am - The toss is about to come up so we'll learn about all the changes to the team then. Five changes are expected. 

11:48am - Okay sounds like WIlliamson is NOT playing. More to come on this.  

11:40am - Now Tom Latham was handed his blazer and captains cap, so that susgests he'll captain, but its also his 50th test so that might be the reason why. 

11:39am - Glenn Phillips has just been handed a black cap, hinting that he will make his debut. 

11:38am - Both Williamson and Nicholls have completed their net session, but no decision will be made until the toss. Both players are not in the team huddle on the field. 

11:29am - Now we're hearing both Somerville and Todd Astle will play. 

11:17am - Mitchell Santner has stayed at the Blackcaps' hotel, indicating he won't play. There was lots of talk he was going to be dropped for this test. Matt Henry set to be named, hinting that the Blackcaps will use one spinner, likely Will Somerville. 

11:15am - Australia is expected to name an unchanged team for the third test. If that' the case this will be their lineup.
David Warner, Joe Burns, Marnus Labuschagne, Steve Smith, Matthew Wade, Travis Head, Tim Paine (c), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon, James Pattinson. 

11:05am - Henry Nicholls has also arrived. Both will have a fitness test shortly. 

11:00am - Latest reports are that Kane Williamson has arrived at the SCG, but still no news if he'll suit up or not. We'll know more in the next hour. 

Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the New Year's test between the Blackcaps and Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). 

The Blackcaps are playing for pride, having lost the first two trans-Tasman tests by 296 and 247 runs respectively, while Australia is looking for a dominant series sweep. 

But conditions are set to play their part in Sydney, due to the devastating Australian bushfires, with smoke clouding the city. It even forced a Big Bash match to be cancelled.

On top of that, rain is expected on days four and five of the test, which is good news with numerous fires raging around Australia. 

Expect some changes in the Blackcaps side, but how many remains unclear with Kane Williamson, Henry Nicholls and Mitchell Sananter all in doubt due to illness. Glenn Phillips has been called into the team as batting cover and is in line for a test debut. 

The coin toss will happen just after 12pm, with play to start 30 minutes later. 


New Zealand: Tom Latham (c), Tom Blundell, Jeet Raval, Ross Taylor, Glenn Phillips, BJ Watling (wk), Colin de Grandhomme, Todd Astle, Will Somerville, Matt Henry, Neil Wagner

Australia: David Warner, Joe Burns, Marnus Labuschagne, Steve Smith, Matthew Wade, Travis Head, Tim Paine (c), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon, James Pattinson.

Umpires: Aleem Dar, Marais Erasmus
TV Umpire:  Nigel Llong
Reserve umpire: Shawn Craig
Match Referee: Sir Richie Richardson