Live updates: Blackcaps v Australia, day three, third test at Sydney

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Australia 40/0 (David Warner 23*, Joe Burns 16*)
New Zealand 251 (Glenn Phillips 52, Tom Latham 49, Nathan Lyon 5/68) 
Australia 454 (Marnus Labuschagne 215, Steve Smith 63)


16th over - Somerville to bowl again.

Late cut from Warner gets him three runs.

15th over - Wagner continues.

Maiden from Wagner.

14th over - Somerville continues.

Two runs from the over.

13th over - Wagner continues.

Just a warner single from the over.

12th over - Somerville continues.

Really good testing over from Somerville to Joe Burns.

11th over - Wagner changes ends.

Burns has three with a nice square drive.

10th over - Will Somerville will have a bowl.

Just a single to Burns from the over.

9th over - Henry continues.

Maiden from Henry to Warner.

8th over - Neil Wagner replaces de Grandhomme.

Warner cuts Wagner for four through point.

7th over - Henry continues.

Short and wide from Henry and Burns cuts through point for four.

6th over - De Grandhomme continues.

Warner drives for a couple.

5th over - Henry continues.

Burns drives through the offside for a lovely four.

4th over - De Grandhomme continues.

Maiden from de Grandhomme.

3rd over - Henry continues.

A David Warner single from the over.

2nd over - De Grandhomme to open up alongside Henry.

Warner off the mark with a couple square on the onside.

Warner whips through mid-wicket for three runs.

Burns pushes on the offside for two to get off the mark.

1st over - Matt Henry to open up.

Just a leg-bye from the over.

Australian 2nd innings

Australia will bat again - NZ were just short of the follow on mark but Tim Paine wants another bat. 

96th over - Lyon continues.

Outside edge for Henry gets him a couple of runs.

Henry plays forward and misses ... Paine whips of the bails and Henry's foot has slid out of the crease and that's that. 
WICKET - Matt Henry stmpd Paine b Lyon 3 (15b) FOW 251

95th over - Starc to continue.

Henry gets off strike with a leg bye to third man.

Astle slogs over mid-off for four.

94th over - Lyon looking for five wickets continues.

Astle down the ground and lofts over mid-pff for four. 

93rd over - Matt Henry batting with a broken thumb - Mitch Starc to bowl.

Astle has a single to third man.

92nd over - Nathan Lyon is back - 2/60 from 28 overs.

Somerville is done by Lyon. Can't lay a bat on the first three balls and same again on the fourth but this one clips the stumps. 
WICKET - Will Somerville b Lyon 0 (9b) FOW 237

Wagner goes second ball - ugly slog sweep and he fails to make contact and his stumps are disturbed. 
WICKET - Neil Wagner b Lyon 0 (2) FOW 237

91st over - Pattinson continues.

Astle guides to a wide third-man for a couple.

90th over - Cummins continues.

Maiden from Cummins.

89th over - James Pattinson replaces Starc.

Maiden over from Pattinson.

88th over - Pat Cummins to bowl his 21st over - 2/40.

Phillips pulls for four and has a test fifty on debut - a little lucky but a lot of class and fight.

And he goes two balls later. Thats a special ball from Cummins .... comes back off the seam and through Phillips' defence and hits off stump.
WICKET - Glenn Phillips b Cummins 52 (115b 6x4's 1x6) FOW 235 

87th over - Starc continues.

Astle drop and run for one.

Phillips hooks again and it's one bounce to Travis Head in the deep.

86th over - Cummins continues.

Phillips drops short on the offside for one.

Astle clips through the legside for one.

85th over - Starc continues.

Two singles from the over.

84th over - Cummins to bowl - 2/32 from 18 overs.

Phillips pulls Cummins square for six! Enough said.

83rd over - Mitchell Starc has the new cherry in his hand.

Phillips drives down the ground for four - shot that!

Phillips edges along the ground for four to third-man.

Final session


82nd over - Labuschagne to bowl the last over of the session.

Astle has four with a leg glance ... nice shot.

81st over - Nathan Lyon is back - 2/55 from 27 overs.

Astle down the wicket and clubs Lyon over his head for four.

80th over - Labuschagne to bowl the last over before the new ball is due.

Phillips has a single on the onside to bring up the NZ 200. 

Astle cuts for a single and is off the mark.

79th over - Pattinson continues 

Phillips hooks and hits straight to Travis Head at deep mid-wicket ..... but on review Pattinson over-stepped and Phillips has another life.

78th over - Mitchell Starc is back - 1/38 from 15 overs.

Phillips pushes on the offside for a single.

77th over - Pattinson continues.

Maiden from Pattinson.

76th over - Marnus Labuschagne will have a bowl - 0/1 from 1 over.

Oh no Colin! NZ just starting to get back on top and now a needless run out! De Grandhomme pusjhes on the leg side and is hurrying back for a risk second run ... the throw is good and Paine gets the bails off just in time and CDG is done for. Criminal. 
WICKET - De Grandhomme run out 20 (24b 3x4's) FOW 195

Maiden and a run out from the over. 

75th over - Pattinson continues - 0/49 from 11 overs.

Short from Pattinson and De Grandhomme guides the ball through gully for four. 

74th over - Nathan Lyon continues - 2/46 from 26.

De Grandhomme pulls in the air but it's one bounce to Travis Head at deep square.

Phillips takes a step down the wicket and drives Lyon down the ground for four. Great shot. 

Short from Lyon and Phillips has four to mid-wicket ... better shot. 

73rd over - James Pattinson 0/40 is back.

First ball is a over-pitched and De Grandhomme drives superbly for four through wide mid-off.

Back-to-back fours for Colin - leg glance this time beats Paine behind the stumps.  

72nd over - Lyon continues.

Dropped! Full toss and Phillips hits it back to Lyon again and he's put it down again! Another sitter.

Phillips cuts for a couple.

71st over - Starc continues. 

De Grandhomme has a streaky couple through point ... in the air but wide of Matthew Wade.

70th over - Lyon continues 0 2/41 from 24.

Phillips punches through the offside for two runs.


69th over - Starc continues - 1/35 from 13 overs.

68th over - Lyon continues.

Testing maiden from Lyon to Phillips.

67th over - Starc is back - 0/34 from 12 overs.

Watling plays a loose shot outside off and drags a wide ball back onto his off peg. 
WICKET - BJ Watling b Starc 9 (30 1x4's) FOW 163

66th over - Lyon continues. 

Just a Glenn Phillips single from the over

65th over - Cummins continues.

Phillips pulls for a single to deep square leg.

64th over - Lyon 2/36 continues.

Watling drives through the vacamt cover area for four. 

63rd over - Cummins continues.

Watling drives and Pattinson dives over the top of it at mid-off and Watling will get back for three runs. 

62nd over - Nathan Lyon to continue - 2/32 from 20.

Short from Lyon and Phillips pulls for four - superb shot that. 

61st over - Cummins continues - 2/27 from 15 overs.

Phillips pulls for single.

60th over - Lyon continues.

Phillips has a single on the offside.

59th over - Cummins continues.

Maiden over from Cummins to Phillips.

58th over - Lyon continues.

Testing maiden from Lyon - he looks very likely.

57th over - Cummins will bowl - 1/26 from 13 overs.

Taylor struck on the pads playing back and the umpire raises the finger. Phillips convinces Taylor to review but it's umpires call on impact and he has to go. 
WICKET - Ross Taylor lbw Cummins 22 (20b 4x4's) FOW 144

Watling off the mark with a single to fine leg. 

56th over - Nathan Lyon will resume after the break - 2/26 from 17 overs.

Phillips has three runs with a nive off-drive down the ground.

Second session


55th over - Travis Head will bowl his second over.

Taylor pulls deep on the legside for a couple.

Over-pitched and Taylor drives through the covers for four. 

Over-pitched again and Taylor repeats the dose and has a second four.

54th over - Lyon continues.

Maiden from Lyon to Phillips. 

53rd over - Pattinson continues.

Taylor cuts through point for four. 

Phillips off the back foot punches through the offside for one.

52nd over - Nathan Lyon changes ends as predicted.

Ball spins big .... Phillips playing back and flicks just past Matthew Wade at short-leg. 

Dropped! Phillips hits it straight at Lyon and he puts it down .... that was a goober of a drop and Lyon has done some damage to his right thumb.

Maiden from Lyon ... he has a bandage on his thumb.

51st over - James Pattinson back - replaces Lyon who will probably switch ends with two right handers at the crease.

Taylor off the mark with a streaky four that bounced short of and went under Warner at gully.

50th over - Cummins continues - Ross Taylor the new batsman.

Glenn Phillips off the mark with a couple square on the leg side. 

Australia go bang-bang. Latham clips leg side but he gets a leading edge and the ball lobs to Starc at mid-on and Latham is distraught. He makes a slow walk back to the sheds. Soft. 
WICKET - Tom Latham c Starc b Cummins 49 (132b 4x4's) FOW 117

49th over - Nathan Lyon is back - 1/23 from 14 overs.

Latham gets a bonus run on an overthrow from a quick single.

Raval is outta here - full from Lyon and Raval defends .... the ball spins past the ouside edge, strikes the pad in front and that's plum. 
WICKET - Jeet Raval lbw Lyon 31 (58b 4x4's) FOW 117

48th over - Cummins continues.

Maiden over but played with comfort from Raval.

47th over - Pattinson to bowl his 8th over.

Short from Pattinson and Raval rocks back and slams him through mid-wicket for four all along the carpet.

46th over - Cummins continues - 0/23 from 10 overs.

Single for Raval to fine leg.

45th over - Pattinson continues - 0/22 from 6 overs.

Raval has a single to square leg.


44th over - Pat Cummins replaces Lyon. Raval hits another four, he's really looking good so far, already up to 24 from 39 balls. The over end and time for a drinks break. 

43rd over - Wow Jeet Raval is looking great today. He hits another four, hitting it through midwicket. Maybe his best position is not as an opener? The Blackcaps also bring up 100 in the over with a Raval single. 

42nd over - Just one run from that Lyon over. 

41st over - James Pattinson replaces Starc. Raval gets his first four of the match, he throws the hands through it and places a square drive past backward point!

40th over - Lyon comes close to getting Raval at the start of the over with some great spin-bowling. Raval gets three more runs and he reaches double figures. 

39th over - Starc to continue. Latham gets the over started with three runs, and Raval follows suit with the next ball. Raval gets another run at the end of the over after a misfield. 

38th over - Lyon resumes with the ball, and Raval gets a couple more runs on the board. 

37th over - Jeet Raval gets away with the last ball of the over. The Blackcaps are now 76/1.

36th over - Tom Latham is getting closer to his 50, as he hits a four, it's a thick edge that flies well of ship. 

35th over - Two runs from the Starc over.

34th over - WICKET - Nathan Lyron strikes and Tom Blundell's innings is over. The ball goes through the legs, off the pad and hits the wicket. Blundell departs for 34, and Jeet Raval comes to the crease. 

T Blundell b Lyon 34 (105b 4x4) SR: 32.38 FOW: 68

33rd over - Latham hits a four from the Starc over. 

32nd over - Nathan Lyon now bowling, replacing Travis Head, and it's another maiden. 

31st over - Mitchell Starc to bowl from the other end and it's a maiden for the Aussie quick. 

30th over - Travis Head will open the bowling for Australia. Latham hit to deep point for a single in the over. 

12:25pm - The Blackcaps are wearing special uniforms on day three with pink trim.

Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the New Year's test between the Blackcaps and Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). 

New Zealand will start day three 63/0 after bowling Australia out for 454 late on day two. 

The Blackcaps are playing for pride, having lost the first two trans-Tasman tests by 296 and 247 runs respectively, while Australia is looking for a dominant series sweep. 

But the Kiwis have lots of work to do after a century to Marnus Labuschagne helped the hosts finish day one on 283/3.

The Blackcaps are fielding an unusual lineup with illness and injury forcing five changes. With Kane Williamson out, Tom Latham is captaining the Kiwis. Jeet Raval, Todd Astle, Will Somerville all recalled, joining debutant Glenn Phillips in the starting side. 

Conditions are set to play their part in Sydney, due to the devastating Australian bushfires, with smoke clouding the city. 

On top of that, rain is expected on days four and five of the test, which is good news with numerous fires raging around Australia. 


New Zealand: Tom Latham (c), Tom Blundell, Jeet Raval, Ross Taylor, Glenn Phillips, BJ Watling (wk), Colin de Grandhomme, Todd Astle, Will Somerville, Matt Henry, Neil Wagner

Australia: David Warner, Joe Burns, Marnus Labuschagne, Steve Smith, Matthew Wade, Travis Head, Tim Paine (c), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon, James Pattinson.

Umpires: Aleem Dar, Marais Erasmus

TV Umpire: Nigel Llong

Reserve umpire: Shawn Craig

Match Referee: Sir Richie Richardson