Live updates: Blackcaps v India - fourth Twenty20 from Wellington

India 165/8 (Pandey 50*, Rahul 39, Sodhi 3/26, Bennett 2/41) 
New Zealand 165/7 (Munro 64, Seifert 57, Thakur 2/33) Target 166


New Zealand 13
India 16 

India Super Over - Southee will bowl for NZ 
0.1 - Length ball from Southee and Rahul just smashes him over mid-wicket for six
0.2 - Short from Southee and Rahul pulls over fine leg for four .... game over surely.
0.3 - WICKET - Short again but Rahul doesn't get all of it and Kuggeleijn takes a nice catch on the rope.
0.4 - Kohli bunts into the onside and has two ... superb batting .... 2 from 2.
0.5 - Kohli pulls through mid-wicket and that's that...deejavu.
0.6 -

NZ Super Over - Bumrah will bowl for India 
0.1 - Dropped!
Seifert lifts to mid-wicket and Iyer dives in vein and spills it.
0.2 - Seifert powers Bumrah over mid-off for four
0.3 - Dropped! Seifert swings a short one high .... Rahul running back with the gloves on and can't take it.
0.4 - WICKET - This time he gets him .... Seifert looks to go over cover but skies it to Sundar on the boundary and he takes the catch.
0.5 - Munro cuts a slower ball for four.
0.6 - Munro has one to short fine leg.


New Zealand Innings 

20th over - Thakur will bowl the last.
19.1 - WICKET: Oh no, no,no .... Taylor tries to lift him into the stands but doesn't get enough on it and Iyer takes a very nice catch.
Taylor c Iyer b Thakur 24 (18) 2x4
19.2 -
Mitchell hits his first ball over mid-off for four .... nice. 3 from 4. 
19.3 - WICKET: It's happening again ..... Mitchell misses a short one and Seifert is on the run but Rahul throws the stumps down and he is on his way. 
Seifert run out 57 (36) 4x4 3x6 
19.4 -
Santner has a single to square leg .... 2 from 2.
19.5 - WICKET - Falling apart NZ .... Mitchell lofts but gets nothing on it and Dube takes a comfortable catch at mid on. 2 from 1 required. 
Mitchell c Dube b Thakur 4 (3) 1x4
19.6 - WICKET -
Santner is run out coming back for two .... it would have been a wide but he went out and hit it to cover but can't get back for two .... another bloody Super Over.
Santner run out 2 (2) 

19th over - Saini is back ... NZ need 11 from 12.
Just four runs from the over ... 7 from 6.

18th over - Bumrah to bowl his last ... 1/13 from 3.
17.4 - Seifert cuts Bumrah for four and has a fifty from 32 balls.
Seven from the over 

17th over - Thakur is back .... NZ need 26 from 24 balls
16.1 - Short and wide and Taylor cuts for four
Eight from the over .... 18 from 18

16th over - Bumrah back as Kohli looks for a wicket
15.4 - Seifert guides to third-man for four.
10 runs from the over 

15th over - Chahal to bowl his last
14.2 - Missed chance! Seifert slogs agaun .... it's down to wide midon but Saini spills it over the boundary rope for a maximum.
14.3 - Dropped again ... this time at short third-man ... Bumrah this time. 
14.6 - Taylor on the slog sweep and has four to deep mid-wicket. 

14th over - Dube continues
13.6 - Seifert slogs .... he hasn't got all of it but it's between the two onside fielders and he will add six to his score.

13th over - Chahal is back ... key over this.....69 from 48 required.
12.1 - WICKET: Horrible shot .... Bruce goes down for the lap and yorks himself and is bowled.
Bruce b Chahal 0 (3) 
12.4 -
NZ hundred up .... 66 from 44 required 
Five runs and a wicket from the over. 

12th over - Dube is into the attack
11.4 - WICKET: Oh no Colin. He thrashes Dube to the cover sweeper and looks like there is two there .... Kohli on the relay fires at Munro's end hits ... Munro is short and he must go.
Munro run out (Kohli) 64 (47) 6x4s 3x6s 
Five and a wicket from the over.

11th over - Saini is back 
10.2 - Seifert cuts a short one over backward point for four.
10.5 - Munro sits on a slower ball and thrashes it to wide-cover for four runs. 
13 from the over.

10th over - Sundar continues
9.2 - Munro over the bowlers head for four .... and that's a fifty for Colin from 38 balls.
9.3 - Munro gies back and cuts through point for four.
11 from the over .... 87 from 60 required. 

9th over - Chahal continues
8.6 - Seifert goes bang over mid-wicket for a huge down on one knee there and clubbed it. 

8th over - Sundar will have a bowl ..... he's a right arm off spin bowler
7.1 - Seifert goes back and plays a lovely shot through point for four.
7.4 - Full toss and Munro dispatches it over the square leg boundary for sx.
13 from the over

7th over - Chahal will have a bowl
Just four coming from the Chahal over

6th over - Thakur is back
5.1 - Six for Munro over mid-wicket.....need a few more of those in this over.
5.2 - Munro down the wicket and drives over mid-off for four .... great shot. 
5.3 - Munro gets him again .... through mid-wicket this time along the floor for four. 
16 from the over.

5th over - Bumrah continues
4.2 - WICKET: Guptill swings hard but can only sky the ball high to Rahul behind the stumps and he takes an easy catch. 
Guptill c Rahul b Bumrah 4 (8) 
Two runs and a wicket from the over.

4th over - Saini continues
3.2 - Munro down the wicket and makes no contact .... he's really struggling here.
3.3 - Pressure off .... short and Munro lifts Saini square on the onside for six.
3.6 - Guptill swings a full toss square and should have four but Samson made a great stop on the rope. 

3rd over - Jasprit Bumrah will have a bowl
2.5 - Munro under pressure hits and runs and would have been a mile out if Pandey had hit. 
Four from the over.

2nd over - Navdeep Saini to bowl
1.3 - Munro down the wicket and plays a lovely straight bat drive for four. 
just five from the over.

1st over - Shardul Thakur to open up
Just four runs from the over

Innings break

Indian Innings

Final over - Kuggeleijn to bowl the final over
19.1 - Pandey goes bang over extra cover for four.
19.5 - Pandey has fifty with a drive to long on .... from 35 balls with 3 fours.
12 runs from the over.

19th over - Bennett to bowl his last - 2/31 from 3. 
18.3 - Saini slogs and goes over backward point for four.
18.5 - Two fours for Saini ..... he drives through the infield and has four through to the cover boundary.
10 runs from the over.

18th over - Southee to bowl his last
17.5 - WICKET: Chahal edges to Seifert and is on his way,
Chahal c Seifert b Southee 1(2)
Six and a wicket from the over.

17th over - Bennett continues
16.1 - Thakur hits over the mid-wicket field and down to the boundary for four.
16.3 - WICKET: Thakur is done by the knuckle ball....he hits through the line but can only sky the slower ball to Southee at mid-on who takes a nice catch.
Thakur c Southee b Bennett 20 (15) 2x4s
16.4 -
Pandey straight pulls for four.

16th over - Southee is back - 0/11 from 2.
15.3 - Pandey guides Southee past Munro at gully for four. 
15.6 - Three for Thakur to third-man ... no one back there as Thakurr slices it...Munro does a great job to save a run.

14th over - Bennett is back
13.4 - Bennett beats Pandey outside off with a peach.
Eight runs from the over.

13th over - Santner continues  - 1/22 from 3.
12.1 - 100 up for India - Pandey has three to third-man. 
Seven from the over.

12th over - Sodhi continues
11.6 - Thakur cuts Sodhi's final ball to the point boundary for four. 

11th over - Santner continues
10.3 - WICKET: Sundar is on his foot movement...Sundar goes back and plays a lazy shot and only edges the ball back onto his stumps.
Sundar b Santner 0 (3)
One run and a wicket from the over.

10th over - Sodhi continues
9.2 - WICKET: Dube tries to clear mid-wicket but he can only find Bruce on the boundary.
Dube c Bruce b Sodhi 12 (9) 2x4s
Five and a wicket from the over - Sodhi now 3/17 from 3.

9th over - Santner is back
Five runs from the over.

8th over - Sodhi continues
7.1 - Slider from Sodhi and Rahul cuts for four .... great shot.
7.4 - WICKET: Rahul picks out Santner at deep mid-wicket! Horrible ball but Rahul makes an even worse mistake with the shot. 
Rahul c Santner b Sodhi 39 (26) 3x4s 2x6s

7th over - Kuggeleijn is back 
6.2 - Four for Rahul through mid-wicket
6.4 - Dube goes over short third-man for four.
6.6 - Short and Dube goes over gully this time for four.

6th over - Ish Sodhi into the attack.
5.3 - WICKET: Iyer goes back to cut but he can only edge to Seifert anbd he must go. 
Iyer c Seifert b Sodhi 1 (7) 
Four runs and a wicket from the over.

5th over - Hamish Bennett replaces Santner
4.1 - Kohli flicks of his legs and has four just behind square. 
4.2 - Width from Bennett and Kohli guides past short third-man for four.
4.3 - WICKET: Kohli's gone! Slower ball from Bennett and he confuses Kohli who gets a leading edge to short cover ..... Santner takes a nice diving catch
Kohli c Santner b Bennett  11 (9) 2x4s

4th over - Southee 1/7 is back. 
Good over from Southee ..... just the five runs from it. 

3rd over - Mitchell Santner replaces Southee.
2.4 - Short from Santner and Rahul pulls over mid-wicket for six.
3.0 - And now Rahul goes through the offside field along the deck for four.
13 from the over.

2nd over - Kuggeleijn to open up 
1.1 - Samson lofts over mid-on for a glorious six! 
1.3 - WICKET :Samson gies hard again but wrong shot selection and he can only sky to Santner at point who runs in and takes a quaility catch.
Samson c Santner b Kuggeleijn 8 (5) 1x6
1.4 - Free Hit -
Rahul goes over cover for six.
15 runs and a wicket from the over.

1st over - Tim Southee to bowl.
Seven from the first over.

7:35pm - Changes for India.....Sharma, Shami and Jadeja are rested. Indian team is Rahul, Samson, Kohli, Iyer, Pandey, Sundar, Dube, Thakur, Bumrah, Saini and Chahal

7:34pm - New Zealand will bowl first - Stand-in skipper Tim Southee won the toss. NZ team is Guptill, Munro, Bruce, Taylor, Seifert, Mitchell, Santner, Kuggleijn, Sodhi, Bennett and Southee (c).

7:30pm - Evening folks...breaking news about an hour ago - Kane Williamson won't play tonight. The skipper has a minor left-shoulder injury. 

Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live updates as the Blackcaps take on India in the fourth T20 from Sky Stadium in Wellington. 

TAB Odds: Blackcaps $2.28     India $1.57 

Pre-match chat: New Zealand's World Cup bowling attack to miss Indian one-day series

The pace bowling attack that carried New Zealand to the Cricket World Cup final at Lord's will not be seen during the Indian one-day series.

Trent Boult, Lockie Ferguson and Matt Henry have all missed selection against the world's top-ranked side, sidelined by various injuries.

Boult (broken finger), Ferguson (calf strain) and Henry (broken thumb) were all key cogs in the Blackcaps' surprising run that fell one-run short of claiming a first World Cup win.

They have been replaced for the Indian series by Kyle Jamieson, Scott Kuggeleijn and Hamish Bennett, with Tim Southee expected to lead the attack. 

Coach Gary Stead also confirmed Cantabrian Henry Nicholls would continue to open the  batting, after replacing Colin Munro in the role midway through the tournament last July, with Tom Latham the first-choice wicket-keeper.

"Henry will remain at the top of the order, after impressing in the opportunities he’s had," Stead noted.

"He's been in good form opening for Canterbury in the latest rounds of the Ford Trophy, with a hundred and a half-century to his name.

"It's great to have Tom fit, so we can call on his experience behind the stumps and in the middle order.”

James Neesham and Colin de Grandhomme have kept their spots in the all-rounder spots, while Ish Sodhi and Mitchell Santner will provide spin options. Tom Blundell has been selected as both batting and wicketkeeping cover.

The first of three matches takes place in Hamilton on Wednesday, February 5.