Live updates: Blackcaps v India, second Twenty20 in Auckland

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Blackcaps 132/5 (Tim Seifert 33*, Martin Guptill 33)

India 135/3 (  Shreyas Iyer 44, KL Rahul 57*)

18th over - Southee to bowl.

Six from Dube and that's it, it's all over ! Far too easy from India. 

17th over - Sodhi to bowl.

Iyer goes bang again! Huge off Sodhi again , too easy. 

WICKET! Great catch from Sodhi, high from Iyer and Southee does well to cover the ground and take the catch but it's all too late. 

Shreyas Iyer 44 c Southee b Sodhi.

16th over - Tickner to bowl.

Now Iyer goes bang, over the bowlers head for six! Too easy for the visitors. 

Iyer once again, a short ball and he leans back on it and ramps it for four. 

14 off that over. 

15th over - Bennett to bowl.

A single into the leg side from Iyer - The Kiwis need a wicket. 

A top edge from Rahul, it flies over the keeper for six. 

Lovely from Rahul, a lofted cover drive it goes for four and that's another 50. 

A bad ball from Bennett - short and over everybody, 5 wides. 

Another botched runouot - Rahul again, his third chance in two matches. 

14th over - Tickner to bowl.

WOW, that was another missed run out - so easy once again, Rahul is once again so far out of his crease and Tickner can't hit from 3 metres away. 

13th over - Santner to bowl.

India are cruising here- it's too easy, NZ need two or three quick wickets. 

Six off the over. 

12th over - Sodhi to bowl.

Two singles then a wide from Sodhi.

Bad ball from Sodhi and he's punished, massive six from Iyer, down the ground and over mid wicket for the max. 

11th over - Santner to bowl.

India happy to do it in singles at the moment. 

Three off that one.

10th over - Sodhi to bowl.

Three singles, three dot balls. 

9th over - Santner to bowl. 

Far too easy, four singles then a late cut for four, eight off the over. 

8th over - Ish Sodhi to bowl.

Two singles to start the Sodhi over. 

Two into the offside, followed by an easy single. 

Seven off the over. 

7th over - Santner to bowl. 

One run down the ground, very easy for Iyer if Santner bowls there. 

Two singles off the over. 

6th over - Southee to bowl.

WICKET! A soft wicket for Kohli, great take from Seifert, on Kohli's pad and he gets a little feather and it's the biggest wicket of them all.

Virat Kohli 11 c Seifert b Southee. 

Just one off that over - cracker from Southee. 

5th over - Tickner to bowl. 

Four runs, Kohli takes on Tickner, he doesn't time it too well, but it's four runs. 

Follows it up with two down the ground. 

SIx runs from Rahul, a short ball and he just ramps it over Sodhi at third man for six. 

4th over - Bennett to bowl.

Rahul flicks a ball towards Sodhi, he looks half asleep, a missfield and they get two.

He follows it up with a flick, wide of Sodhi, four runs!  

A single off the last, eight off the over. 

3rd over - Southee to bowl.

A single from Kohli into the leg side. 

Just the two off that over - nice bowling. 

2nd over - Bennett to bowl.

A great first ball, the perfect short ball and he sits Rahul on his butt. 

Two runs from Rahul off the next, through the covers, then a single into the leg side. 

Kohli works one into the leg side for two runs - they need these two very quickly. 

1st over - Southee to bowl.

The second ball is overpitched from southee and punished through the covers for four. 

Four runs for Sharma, edged through the slips.

WICKET! Sharma is gone, he edges it again - and it's taken by Taylor in the slips. 

Rohit Sharma 8 b Southee c Taylor. 


That's it for the first innings - a horrible batting display and a very good performance with the ball for India. 

20th over - Bumrah to bowl. 

WICKET! Another one for India, a superb bowling performance, A short slow ball and Taylor top edges one and it's taken on the boundary. 

Ross Taylor 18 b Bumrah c Sharma.

That is some shot from Seifert - a lofted drive over everyone for six! 

19th over - Shami to bowl.

Five off the over. 

18th over - Bumrah to bowl. 

Kohli drops one this time, Ross Taylor hits one straight up and captain fantastic can't catch it - a bad drop. 

17th over - Jadeja to bowl.

He starts off with a wide. 

Just a single after that from Seifert. 

Now Taylor looks to clear the rope - he can only get a single too.

16th over - Chahal to bowl.

That's the first boundary for a very long time, a nice drive from Seifert, he beats two fielders for a much needed four. 

Seifert follows it up with a lovely shot down the ground for a six - nice shot, nice timing. 

15 off the over. 

15th over - Jadeja to bowl.

Just dealing in singles again, no boundaries since the ninth over. 

14th over - Chahal to bowl.

The Blackcaps really struggling to find boundaries, just six off the over, four singles and a two.

13th over - Jadeja to bowl.

A cut shot from Williamson goes along the ground but finds the fielder - just a single. 

WICKET! Now it's Williamson, he gets one on the leg side and it flies straight to the man at fine leg - Chahal takes the catch. 

Kane Williamson b Jadeja c Chahal 13. 

A single of Seifert's first ball. 

12th over - Shami to bowl.

Williamson misses a short one and is hit in the helmet he is okay though, gives Taylor a fist bump at the other end. 

Just three singles off that over. 

11th over - Jadeja to bowl.

Williamson doing well to rotate the strike, but needs to find a boundary soon.

WICKET! That's horrible from CDG, he is completely beaten and just hits it striaght back to the bowler, the Blackcaps in a little bit of trouble now. 

Colin de Grandhomme 3 c & b Jadeja.

Three singles and a wicket. 

10th over - Bumrah to bowl.

A close run out - Kane would be out, he blocks one into the off side, and takes off - but Jadeja misses. 

Four singles off the over. 

9th over - Dube to bowl.

Four runs from Muro - a well-timed pull shot for four, it beats the fielder at square leg.

WICKET! Another catch from Kohli, not timed well from Munro, it hits high on the bat and Kohli takes a nice catch diving forward. 

Colin Munro 26 c Kohli b Dube. 

One off the last from CDG.

8th over - Chahal to bowl.

A pull shot from Williamson goes for two runs, nice shot. 

FIve off the over. 

7th over - Dube to bowl.

A single now for Munro - he needs to be the aggresive one now. 

Williamson works a single into the leg side. 

Great shot from Munro, a full ball from Dube and he plays a cute little ramp flick shot over the field for six! 

10 off the over. 

6th over - Thakur to bowl.

Massive collision on the pitch, Munro gets a bit of pad on ball and tries to scamper through for a single, neither bowler or batsman move and Thakur is dropped to the ground - all is good after a handshake. 

Four more from Guptill - a lovely controlled flick over the fielders. 

Another four - not timed well, but well enough to clear mid on, it will run away. 

WICKET! Huge wicket, Guptill skies a drive straight up, Kohli is under it and takes a great catch! And he is pumped up!! 

Martin Guptill 33 b Thakur c Kohli.

5th over - Chahal to bowl. 

Better from Munro, a loose ball from Chahal and Munro sweeps it away for four. 

A reverse sweep from Munro, he gets some bat on it and they get a single. 

Seven off the over. 

4th over - Shami to bowl.

A single from Munro - he looks to be struggling a little here. 

Four more from Guptill, a short ball and he pulls it into the leg side for four. 

He follows it up with a flick into the leg side, single. 

Munro hits a nice drive through the covers and it looks for all money like it's going for four - Kohli cuts it off beautifully. 

3rd over - Bumrah to bowl. 

A couple of singles to start the over. 

Guptill works one into the leg side, two runs, good fielding on the boundary. 

2nd over - Shami to bowl.

Munro gets away with one there, a short ball down the leg side, he goes after it but he takes the top edge and it lands safely. 

Lovely from Guptill, it was a good over untill that last ball, he gets on the back foot and cuts it through the point region. Four. 

1st over - Thakur will have the first over for the visitors.

First ball on the money, Guptill defends it into the off side. 

Six off the third ball, Guptill comes down the track and hits him over the covers for six! Lovely. 

Another six, down the leg side and a top edge is enough to go the whole way over the keeper. 

Wide, a good first over for NZ - 13 off it.


The Blackcaps have won the toss and will bat first, both teams are unchanged 

Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the second T20 between the Blackcaps and India from Eden Park. 

After setting 204 to win in the opening T20, the Blackcaps weren't able to defend it, a mixture of bad bowling and poor fielding meant India were able to claim an impressive six wicket win.

Now, 48 hours later at the same ground, New Zealand have their chance for redemption.

TAB Odds:  Blackcaps $2.35   India $1.54

New Zealand bowlers exposed on short Eden Park boundaries

The Blackcaps admit they got their tactics wrong against India in their T20 series opener and will have to be smarter with the ball in the second encounter.

After posting an imposing 203, New Zealand succumbed to the pressure, as Virat Kohli's men took an early series lead.

Initially, the Blackcaps batsmen ran riot, with openers Martin Guptill and Colin Munro in good touch, but even big scores have proved to be tough to defend on Eden Park's shorter boundaries. 

And their bowlers felt the full force of a relentless Indian batting line-up.

Spinner Ish Sodhi concedes they didn't help themselves, with inaccuracies in their bowling brutally exposed.

"It's just one of those grounds," he says. "You bowl good balls and they go for six, you bowl bad balls and they go for six."

Kohli and KL Rahul were the chief destroyers, and Sodhi acknowledges his side need to be more aggressive if they're to take early wickets.

"That's a great learning to take out of the last game as well, because if you are too defensive on that ground, you can go for runs and miss out on dismissal opportunities."

And the Blackcaps had plenty. Rahul should've been run out when he was on 27, but Tim Southee failed to execute. The Indian opener went on to make 56.

Blair Tickner should've had Virat Kohli when he was on 33, but Sodhi couldn't hang on to a high catch in the deep.

"The Eden Park lights for catching are quite unique," shrugs Sodhi. "That's what I'm saying... I'm just throwing excuses out there." 

But there's no excuse for class and that's exactly what India's batsmen showed.

The Blackcaps could only rue missed chances.

"If you're able to get three or four [wickets] early, and build that pressure, then you can get ahead of the game," says captain Kane Williamson. "But credit to the way India played and chased that total."