Live updates: Blackcaps v India - third Twenty20

India win in the super over and clinch the series 3-0.

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New Zealand 17/0        INDIA 20/0 

INDIA SUPER OVER - Southee up for NZ against openers Rahul and Sharma. Rushing for two, Sifert fumbles the potential run out. Single. Rahul finds the gap for four. Single. Nine from two needed. Sharma for six! Three to tie off the final ball. Sixer for the win!

NZ SUPER OVER - Williamson and Guptill up against Bumrah. Two singles, Guptill can't cash in on a full toss, Williamson for six! Williamson over cover for four. Bye run. Guptill splits the field for four. Solid total for NZ.

New Zealand 179/5 

India 179/5

20th over - Nine runs required for victory from the final over. Taylor goes bang! Full toss got the treatment it deserved and that should do us. All we need now is a six from Williamson to clinch the century.  OUT - That's not it, Kane! Tries to ramp Shami to the boundary but it's straight to the keeper. Superb innings comes to an end.

K Williamson c Rahul b Shami 95 (48)

Two from three required. Dot ball!

Taylor scampers for a bye to tie the scores, crucial! One from one it is...Taylor's bowled! We're going to a super over. What a mammoth choke job from NZ not to seal that win.

19th over - 20 off 12 balls required for NZ. Bumrah with the task for India. Taylor swings one square for four. Williamson glances one off his toes for four to fine leg, incredible stuff. NZ have dealth with Bumrah well tonight.

18th over - India need somehting huge here. Chahal takes the crease. A few well run twos keeps NZ on pace.

17th over - Bumrah up to the mark. Williamson slashes at a wide one, just beats the boundary fielder to the fence. Williamson goes legside now for four more, then down the ground for another. NZ are on track for victory here. 

16th over - Thakur back to bowl, Williamson lofts him over long off for six. NZ certainly on top now. OUT - CDG's struggle comes to an end, caught at short third man. I think that wicket may actually help the NZ cause.

C de Grandhomme c Dube b Thakur 5 (12)

15th over - Scores identical at the same stage of the Indian innings. Jadeja beats Williamson all ends up, then gets smashed over his head for six. the next ball is short and pulled high and over the fence. Great over for NZ.

14th over - Shami to bowl. Williamson latches on to some width and sends one over third man for six. Williamson finds the fence again to bring up his half century off 28 balls - a classically Kane knock.

13th over - Chahal again. Williamson smokes one over midwicket for six.

12th over - Jadeja up. CDG all at sea on the quick single but Dube fumbles and a run out goes begging. Stumping chance now on Williamson, seems to be safe but they go upstairs. Not out...just.

11th over - Chahal opens with a poor short ball that Williamson pulls for four. Williamson finds a gap, poor fielding results in another boundary. OUT - Chahal skids one straight through Santner's gate, that was far too easy. 

M Santner b Chahal 9 (11)

10th over - Bumrah takes the ball. Santner looks to work one to leg and skies one, Jadeja scrambles back but can't take it over his shoulder. Williamson plays a delicate late cut for four.

9th over - Jadeja back. So tough to get away, tidy over concedes just five.

8th over - Run rate starting to creep up for NZ. Dube to bowl. Santner rocks back and pulls him for four. Williamson drops to a knee and hoists one over fine leg for six.

7th over - Jadeja up. OUT - Jaedja sees Munro advancing and throws down a flat one for Kahul to whip off the bails and put an end to a struggle of an innings.

C Munro st Rahul b Jadeja 14 (16)

6th over - NZ tracking well so far. Thakur into the attack.

OUT - Guptil belts one deep to point that looks destined for the fence until substitute fielder Samson dives to take a slick low catch. 

MJ Guptill c Samson b Thakur 31 (21) 

5th over - Chahal up for his first over. Munro welcomes him with a sweep for four. Guptill edges just past first slip's hands for four.

4th over - Munro cuts one for four, then cops a nasty one in the chest of Shami. He needs a quick lie down to get over that one, and fair enough.

3rd over - Bumrah to the crease. Guptill gets a thick edge on his square drive, flies low and over the third man boundary. Follows that up with a well executed ramp shot, leans back and sends it for six.

2nd over - Tidy over from Shami to start. Slower ball with width, Munro misses out.

1st over - Challenging chase begins for NZ against Thakur. Guptill signals his intent by launching him over the camera crews for six. 


India - 179/5

20th over - Southee to close out the innings. Pandey spanks a fullish ball over long off for six. Wide followed by a single. Dropped! Jadeja sends one into the clouds and Santner loses it cold in the lights.  Jaedja rubs salt into the wounds with a six over cow corner. Bye snuck off the final ball.

19th over - Bennett is up for the penultimate over. Pandey finds the gap beautifully for four. Santner fields well in the deep, two more.

OUT - Kohli looks to go over midwicket but Southee is on hand to make an excellent grab.

V Kohli c Southee b Bennett 38(27)

18th over - Southee looking to close out strong. Limits to just singles and twos, they will take those. Tidy over.

17th over - Santner back. Iyer blasts him over his head for six.

OUT - Santner decives an advancing Iyer and Seifert whips off the bails. 

S Iyer st Seifert b Santner 17(15)

16th over - Sodhi manages to restrict India to just four runs. Great over.

15th over - Santner up. Kohli breaks the shcakles with a lovely lofted off drive for six. Full toss is dispatched for four. Time to put the foot on the gas for India.

14th over - Sodhi up, and Kohli sweeps him fine for four. Sodhi ties him up well, just seven from the over.

13th over - Another miserly over from CDG and NZ are starting to pull this run rate back nicely.

12th over - Two new batsmen at the crease for Sodhi to attack. 

11th over - Bennett again. OUT - Sharma holes out to long-off and the dangerman is gone after a super knock.

RG Sharma c Southee b Bennett 65 (40)

OUT - Bennett nabs his second of the over, Dube looking to hit over point but skies one to Sodhi at third man.

S Dube c Sodhi b Bennett 3 (7) 

10th over - Kuggeleijn gets another crack. Varies his delveries well to restrict the Indians to just three runs off the over.

9th over - de Grandhomme's turn with the ball. Sharma edgy but he finds the boundary at third man. OUT - CDG gets the break through, Rahul looks for some room and cuts late directly to Colin Munro at gully.

KL Rahul c Munro b de Grandhomme 27(18)

8th over - Santner again. Boundary-less over stems the bleeding.

7th over - Sodhi up to the plate. Finishes a tight over  with a loose one that Rahul sends down the ground for four.

6th over - Bennett back. Sharma effortlessly hoists him over square leg for six. Backs that up with a blow over long off for six more. Make that three straight boundaries, Sharma cuts a terrible short ball for four. Make it four in four ball, plays a late cut behind point to the rope. How abouit a fifth? Why not, says Sharma as he sends Bennett over his head for six and his half century in 23 balls. Brutal over for NZ.

5th over - Santner into the attack. Sharma drives square and dissects the field for four. Santner getting a bit of turn, India add four more singles in the over.

4th over - Kuggeleijn opens with a peach, Rahul edges through a vacant first slip for four. Eight from the over.

3rd over - Some excellent lines here from Southee, cramping these batsmen up and limiting damage early. Rahul plays another super ramp shot, using the pace of the ball and it's one bounce into the fence.

2nd over - Rahul ramps a poor ball from Bennett over third man and clears the ropes. Sharma plays a similar shot, Munro does well to prevent the boundary. Three more wind up an expensive opening over from Bennett.

1st over - Tim Southee will get NZ started with the ball. Sharma frees his arms and cuts powerfully for the first boundary of the day. Tidy start for Timmeh.

7:55pm - NZ skipper Kane Williamson has won the toss and elected to bat first. Third time lucky, perhaps?

One change for New Zealand with Scott Kuggeleijn coming into the side to replace Blair Tickner.

Kia ora and welcome to live coverage from Hamilton, as the Blackcaps look to stay alive in the third Twenty20 against India.

Over by over action will begin at 8pm.


Head to head:

New Zealand - $2.30 India - $1.56



Pre-match banter

Guptill seeking consistency from Blackcaps batsmen

By Ben Francis

Opener Martin Guptill insists New Zealand's top-order batsmen - himself included - need to step up, if they are to win their Twenty20 series against India. 

The Blackcaps are 2-0 down in the five-match series, after a clinical performance with the ball propelled India to a seven-wicket win in Auckland on Sunday. 

After winning the toss and choosing to bat, the home side started strongly, with Guptill scoring a quickfire 33 off 20 balls. 

But after he was dismissed, India's slow bowlers came on and squeezed the batsmen, depriving New Zealand of a boundary for seven straight overs.

The Blackcaps reached 132/5 off their 20 overs, which India chased down with 15 balls to spare. 

The result came two days after India won the opening T20 by six wickets.

"We certainly felt that the pitch was getting slower and slower when we were batting," admitted Guptill. 

"It got harder and harder to bat as the game progressed. We needed one of the top three or four to bat the majority of the innings, but we weren’t able to get partnerships to add up the total.

"It would have been good if myself or Colin [Munro] batted 15 overs to set the innings up, and have guys bat around us. It was not supposed to be today, and we have time to try to do that in the next game and do a better performance." 

Apart from Guptill's knock, Tim Seifert, with a late 26-ball 33, was the only other batsman to make an impact, as India bowled 46 dot balls.

When you consider that T20 matches consist of 120 balls per innings, that means the Blackcaps failed to score on almost 40 percent of the balls they faced. 

"I thought 170 would have been alright, but obviously, we were way off," Guptill added. 

"India bowled very well tonight and bowled as straight as possible. There were a lot of dot balls tonight and that impacted our innings."

Guptill felt that India again out-batted them on a difficult track.

"They played very well, as hard as they did the other night. They built partnerships to put pressure on us. 

"We were not able to do that and got out-batted tonight. India have got some great players and matchwinners. 

"It is hard for the boys to go out there and try their best. Sometimes you come up short." 

The Blackcaps are back in action on Wednesday night for the third T20 at Hamilton's Seddon Park.