Live updates: Nations Cup 2020 - NZ Silver Ferns v England

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Silver Ferns 64-48 England 

Fourth Quarter: 

Fulltime - The game is over and the Silver Ferns storm to a commanding vicotry against England. Last time these two teams met, there was just one goal between them, but this time the Kiwis have won by 16 goals. Very impressie considering the Kiwis were missing several key players and they were trying out new combinations. A match wrap will be up online shortly. 

1 min - Last minute of the match. SF 63-47 ENG

2 min - Less than three minutes left, and the lead is still at 14. SF 61-47 ENG

4 min - Things have slowed up for the Kiwis now, but England are not taking their rare changes. Selby-Rickit's goal sees NZ bring up 60. SF 60-46 ENG

6 min - England now clearing their bench, Amy Carter making her Roses debut - the comentators seem to lover her anyways. SF 58-45 ENG

7 min - The Ferms defence is holding up strong as England take ages to finally get the ball into the circle and into the net. SF 57-45 ENG

8 min - The Ferns out already scored nine goals in the quarter, could they beat the 20 scored in the last one? SF 57-44 ENG

10 min - That lead is now up to 13 as Selby-Rickit sinks another shot. SF 56-43 ENG

11 min - The gap is down to 11 now. But that doesn't say much. SF 54-43 ENG

13 min - Looks like Dame Noeline Taurua has cleared her bench and has all the young players on court. Saunders on at WD to give Watson a rest - Burger at GD and Karaka at GK, Young Kimiora Poi on at centre. SF 52-40 ENG

15 minutes to play - England get the quarter started, but the Ferns get the ball and add two quick goals and lead by 12. SF 50-38 ENG

Third Quarter:

QT - Mes gets a rebound from her own missed shot and scores before the buzzer. That goal gives the Kiwis a 10-goal lead at the end of the quarter. New Zealand scored 20 goals in that quarter and lead 48-38. 

1 min - Make that nine goals now as sloppy ball handling from England is gifting the Ferns possession.  SF 46-37 ENG

2 min - New Zealand have opened the gap back up to seven goals now. Wilson still leading the way with 25 goals. SF 41-36 ENG

4 min - The gap is now down to give, are we going to see another late quarter fightback? SF 41-36 ENG

5 min - The gap is still seven. The Ferns have outscored England by four this quarter. SF 41-34 ENG

7 min - A couple of goals for the home side has the fans cheering, but the Ferns still hold the upper hand. SF 39-32 ENG

8 min - Mes scores another and the Ferns have opened up a huge lead once more. SF 38-30 ENG

9 min - A six goal game in favour of New Zealand. The Kiwis looking good. SF 36-30 ENG

10 min - Wilson misses her first shot of the game, but t Mes goes up strong for the rebound. A mistake allows the home side to score a couple more SF 34-30 ENG

11 min - A held ball from the Roses due to great defensive pressure from NZ gives the ball back to NZ and they open up the gap even more. SF 33-28 ENG

12 min - A back-and-forth quarter so far. Both teams going blow-for-blow. Mes scores her first goal of the match. SF 32-28 ENG

14 min - New Zealand still hold a three goal buffer. Wilson scores two more for the Kiwis. SF 30-27 ENG

15 minutes to play - Back underway with England starting things off. Bailey Mes is out on the court, along with Maia Wilson. 

Second Quarter: 

HALFTIME - That was one intense half. The Silver Ferns led by eight at one stage, and England closed the gap to two. But it's New Zealand who lead by three at the break. Both Ekenasio and Wilson are 12/12. SF 28-25ENG

1 min - A turnover and New Zealand get some breathing space, but England are on the charge with a minute left in the contest. SF 28-25ENG

2 min - Ekenasio gets one on the board for New Zealand, but it's now a three-goal game once more. SF 27-24ENG

3 min - Wow this has turned quickly. England now down two. Those changes have made an impact. SF 25-23ENG

4 min - England score a few more now and it's a five-goal game. SF 25-21ENG

5 min - It has been a long time, but England finally score. They make somes changes and George Fisher on at GS, Cardwell to GA and Corbin goes to the bench. SF 24-17 ENG

6 min - Make that eight now,  as  Ekenasio converts again. She hasn't missed all match. SF 24-16 ENG

7 min - Errors are starting to creep into England;s game now, and the Ferns convert off the turnover. SF 23-16 ENG

9 min - England miss a chance to close the gap to three, as New Zealand turn around quickly to lead by six. SF 22-16 ENG

11 min - New Zealand still hold that five-goal buffer in this fast-paced match. SF 20-15 ENG

13 min - Shannon Saunders finds Ekenasio  unmarked under the goal for a great goal for New Zealand.  SF 17-13 ENG

14 min - Just noticed that Wilson - who dominated the first quarter - is off and Te Paea Selby-Rickit is on. Whitney Souness is also on for Gina Crampton. SF 16-12 ENG

15 minutes to play - New Zealand get the quarter started. This time they don't turn the ball over, and go onto score, but England hit straight back. SF 16-12 ENG

First Quarter:

QT - Ekenasio scores her third goal of the match just before the siren and that turned out to a strong quarter for the Kiwis despite a sloppy start. SF 15-11 ENG

1 min - England close the gap to one goal, but New Zealand hit back to restore a three-goal lead as the quarter draws to a close. SF 14-11 ENG

3 min - A nice mid-range shot from Cardwell but Wilson responds to keep the Kiwis in front. SF 12-9 ENG

5 min - New zealand doing enough to hold a small lead here. Wilson scores again to keep it a two-goal game. She is 8 from 8 so far.  SF 10-8 ENG

6 min - England get another on the board after some back-and-forth battles up the court. SF 9-7 ENG

7 min - Three goal lead now, and now New Zealand turns the ball over and they move up the court, looking to lead by four, but a foul gives the ball back to the hosts. SF 9-6 ENG

8 min - Now a two-goal lead again for the Kiwis. SF 8-6 ENG

9 min - Jane Watson gets a turnover for the visitors and Maia Wilson scores again to level the match up. SF 6-6 ENG

10 min - A two-goal buffer for England now following back-to-back goals. SF 3-5 ENG

12 min - New Zealand struggling to hold possession as England turn the ball over again. SF 3-3 ENG

13 min - All square again after Eleanor Cardwell cancels out Ameliaranne Ekenasio's goal. SF 3-3 ENG

14 min -  Back-to-back goals from Maia Wilson puts New Zealand in the lead for the first time. SF 2-1 ENG

15 minutes to play - We're underway, and New Zealand turns the ball over right away. Eleanor Cardwell gets England on the scoreboard with the first goal of the game. SF 0-1 ENG

5:50am - Here is NZ's starting side. GS: Maia Wilson, GA: Ameliaranne Ekenasio, WA: Gina Crampton, C: Shannon Saunders, WD: Karin Burger, GD: Phoenix Karaka, GK: Jane Watson.

5:48am - Both teams are out on the court, completing their final warm-ups. 

5:16am - Some breaking news coming through that Silver Ferns defender Michaela Sokolich-Beatson is OUT of the Nations Cup after rupturing her Achilles tendon during a training match in Nottingham. She's now travelling home to New Zealand to begin her recovery, and no replacement player will be brought in as cover for the series.

5:10am - The first match of the day is done, and Jamaica have beaten England 59-54. 

Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live updates of the 2020 Nations Cup match between the NZ Silver Ferns and England from the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham. 

The Silver Ferns head into this tournament without many familiar faces, with the self-titled 'Fossils' group of Laura Langman and defender Katrina Rore, also taking a break, and shooter Maria Folau and defender Casey Kopua, who have both retired since last year's World Cup triumph.

Ameliaranne Ekenasio will lead New Zealand, with defender Jane Watson and midcourt Gina Crampton serving as vice-captains.

It is the first time the two nations have squared off since New Zealand beat England 52-21 in the Netball World Cup semi-finals last July. 

After facing England, New Zealand will square off against Jamaica (Jan 23, 6:30am), South Africa (Jan 26, 3:30am) before a 3rd/4th playoff (3:30am) or a possible final (6am) on Jan 27. 

TAB odds: New Zealand $1.60, England $2.20 

Silver Ferns: Bailey Mes, Ameliaranne Ekenasio (c), Te Paea Selby-Rickit, Maia Wilson, Gina Crampton (c), Shannon Saunders, Kimiora Poi, Whitney Souness, Karin Burger, Phoenix Karaka Michaela Sokolich-Beatson, Jane Watson (c).

England: Eleanor Cardwell, George Fisher, Sophie Drakeford-Lewis, Kadeen Corbin, Natalie Haythornthwaite (c), Laura Malcolm (vc), Amy Carter, Natalie Panagarry, Jade Clarke, Chelsea Pitman, Fran Williams, Razia Quashie, Kate Shimmin and Stacey Francis.

Pre-match banter: Ameliaranne Ekenasio to captain Silver Ferns in Nations Cup

Silver Ferns shooter Ameliaranne Ekenasio will lead New Zealand in the upcoming Nations Cup in England, as part of a new leadership group. 

Ekenasio steps in for Laura Langman, who will sit out the four-team tournament, after a heavy workload over the past year. 

This tour is the start of a new era for the Ferns, as they're without the self-titled 'Fossils' group of Langman and defender Katrina Rore, also taking a break, and shooter Maria Folau and defender Casey Kopua, who have both retired since last year's World Cup triumph. 

Players, team management, Netball NZ chief executive Jennie Wyllie and high performance head Keir Hansen all voted for their prefered choice of captain, and Ekenasio was given the nod after a strong 2019 campaign. 

Defender Jane Watson and midcourt Gina Crampton will serve as vice-captains. 

Gina Crampton and Jane Watson will serve as vice-captains.
Gina Crampton and Jane Watson will serve as vice-captains. Photo credit: Photosport

Born in Queensland, Ekenasio, 29, was part of New Zealand's World Cup-winning squad and was named Silver Ferns Player of the Year at the NZ Netball Awards.

Coach Dame Noeline Taurua said Ekenasio's oncourt performances, growing confidence as a world-class athlete, leadership qualities and genuine care for others made her a contender for the captaincy.

"I was very pleased that the process highlighted many players in the group that are leaders in different areas and this is important, with both Laura and Katrina taking their sabbatical breaks," she said. 

"We have all watched Ameliaranne take her game to a new level last year, showing a maturity in her game, consistency in performance, and ability to shoulder the pressures on and off court.

"On top of that, she is such a lovely person, who genuinely wants the best for others and ultimately for the team to be the best.

"As a result of our process, she has the respect of her peers and management. Respect and trust is crucial in leadership, as we continue to pursue to live and breathe the values of the Silver Fern."

Taurua said Watson and Crampton brought plenty of experience to the group, and along with Ekenasio, provided leadership in all areas of the court.

"Both Jane and Gina are captains within their ANZ Premiership teams, and have complimentary skills that will provide support for Ameliaranne," she said.

"It was important to find that right mix in looking ahead to the future, but also naming a leadership group that led by example, on and off court, for now. 

"Our current Silver Ferns environment needs to keep growing and adapting to the personnel we have in the mix. We have strong structures in place. 

"Changes are always good and healthy to ensure we don’t become stagnant."

The Silver Ferns open their Nations Cup campaign on Monday (NZ time) against England, before meeting Jamaica and South Africa.