Live updates: PDC World Darts Championship final - Michael van Gerwen v Peter Wright

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Michael van Gerwen 3-7 Peter Wright (Best of 13 sets)

10:18am - Click here for Newshub's match wrap of the decider. Thanks for tuning in. 

10:15am - Here what Peter Wright said after the final. 
"Sorry to Michael... Michael is a fantastic player...That's a nice 'champion of the world thing'...That sounds amazing!

"It doesn't matter how many times you get beaten."

Fourth leg - Peter Wright is the world champion. He wires two shots at double 10 before hitting it. He smiles for the first time in the final and raises his arms in the air. He burts straight into tears. 
Van Gerwen (3) 1-3 (7) Wright 

Third leg - Wright is one leg away from vicotry. He takes out 76 and he's throwing for the match.
Van Gerwen (3) 1-2 (6) Wright 

Second leg - Van Gerwen misses double 12 for a nine-dart leg. He eventually cleans up on double six to win the leg. 
Van Gerwen (3) 1-1 (6) Wright

First leg - Wright breaks van Gerwen's throw and he's two legs away from vicotry. All he has to do is hold his throw in this set. 
Van Gerwen (3) 0-1 (6) Wright

Tenth set

Fifth leg - Van Gerwen misses two darts to win the set, and Wright makes him pay by hitting tops with his last dart. Wright is one set away from winning his first world title. 
Van Gerwen (3) 2-3 (6) Wright

Fourth leg - Wright misses two darts to win the set. Darting drama at 'Ally Pally'. Van Gerwen his double eight to send the set into a deciding leg. 
Van Gerwen (3) 2-2 (5) Wright

Third leg - With van Gerwen on 25, Wright misses double 10 for a 125 finish, but MVG couldn't clean up. Wright pegs double five with his last dart to hold his throw. 
Van Gerwen (3) 1-2 (5) Wright

Second leg - It is the complete opposite in the second leg of the set as van Gerwen takes the set with a 128 finish.
Van Gerwen (3) 1-1 (5) Wright

First leg - Wright comfortably holds his throw with no pressure from van Gerwen.
Van Gerwen (3) 0-1 (5) Wright

Ninth set 

Fifth leg - Both players could feel the tension, but it was Wright who comes out on top to go two sets away from winning the match. The pressure told as MVG missed a shot at tops. Wright managed to hold his nerve for D16. It was a 17-darter, and both players are averaging around 104 right now. 
Van Gerwen (3) 2-3 (5) Wright

Fourth leg - We're going to another deciding leg as Wright holds throw by hitting double eight. In a minute, Wright will either be 5-3 up or we'll be all level at 4-4. Alexandra Palace is full of tension right now. 
Van Gerwen (3) 2-2 (4) Wright

Third leg - A very scrappy leg from both players, but van Gerwen hits a 96 checkout to hold his throw.
Van Gerwen (3) 2-1 (4) Wright

Second leg - Wright snaps MVG's run by taking out 69 on 'tops' to hold his throw. 
Van Gerwen (3) 1-1 (4) Wright

First leg - Van Gerwen wins another leg, as he pegs 124 for his biggest checkout of the match. 
Van Gerwen (3) 1-0 (4) Wright

Eighth set

Fourth leg - Van Gerwen reels off three straight legs to win the set. Just past the halfway stage of this final. At this stage, it looks like it'll go all the way. 
Van Gerwen (3) 3-1 (4) Wright

Third leg - Another leg to van Gerwen, who his bullseye again to lead the set. 
Van Gerwen (2) 2-1 (4) Wright

Second leg - Van Gerwen finally wins a leg. I think Wright had won seven straight legs until this point. The Dutchman needs to get going again. 
Van Gerwen (2) 1-1 (4) Wright

First leg - Van Gerwen misses a chance to break Wright's throw. He goes for double seven and he misses. Wright responds by taking out 'tops' to hold his throw.
Van Gerwen (2) 0-1 (4) Wright

Seventh set 

Third leg - Double trouble for van Gerwen as he had three more darts at a double and he can't convert. Wright steps up and takes out 80 for the set.
Van Gerwen (2) 0-3 (4) Wright

Second leg - Can you guess what Wright took out to win the leg? 81 once agains. That's the fourth or fifth time in the game he's hit that. That leg was an 11-darter hold of throw. 
Van Gerwen (2) 0-2 (3) Wright

First leg - Wright breaks the throw to start the set, with another 81 finish. 
Van Gerwen (2) 0-1 (3) Wright

Sixth set 

Fourth leg - Van Gerwen misses another dart at double 16 to hold his throw. Wright steps up and takes out 96 for the set.
Van Gerwen (2) 1-3 (3) Wright

Third leg - Wright needs 124 to hold his throw, and he can't convert. In fact, he makes a mess of it. But van Gerwen misses six darts to break, and he misses them all. Wright cleans up on tops.
Van Gerwen (2) 1-2 (2) Wright

Second leg - Wright breaks back after throwing seven perfect darts to start the set. The nine-darter was one, but his throw at treble 19 misses.
Van Gerwen (2) 1-1 (2) Wright

First leg - Van Gerwen takes the lead and the Dutchman is firing on all cylinders right now. He hits double 16 for the leg. 
Van Gerwen (2) 1-0 (2) Wright

Fifth set

Fifth leg - We're level once again! Opening visits of 180, 140 from MVG gave him a commanding lead. But Wright kept pace, and had a shot at tops for a 102 checkout. His third arrow fell just short of the target - it may have even clipped the wire - and van Gerwen steps up to clean up 25 for the set. 
Van Gerwen (2) 3-2 (2) Wright

Fourth leg - Wright takes out 81 to level the set and this is the biggest leg of the match coming up. It will be the difference between being up 3-1 or level at 2-2. 
Van Gerwen (1) 2-2 (2) Wright

Third leg - Now van Gerwen holds his throw, hitting the same target as in the previous leg. 
Van Gerwen (1) 2-1 (2) Wright

Second leg - But van Gerwen breaks straight back,with a 13-darter. He hits 36 with one dart. 
Van Gerwen (1) 1-1 (2) Wright

First leg - Wright takes out the first ton-plus finish of the game with a stunning 140 to break the van Gerwen throw. MVG had 82 left. 
Van Gerwen (1) 0-1 (2) Wright

Fourth set

Third leg - Michael van Gerwen takes the set in just 37 darts. He averaged nearly 122 in that set 
Van Gerwen (1) 3-0 (2) Wright

Second leg - The Dutchman doubles his lead in the set with an 11-darter. This is the Michael van Gerwen were used to seeing.
Van Gerwen (0) 2-0 (2) Wright

First leg - Van Gerwen starts the set with an early break. Probably the best leg he's had all game so far.
Van Gerwen (0) 1-0 (2) Wright

Third set 

Fourth leg - Peter Wright doubles his lead. He hits double 20 to take the set. The Scot is averging 105 after two sets. Is an upset on the cards? 
Van Gerwen (0) 1-3 (2) Wright

Third leg - A break of throw for Wright. He starts with a 180, and eventually takes out 81 for a 15-dart break which gets the crowd chanting his name. He'll now throw for the set. 
Van Gerwen (0) 1-2 (1) Wright

Second leg - Wight holds throw, and wasn't troubled at all in that leg. 
Van Gerwen (0) 1-1 (1) Wright

First leg - Wright missed a shot at 'tops' for a break of throw, and MVG was let out of jail after initially failing with three double-attempts. The world number one is let out of jail, hitting double six. 
Van Gerwen (0) 1-0 (1) Wright

Second set 

Fifth leg - Peter Wright takes the first set after surviving an early scare. Wright sets it up to leave 56 with van Gerwen on 170. Duchamn van Gerwen hits two treble 20s before missing the bullseye for the 'big fish'. Wright steps up and needs to darts to take the set.
Van Gerwen (0) 2-3 (1) Wright

Fourth leg - We're going to a deciding fifth leg as Van Gerwen hits the bullseye to hold his throw.
Van Gerwen (0) 2-2 (0) Wright

Third leg - Wright pegs tops after missing two earlier darts at the target. Van Gerwen had one dart at dole five to break the throw, but his attempt went above the target.
Van Gerwen (0) 1-2 (0) Wright

Second leg: Wright responds and breaks back, and his name echoes around the 'Ally pally'
Van Gerwen (0) 1-1 (0) Wright

First leg -Peter Wright has the arrows to start the match, and both get off to a nervy start with low scores, however it doesn't take long for them to start filling the treble 20. However, van Gerwen takes the leg, finishing 88 on double 14, after Wright missed three darts for the leg.
Van Gerwen (0) 1-0 (0) Wright

First set 

8:21am - Game on. Peter Wright to throw first.

8:20am - Here comes Michael van Gerwen now. Looking to defend the Sid Waddell trophy for the first time. There are lots of boos going around Alexandra Palace, but as soon as 'Seven Nation Army' starts they chant his name. 

8:17am - It's time for the final. Peter Wright to make his way to the oche first. He's got his gameface on, and looking to became the second Scotsman to win the PDC title. 

8:16am - Peter Wright is well known for his mowhawk and fancy dress. Click here to see what he looked like in his first world chmapionship in 2995. 

8:12am - Michael van Gerwen has beaten Peter Wright in all nine of their major TV finals. 
World champs 2014 
UK Open 2015,16
World Series Finals 2015, 16
Premier League 2017
Grand Slam 2016
Grand Prix 2017 
Champions League 2019

8:08am - Both men have made lots of money during their careers. Today's winner will pocket NZ$986,295.

8:00am - Not long to wait now. Three weeks of drama and tension has boiled down to this. Day 16 of the World Darts Championship is upon us.


Hello and welcome to updates of the PDC World Darts Championship final between Michael van Gerwen and Peter Wright from London's Alexandra Palace.

Van Gerwen, the reigning world champion, is looking to defend the Sid Waddell for the first time in his career, having previously won it in 2014, 17, and 19. 

For Wright, this is his second world championship final, having lost to Van Gerwen in the 2014 final. 

A stat that will amaze people is that Van Gerwen holds a 9-0 record against Wright in major televised finals. 

The winner of the 27th edition of the world darts championship will lift the Sid Waddell trophy along with £500,000 (NZ$986,295).

The tournament started with 96 competitors across 28 countries. Now two remain with Van Gerwen from the Netherlands and Wright from Scotland. 

The final is played best of 13 sets. A set consists of the best of five legs (first player to win three). 

Van Gerwen holds an impressive head-to-head record over Wright, having won 59 times in 78 meetings.

TAB odds 

Head to head: Michael van Gerwen - $1.32, Peter Wright $3.05

Most 180s: Michael van Gerwen - $2.87, Peter Wright $1.50, Tie $10.00

Pre-match banter: Fallon Sherrock withdraws from upcoming women's World Championship

Darts sensation Fallon Sherrock has withdrawn from the upcoming Women's World Championship after the prize money was slashed. 

Sherrock took the darts world by storm last year when she became the first woman to win a match at the PDC World Championships, beating Ted Evetts and Mensur Suljovic. 

She was set to be the main attraction at the women-only-event, which runs alongside the men-only event, starting this weekend. 

Her absence casts major doubt on whether the competition will even take place, with players warned to expect an empty arena. 

British Darts Organisation chairman Des Jacklin said they had failed to secure a sponsor and income was down 85 percent on predictions, so the women's winner's prize was expected to be cut from NZ$39,358 to $15,743. 

A statement from the 25-year-old's management company said: "Fallon Sherlock has decided not to take part in the BDO Women's World Championship next week.

"The decision considered many factors, including unexpected changes to the event made yesterday. Fallon offers best wishes to the BDO and best of luck to those taking part. In the meantime Fallon is looking forward to doing her best in the other tournaments in 2020."

The PDC has offered her an invitation to each of the World Series events in the 2020 season. She will compete in the USA, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.