Live updates: The Black Clash 2020 - Team Cricket vs Team Rugby

Jordie Barrett took two wickets for Team Rugby
Jordie Barrett took two wickets for Team Rugby Photo credit: Photosport

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Team Cricket: 117/5 [Matthew Sinclair 60*, Chris Harris 27*, Jordie Barrett 2/22]
Team Rugby: 115/6 (Mahela Jayawardene 50, Jordie Barrett 26)
Result: Team Cricket win by two runs 

20th over - 15 required from 6 balls .... that's a familiar last over number ... #StokesGate. Oram will bowl it.

Four for Mahela down the ground .... lovely and classy shot that.
Six! Lifts Oram over his head for a maximum! That could be it .... 5 from 4.
Oram dots him up with a slower short ball.
50 up for Mahela with two runs down the ground.
Dot ball .... lucky to get away with that down the legside.
WICKET! Jayawardene c Lee b Oram 50
Out! Jayawardene looks for a six down the ground but he can't quite get enough on it and Lee takes his second catch on the rope. Win for Team Cricket.

19th over - 21 required from 12 balls ... Elliot continues 

Jayawardene smashes Elliott over the inner offside field for four to the cover rope

18th over - Vettori will bowl his last ... 1/14 from 3.

17th over - Nathan McCullum is back 

Jayawardene has four with a slash over point.

16th over - Elliot will continue 

Fifty partnership up 
WICKET! Jordie Barrett c Lee b Elliot 26
What a catch! Barrett tries to launch Elliott over long-on but he doesn't middle it .... Amdy Lee settles under it and takes a screamer of a catch on the rope.

15th over - Vettori continues

Barrett rocks back and blazes Vettori through to the cover fence for four.

14th over - Grant Elliot is back

Barrett pulls for four to square-leg.

13th over - Vettori is back

Five runs from the over.

12th over - Chris Harris into the attack

Barrett down on one knee and has six over mid-wicket .... great shot.

11th over - Lee continues

Six! Short from Lee and Barrett deposits him into the square leg boundary for a maximum.
Four for Jayawardene to fine leg.

10th over - McCullum continues

Just two runs from the over.

9th over - Andy Lee from Hamish and Andy will have a bowl

Just the three runs from a decent over.

8th over - Nathan McCullum into the attack

Four runs from the over.

7th over - Dan Vettori into the attack ... sporting the world's greatest ever beard

WICKET! Israel Dagg b Vettori 0 
Bowled him with the arm ball ... many of the world's best have fallen in the same way so no disgrace.
Four runs and a wicket off the over.

6th over - Oram continues - 1/2 from 2

Weber off the mark with a cross-bat slog for two.
WICKET! - Brad Weber c McCullum b Oram 2
Full and Weber drives nicely but McCullum takes a lovely one handed catch at short-cover. 

5th over - "The Hairy Jav" Grant Elliot into the attack.

Barrett swings hard and top edges over the keepers head for four
WICKET! - Beauden Barrett b Elliot 18
Another slog from Barrett but not the ball for than and he's off stump is disturbed.

4th over - Oram continues
Just a Barrett single from the over.

3rd over - Mills continues

Barrett backs away and straight-pulls for four down the ground. 
Barrett swings hard through the line and powers it over square-leg for six.
13 from the over.

2nd over - Jake Oram will open up.

WICKET! - Derrin Witcombe c Ronchi b Oram 2 
Witcombe is on his way ...  he had good technique but just fished at a wide one and edged through to the keeper.

1st over - Kyle Mills to bowl
Two runs from the first over .... Witcombe looks a decent player. 

6:30pm - Almost set to resume in Napier.

20th over - Jordie will bowl the final over.

Four runs frim the first three balls.
Sinclair drives down the ground...over the bowlers head for four.
Three from the last ball and that's that.

19th over - Dagg 1/10 will bowl his 3rd.
Sinclair down the wicket and has four through the covers and a fifty from 57 balls. 

18th over - Jordie Barrett is back ... 2-2 from two overs.

Harris has four down to long-off .... Aaron Smith running back can't take the catch.
Seven from the over.

17th over - Carlos Spencer into the attack - some sexy offspin from the ABs great

Short from Spencer and Sinclair square cuts for four.
Six! Harris lift Spencer over square leg for a maximum .... 16 off the over. 

16th over - Weber will bowl his second

Six from the Weber over.

15th over - Smith continues

Harris pulls a short slow one from Smith over mid-wicket for four.
11 from the over.

14th over - Brad Webber into the attack .... it's his birthday today.

Six runs from the over. 

13th over - Aaron Smith is in to bowl 

Sinclair cuts a wide one to the point boundary for four.
12 runs from that over.

12th over - Muralitharan to bowl.

WICKET! Elliot b Muralitharan 4
What a nut! Elliot goes forward to play straight and is beaten by the spin, through his gate and takes the top of leg, 

The wrist spinner isn't giving too much away here, lots of length balls and only giving the batsman singles. 

11th over - Spice to bowl.

Team cricket are dealing in singles here, just three singles off that over. 

10th over - Muralitharan to bowl.

Just one single off the over from the man with 800 test wickets, a lift in run rate is needed here. 

9th over - Jason Spice to bowl. 

Wicket! Marshall b Spice 2
He flights it up, Marshall can't help himself, he tries a slog sweep and it cleans out his off pole, cracking ball - dusty shot. 

A nice little paddle from Elliot, it goes for two towards fine leg. 

8th over - B Barrett to bowl. 

Short from Barrett and Sinclair pulls him into the leg side for two.

A couple of singles and a wide off the B Barrett over, seven off it. 

7th over - Dagg to continue.

WICKET: Astle b I Dagg 3
Full and straight from the former All Black and Astle's eyes light up and he tries to smash him to Hastings, he gets not bat on ball and the ball crashes into the stumps. 

Just two singles off the over. 

6th over - McCaw to bowl.

Just one single off the over. 

5th over - Dagg to bowl.

Sinclair works one into the leg side, gets two runs for it.

Lofted down the ground for Sinclair, he gets onto the front foot and smashes Dagg back over his head for the first boundary of the match. 

4th over - McCaw to continue. 

Lovely from Astle, he comes down the track and cuts McCaw for two, just past point.

Two off the over.  

3rd over - Barrett continues.

Ronchi has a couple square on the offside.

WICKET: Luke Ronchi b J Barrett 5 (7) 
Another one down! Ronchi comes down the wicket and plays an ugly slog and its through him.

2nd over - Richie McCaw to open from the other end. 

Ronchi has a couple down the ground ... miss-field from Dagg.

1st over - Jordie Barrett will open with the ball

WICKET: Stephen Fleming b J Barrett 0 (5)
In swinging yorker gets the former NZ skipper and that's an absolute peach
Wicket maiden for Jordie.

A dot ball first up, he follows it with a short and wide one, Fleming fishes it at, he's a little late on the shot. 

WICKET! Jordie pulls off a cracking inswinging yorker and it cleans out the great Kiwi opener, that is not his revenge, humiliation from Barrett and Fleming is walking back to the sheds for a duck. 

Great ball from Barrett - outside off and Fleming gets on the back foot to defend it. 

4:05PM - Team cricket has won the toss and will bat first ...... as they did last year.

Kia Ora, good afternoon and welcome to the live updates of the Black Clash T20 match between Team Rugby and Team Cricket in Napier.

Revenge will be on the minds of Stephen Fleming and his cricket side after rugby's stunning upset in 2019, off the back of a trademark Brendon McCullum knock. 

McCullum is missing from the rugby squad today, but coach Sir Graham Henry has recruited a couple of pretty decent former Sri Lankan internationals who by all accounts are big rugby fans.

Team Rugby
Coach: Sir Graham Henry 
Richie McCaw, Israel Dagg, Jason Spice, Ofisa Tonu'u, Beauden Barrett, Jordie Barrett, Aaron Smith, Brad Webber, Kaylum Boshier, Derren Whitcombe, Muttiah Muralitharan and Mahela Jayawardene 

Team Cricket
Coach and captain: Stephen Fleming, Dan Vettori, Nathan Astle, Grant Elliot, Jacob Oram, Hamish Marshall, Chris Harris, Kyle Mills, Luke Ronchi, Natham McCullum, Matthew Sinclair and Andy Lee (from Hamish and Andy)