Snooker: Masters final disrupted by 'whoopee cushion' in crowd

The Masters Snooker final between English duo Ali Carter and Stuart Bingham was brought to a standstill, when an electronic 'whoopee cushion' device was triggered in the gallery.

The match was interrupted early in the fifth frame, with both players distracted by the noise as they went to play a shot.

That forced referee Brendan Moore to warn the crowd: "Stop that now, please", before halting play to find the perpetrator.

Upon further inspection, a small joke device was discovered under a seat, believed to have been placed there by a fan sitting elsewhere in the sold-out arena.

A man, reportedly from a YouTube prank site, was removed from the venue - but not before fart noises had caused considerable amusement inside Alexandra Palace. 

"When I was at the table, I heard something and I could see a couple of people trying very hard not to laugh near that area," said Bingham

"Then it went off again and I just thought that can't be natural - only a couple of people in my family can do that! Apparently, it was right under the seat.

"Someone is trying to have a laugh, but it is our livelihood and a serious business - and these things can go a bit too far."

The device was apparently planted a few days earlier and was also set off during earlier matches. Referee Moore was heard saying: "It was the same noises as the other day." 

After a short break, the match resumed, with Bingham establishing a 5-3 lead heading into the final session.