Tokyo Olympics 2020: Athletes assured cardboard beds will withstand sex

Randy athletes performing in this year's Tokyo Olympics have been assured their cardboard beds won't collapse during sex as long as they limit themselves to two-in-a-bed. 

Earlier this week, Takashi Kitajima, the general manager of the Athletes Village, announced athletes will be sleeping on bed frames made of cardboard and mattresses made of plastic to reduce the event's carbon footprint.

While it's good news for the environment, Australian basketball player Andrew Bogut raised concerns if athletes decide to share a bed together for the night. 

"Great gesture... until the athletes finish their said events and the 1000s of condoms handed out all over the village are put to use," he tweeted. 

Athletes usually embark on self-imposed sex bans in the build-up to the Olympic Games, but that changes when they have completed their events.

Manufacturer Airweave said the beds are nowhere near as flimsy as people think, saying they can hold upto 200kg.

"We've conducted experiments, like dropping weights on top of the beds," a spokesperson told Agence France-Presse.

"As long as they stick to just two people in the bed, they should be strong enough to support the load."

Following the last Olympic Games in Rio, 2016, condom companies reported dishing out 450,000 condoms over the 17-day event, averaging 42 per contestant.   

Tokyo officials have yet to decide how many condoms they will supply this year,  but are leaning towards 150,000 - the number used during the London 2012 Olympics.

The 2020 Olympics begin on July 24, ending on August 9.