Football: Portuguese chocolatier reveals 200-hour Cristiano Ronaldo edible statue

  • 26/02/2020

A Portuguese chocolatier has 'immortalised' footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, unveiling a chocolate statue that took 200 hours to make. 

The sculpture stands 1.87m tall and weighs an incredible 120kg, and is modelled on Ronaldo's 2016 European Championship success with Portugal. 

Creator Jorge Cardosa told AP Sports he made the statue during his down-time at a factory in Givisiez, Switzerland. 

Cardosa's attention to detail is fully on display in the sweet treat, with Ronaldo sporting the Nike tick, his trademark No.7 and the Portuguese football emblem. 

Ronaldo in action for Portugal
Ronaldo in action for Portugal Photo credit: Getty

"After all these years of experiments, I wanted to try again and make a larger, more realistic sculpture," Cardoso said.

"This sculpture was made in my own free time. It is a personal project that I really wanted to pursue. 

"I studied everything in detail to make it look as realistic as possible.

"Apart from being Portuguese, I am a fan. He is where he is thanks to his hard work, effort and dedication."

Ronaldo can be an acquired taste, given his sometimes questionable on-field tactics, but Cardoso's effort is significantly better than that of Ricardo Velosa, who infamously sculpted Ronaldo's head in bronze for Madeira Airport two years ago.

The before and after versions of Ronaldo's airport sculpture
The before and after versions of Ronaldo's airport sculpture Photo credit: Image and video - AP

That quirky effort has since been replaced, but some petitioners have lobbied for its return.