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India 163/3 (Shreyas Iyer 33, Pandey 11)

Blackcaps 156/9 (Bennett 1, Sodhi 16)

India win by seven runs. 

20th over - Thakur to bowl.

Massive from Sodhi, six runs. 

Six more from Sodhi, nine off two needed.

One off the last, and that is it.

19th over - Bumrah to bowl.

A single off the first from Sodhi, Southee needs three boundaries here I think.

WICKET! Southee is gone, his night and series ends with the bails flying, a yorker from Bumrah and the captain is gone.

Southee 6 b Bumrah.

18th over - Saini to bowl.

WICKET! Ross Taylor is out now, it was a wide, and Taylor has a slash at it, he gets a little nick and the keeper takes the catch.

Taylor 53 b Saini c Rahul.

Sodhi gets a quick single into the off side. 

Four runs off the last ball from Southee. 

17th over - Thakur to bowl.

A single into the leg side from Taylor. 

WICKET! Santner is out, he goes down the ground and gets it too high on the bat, and it's taken on the boundary. 

Santner 6 b Thakur c Pandey. 

WICKET! This time it's Kuggeleijn who goes, a short ball and he pulls it to the man on the boundary. 

Kuggeleijn 0 b Thakur c Sundar.

Single off the last from Taylor. 

16th over - Chahal to bowl.

That's a 50 from Ross Taylor, in his 100th game. 

Seven runs off the over.

15th over - Sundar to bowl.

Single into the leg side.

Three off the over.

14th over - Bumrah to bowl.

A single and two runs off the third Bumrah over. 

WICKET!! A yorker from Bumrah and it goes through Mitchell, lovely bowling. 

Mitchell 2 b Bumrah. 

13th over - Saini to bowl.

A quick single into the leg side, good running. 

A single from Seifert and that brings up the 50 for him, what an innings - lovely batting. 

WICKET! Seifert is out, Saini follows him to the leg side and he gets out softly, he chips one to the man in short. 

Seifert 50 c Samson b Saini.

Great over - three off it and a wicket.

12th over - Bumrah to bowl.

Single off the first ball from Seifert, Taylor gets one too.

A short ball from Bumrah and Seifert plays a half pie pull shot, it finds the gap and goes for four - nice placement. 

11th over - Chahal to bowl.

Seifert works one into the leg side for one, as does Taylor.

What a shot from Seifert, lovely timing and it's over extra cover for a very nice six, follows it up with one.

10th over - Dube to bowl.

Six runs from Seifert, he comes down the track and times the shot over mid-wicket! Very nice shot. 

Another six - this time it's much flatter, it's short and he pulls it over the man at deep square leg.

Four runs, a paddle shot beats the keeper on the leg side and it runs away for four. 

Good cricket, one run through the off side, lovely batting. 

No-ball and it's midfielded for four, free hit coming. 

The free hit goes the whole way! That is massive.

Another six!! Oh my, 34 off the over. 

9th over - Chahal to bowl.

Close to another run out there - Seifert coming back for two and just gets back - you have to say, good running. 

Well-timed for four from Seifert! Great shot, picks the gap. 

Nine off the over. 

8th over - Thakur to bowl.

These two are ticking along with singles, I think they will go like this for a couple of overs.

Four singles in a row, then a wide, then Taylor has a go and hits one for four - lovey shot. 

A rediculous bit of fielding, wow, Samson takes a catch outside the rope and before he lands he flicks it into the field of play - wow.

7th over - Chahal to bowl.

A single into the leg side for Taylor.

6th over - Saini to bowl.

Nice shot from Taylor, flicks it into the leg side for a four. 

Leg side again and Taylor is onto it in a flash, four more - well timed. 

Eight off it.

5th over - Thakur to bowl.

Poor start from Thakur, a wide then a ball on the pads flicked for four.

A short ball and Seifert gets a top edge and it goes for four, a bad over from Thakur. 

10 off it. 

4th over - Saini to bowl.

WICKET! Wow, horrible from the Kiwis, Tom Bruce has been run out - Seifert gives him the yes no yes then sells him down the river - but Bruce said nothing, just stood there... poor from both batsman.

Bruce 0 run out 

Lovely shot to finish the over from Seifert, cut through point region for four. 

3rd over - Sundar to bowl.

Six runs from Munro, a slog sweep and it clears the boundary, nice shot. 

Down the ground, four runs, middled - a slap. 

WICKET! Wow, thats soft from Munro, he tries to cut a ball on leg stump - after two boundaries, thats poor - he has to go.

Munro 15 b Sundar

10 off it. 

2nd over - Bumrah to bowl.

WICKET! Guptill has been given, it looks a little high, it's given LBW but theres no review. 

Martin Guptill 2 lbw Bumrah. 

A wicket maiden from Bumrah. 

1st over - Sundar to bowl. 

Four runs from Munro, on the knee and flicks it away, seven off the over. 

20th over - Southee to bowl.

In the slot from Southee and Pandey says thank you, bang! Thats huge over the midwicket region. 

Four runs, cut over point for a boundary. 

15 off the last over. 

19th over - Kuggeleijn to bowl.

A drop catch from the bowler, a tough chance but it's also a dot ball. 

Four runs, they finally get one away, lovely shot from Dube over the covers.

WICKET! Dube tries to go bang again, he catches it high on the bat and it goes straight up, a nice catch taken in the deep by Bruce.

Dube b Kuggeleijn c Bruce 5.

18th over - Bennett to bowl.

Lovely start to the over, two dot balls, then a single. 

Just two off it! WOW, great over. 

17th over - Sodhi to bowl.

They sneak through for a single but Sharma pulls up mid-way through and limps over for the run, he gets treatment now, he's carrying on still hobbling. 

He gets on one knee and slogs Sodhi over the boundary for a massive six. 

He tries a reverse sweep and then starts to walk off the pitch, huge loss for India. 

Rohit Sharma 60 retired hurt.

Dube gets off strike with a single. 

Nine off the over.  

16th over - Southee to bowl.

Four runs over midwicket and Sharma times it well enough for four.

This is terrible bowling from Southee, he bowls another short ball into Iyer's body and he pulls him for six!

50 comes up from Sharma, lovely batting. 

14 off the over. 

15th over - Santner to bowl.

Down the ground and Bruce nearly takes the catch of the year, fully stretched to his right, he gets one hand to it,but cant hold it. 

Massive! That's huge, Iyer comes down the track and hits it over extra cover for six. 

14th over - Bennett to bowl.

Lovely over, very good couple from the hosts here, just two off it. 

13th over - Santner to bowl.

A two into the off side, lofted over the fielder, nice shot from Iyer. Three off the over. 

12th over - Bennett to bowl.

WICKET! Very nice from Bennett, on the pads and Rahul plays the shot too early it carries and Santner takes the catch, huge breakthrough. 

KL Rahul 45 b Bennett c Santner. 

Not a great ball, Iyer flicks it off his pads for four. 

Seven runs and a wicket off the over. 

11th over - Sodhi to bowl.

Sharma comes down the track and it's middled down the ground! SIx more. 

Really good comeback after the early six, 10 off. 

10th over - Santner to continue.

Santner's first bad ball and Sharma leans back and slaps it over the boundary for six over mid-wicket. 

Late cut for four, lovely from Rahul.

9th over - Sodhi to bowl.

Four runs from Sharma, a cut shot but it's a top edge but flies over point for a boundary. 

Seven off it. 

8th over - Santner to bowl.

A good over from Santner too, seven off it, no boundaries. 

7th over - Sodhi to bowl.

Amazing over from Sodhi, just two singles off it. Lovely bowling. 

6th over - Kuggeleijn to bowl.

Short and on Rahul's pads, he swivels and flicks it for six - what a shot.

A good comeback after the six, the over goes for nine.

5th over - Bennett to bowl.

Lovely from Sharma, short from Bennett, and he flicks it over short fine leg for four. 

4th over - Kuggeleijn to continue.

A lovely over from Kuggz, untill the last ball, down the leg side and it goes for four, five wides.

3rd over - Southee to bowl.

Gorgeous from Rahul, bad ball from Souhee but he gets on the front foot and plays a lovely lofted cover drive over extra cover. Six runs.

He follows it up with two fours, lovely shots - one into the off side and one into the leg side - just lovely batting.

2nd over - Scott Kuggeleijn to bowl.

WICKET! Absolutely middled from the bat of Samson, but it's straight at Santner in the covers! Good catch. 

Sanju Samson 2 b Kuggeleijn c Santner. 

Nice from Sharma, leans into it into the offside. 2 off the over. 

1st over - Southee to bowl. 

Bad ball from Southee, and Rahul cuts it away for four, lovely shot. 

Follows it up with a single into the off side. 

Run out appeal, but it's not out, Samson is home. Eight off the first. 

India win the toss and bat.

New Zealand: 1 Martin Guptill, 2 Colin Munro, 3 Tim Seifert (wk), 4 Ross Taylor, 5 Tom Bruce, 6 Daryl Mitchell, 7 Mitchell Santner, 8 Ish Sodhi, 9 Tim Southee (capt), 10 Hamish Bennett, 11 Scott Kuggleijn

India: 1 KL Rahul (wk), 2 Sanju Samson, 3 Rohit Sharma (capt), 4 Shreyas Iyer, 5 Manish Pandey, 6 Shivam Dube, 7 Washington Sundar, 8 Shardul Thakur, 9 Yuzvendra Chahal, 10 Navdeep Saini, 11 Jasprit Bumrah

Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the final T20 between the Blackcaps and India from Bay Oval in Mt Maunganui.

TAB Odds:  Blackcaps $2.11   India $1.66

Pre-match chat: Colin Munro says teammates left bemused after another 'super over' defeat

New Zealand batsman Colin Munro says his Blackcaps teammates are kicking themselves after enduring another heartbreaking 'super over' defeat to India in Wellington. 

For the second time in as many matches, a 'super over' was required to decide the winner of their Twenty20 contest, after both sides scored 165 from their 20 overs

Indian captain Virat Kohli then bunted two runs down the ground and hit Tim Southee for four to take India to 16/1 and a 4-0 series lead with one match remaining. 

But the match shouldn't have gone to a 'super over' as New Zealand threw the match away from a winnable position. 

After an impressive knock of 64 by Munro, the Blackcaps looked set for victory at 159/3, requiring seven runs from the final over to win. 

Yet they lost four wickets in six balls to finish 165/7, sending the match into the 'super over.'

"We're all sitting in the sheds, talking about it and hurting that we have let two games like that slip," admitted Munro. 

"It's just one of those things. 'Super over' is a bit of luck to be fair. 

"Obviously there's still got to be some execution with the ball and with the bat, and for players to take that responsibility, but I think once we get on a roll, and when we win one, then who knows what happens with the next one?

"There's a few guys that are hurting. But we are tight in our group and we will bounce back, come Sunday hopefully."

New Zealand has now lost seven of the eight 'super over' matches they've contested. Four of those defeats have come in the last seven months and their lone win came in a T20 against Australia in 2010. 

Munro also lept to the defence of Southee, who has bowled the last three 'super overs' for the Blackcaps. 

"Southee is the best option to bowl in the super over. pretty inexperienced bowling unit. It shouldn't have gone to the super over, if i'm being honest.

"Tim is an experienced bowler, he knows what is he doing, he actually wants the ball in his hand. 

"It is not an easy role to come and bowl especially when we ended with 12 or 13 middle-range 'super over' and he is bowling to probably to the two best T20 batters in the world."

The final T20 game of the series is in Mount Maunganui on Sunday before a three-match one-day international series starts in Hamilton on February 5.