Live updates: Blackcaps v India, first one-day international at Hamilton

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New Zealand won by four wickets - Click here for highlights

India 347/4 off 50 overs   (Iyer 103, Rahul 88*)

New Zealand 348/6    (Taylor 108*, Nicholls 78)  

48th over - Santner pulls for six to give his side some breathing room. Drives straight for four, and that should do it.

47th over - Bumrah up with India's 24th wide to start. 

46th over - OUT - Neesham goes deep but not deep enough.

J Neesham c Jadhav b Shami 9 (14)

OUT - de Grandhomme turns to attempt a risky two and the throw beats him comfortably.

C de Grandhomme run out 1 (2)

44th over - Century for Ross Taylor! What a superb innings it's been, 73 balls with 14 boundaries to anchor this run chase.

42nd over - OUT - Latham holes out to long-off. Great captain's knock.

T Latham c Shami b Yadav 69 (48)

41st over - 136-run partnership now, NZ are cruising.

40th over - Latham hoists Thakur over midwicket for six. Taylor blasts another of his own, and a pair of fours to boot. Huge over for NZ who are well in front now.

39th over - Seven runs off the Bumrah over.

38th over - Taylor goes for four, then he's droppeed behind the stumps looking to reverse sweep. Touch chance, to be fair. Latham brings up 50.

37th over - Latham reverse sweeps Jadeja's first ball for four. Taylor slog sweep for six, then drops to a knee and slog sweeps for four. 

36th over  -  Overthrows gift NZ four runs off Shami, direct hit and Latham would've been out. Taylor square cuts for another boundary 

35th over - Latham is feeling it now, charges and pulls Thakur for two consecutive fours. 

34th over - Latham slog sweeps for six. taylor brings up a quickfire 50 off just 45 balls. Latham goes down the ground for four. Nightmare evening for Yadav, seven overs for 65 runs. Required run rate down to 8.6.

33rd over - Taylor bangs another over the midwicket boundary to salvage some runs off the Bumrah over.

32nd over - Latham plays two sweep for two boundaries, NZ needed that.

31st over - Bumrah starting to put the clamps on. Latham trying to find a rhythm.

29th over - Taylor goes bang! Right over his favourite part of the ground at cow corner, sails over the scoreboard for six. What a way to welcome Bumrah back. OUT - Nicholls calls a quick single running to the batsman's end, Kohli flies in with a diving flick and he knows he's got his man. Rough end to a really good knock.

H Nicholls run out (Kohli) 78 (82)

26th over - Nicholls on fire, two boundaries from the Shami over.

25th over - Lovely late cut for four by Nicholls off Jadeja.

24th over - Taylor drives Yadav straight for four. Nicholls goes back to back to the boundary, good over for NZ.

23rd over - Taylor skies one off Jadeja, falls short of the fielder

20th over - OUT - Yadav beats Blundell coming forward and some slick work by wicketkeeper Rahul sends him packing.

T Blundell st Rahul b Yadav 9 (10)

18th over - Fifty up for Nicholls with a boundary, great knock so far.

16th over - OUT - Guptill tries to ramp Thakur over third man but it's too square, straight to the sweeper.

M Guptill c Jadhav b Thakur 32 (41)

15th over - Nicholls sweeps Jadeja twice for four. Promising start for NZ here.

13th over - Jadeja for his second. Just a two off his over.

12th over - Thakur into the attack. Four off the over

10th over - Nicholls swivels to help one along its way down to fine leg for four.

9th over - Shami concedes just a single.

7th over - Nicholls blasts Shami for two straight fours. 

5th over - Bumrah up, Nicholls plays and misses twice. Nicholls lofts one over cover for four.

4th over - Shami hits Nicholls in front, appeal goes up and so does the umpire's finger. Nicholls calls for the review immediately, which confirms the ball was bouncing well over the stumps. Nicholls moves across off stump and plays it back through midwicket for the first boundary of the game. Whips another off his pads and runs four.

3rd over - Bumrah again. Nicholls fishing outside off.  Just a single off it.

2nd over - Shami up. Four singles off the over.

1st over - Bumrah gets us started. Both openers off the mark with a some quick singles. Fair few looseners in here, three wides so far.


50th over - Bennett for the final over. Wide, dot ball, wide, dot ball, wide, run, run, run. Decent effort to close the innings.

49th over - Neesham for the penultimate over. Jadhav casually shuffles left then strokes a one-handed 'drive' for four. Wide. Sixer by Rahul, towering blow.

48th over - Southee bowls. Jadhav frees the arms and hoicks one over extra cover for four. Goes to one knee and launches the next over cow corner, that's gone a mile. Unsurprisingly, the ball is lost. Straight bats one over Southee's head for four more. Late cut for four to round out a huge over for India. 20 runs from it.

47th over - Sly scoop shot by Rahul for four off Bennett. 

46th over - OUT - Southee has centurion Iyer caught in the deep. Great knock comes to an end.

S Iyer c Santner  b Southee 103 (107)

Rahul wasting no time, ramps the next one for four, but it's a good over for the hosts.

45th over - Bennett with the ball. Six off the over. 

44th over - Neesham again. Bowls five decent deliveries for just two runs, but a low full toss is dispatched for six to end the over.

43rd over - Santner in. Rahul grabs his 50, then Iyer raises his maiden ODI century. Well deserved.

42nd over - Neesham up. Iyer edges straight through vacant first slip for four. A couple of well-run twos keep the scoreboard ticking. 115-run partnershp for these two now.

41st over - Santner to the crease. Iyer dropped! CDG rushing in at long off, slides but can't reel it in. Iyer with a delicate late cut for four to rub salt in the wound.

40th over - Southee again. Iyer over mid-on for four, then a textbook ramp shot for another boundary. Another over extra cover. Southee's second spell has been rough going.

38th over - Southee back into the attack.  Rahul welcomes him with a classy lofted drive for six. Pulls him front of square for six more the very next ball. 

36th over - Bennett continues to be costly, lofted for six more by Iyer. 

35th over - Rahul blasts Sodhi over midwicket for six. Goes again, over long on for six more.

34th over - Bennett trundles in. Iyer cuts late for four. Follows that with a glorious off  drive, Blundell does well to save four.

33rd over - Run rate steadily trending up. Iyer cuts Sodhi for his 50 off 66 balls.

31st over - Sodhi goes for a run a ball.

29th over - Sodhi takes the ball for his first over.  Another half century is up for Kohli. OUT - Ripper of a ball from Sodhi, beat Kohli all ends up with a googly that snuck right through the gate. Huge wicket for NZ.

V Kohli b Sodhi 51 (63)

27th over - Kohli strokes a cover drive that was straight from your dreams.

26th over - Strike rotating steadily, five off the Santner over.

25th over - Bennett to the bowling crease. The runs tick over. 

24th over - Kohli plays a late cut off Santner, finds the rope. Partnerhsip up to 73 now, they're starting to cruise again.

23rd over - CDG up for his perhaps his last of the spell. Kohli drives for four.

22nd over - Latham goes to his spin attack for the first time with Mitch Santner. Two from the over.

21st over - CDG keeps plugging away. Iyer square cuts above point's head into the fence. 

20th over - Iyer glances Neesham off his hip for four leg byes. 

19th over - CDG back. Iyer goes hard at a straight drive, Southee leaps and just gets a finger tip to it, not enough to prevent four.

18th over - Neesham with some tight lines and a fair bit of heat, hitting the 140 km mark consistently. Dropped! Taylor diving low to his left at gully, tough chance....but a chance, nonetheless. 

17th over - Lovely square drive from Kohli off a decent ball from CDG. 

16th over - Neesham strays down legside with his opening ball and suddenly extras are starting to mount up.

Three singles, plus the extra, off a tidy over. Drinks break arrives.

15th over - de Grandhomme opens his fourth over with a wide.

Iyer drives through the packed offside field for four. CDG is a little wayward in this over, bowling a second wide and conceding nine runs.

14th over - Neesham continues. He oversteps the mark on his fifth ball and Kohli punishes the free hit with a boundary. Seven off the over.

13th over - de Grandhoome indeed pops up at the other end, which may be move conducive to his movement.

Just one run off the over and a couple of balls beating the bat.

12th over - Neesham replaces de Grandhomme, who perhaps will move to the other end for the next over.

Sodhi chips the fourth ball off his pads, but it falls short of Sodhi on the boundary. Just one run off that over.

11th over - Kohli pulls Southee's first ball to the legside boundary for four and adds a single off the last.

10th over - de Grandhomme starts his second over to Kohli.

Just a single off that, so the new batsmen watchful to beign their partnership.

Ninth over - Kohli comes to the crease, as Southee starts his fifth over.

OUT! Agarwal c Blundell b Southee 32

Agarwal swats Southee's second ball for four, but two balls later, he tries to cut him and hits straight to Blundell.

Iyer comes to the crease.

Eighth over - Colin de Grandhomme will replace Bennett. How often does he make the breakthrough?

A couple of singles and a wide help India bring up their 50.

OUT! Shaw c Latham b de Grandhomme 20

I hate to say I told you so, but...

Seventh over - Southee finds the edge of Agarwal's bat, but it rockets through vacant third man for four.

Agarwal cuts the third ball to the rope - an absolute sitter. Ten runs off the over.

Sixth over - Agarwal glances Bennett off his pads for a boundary off the first ball.

Shaw clubs Bennett's fourth ball to the boundary and surely Latham is considering a bowling change.

Fifth over - Southee to continue and beats the outside edge of Agarwal's bat with his first ball.

And again with his second ball.

Latham is loading the offside field, with three slips. Southee takes Agarwal on the pad with is fourth ball and Latham goes to the video umpire for a review.

Replays show the ball would have clipped the top of the stumps, but not enough to overturn the umpire's call. Worth a shout, but NZ keep the review.

Argawal responds by driving through covers for four.

Sodhi has a side-on shot at a runout, but misses by about a metre.

Fourth over - Bennett with his second.

Shaw strokes the ball through the onside for four off the fifth ball and then cuts square for another off the last.

Third over - Southee for his second over.

Agarwal drives straight past the bowler for the first boundary of the innings. Just five off the over.

Second over - Hamish Bennett has first use of the ball at the other end. Agarwal glances the first delivery down legside to open the innings.

Shaw clips the fourth ball through the field for two runs and repeats the shot for a single. Agarwall takes two off the last ball.

First over - India have sent out debutants Agarwal and Shaw to open the innings, two very promising batsmen from their depth of talent.

Southee will take the new ball for New Zealand. Good opening over from the veteran - a maiden.


2:32pm - NZ skipper Tom Latham has won the toss - that's something - and has elected to bowl first.

His line-up will include Tim Southee and Hamish Bennett as his pace-bowling options, Mitch Santner and Ish Sodhi to provide spin, with all-rounders Jimmy Neesham and Colin de Grandhomme also taking the ball at some point.

In the batting line-up, recent test centurion Tom Blundell will bat at No.3.

NZ: Guptill, Nicholl, Blundell, Taylor, Latham, de Grandhomme, Santner, Neesham, Southee, Sohdi, Bennett


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the first one-day international between the Blackcaps and India at Hamilton's Seddon Park.

New Zealand are reeling from eight consecutive losses across test and T20 formats, and hope a return to their most successful form of the game will snap their freefall.

Remember, the Blackcaps outlasted India over two rain-affected days at the Cricket World Cup last year - their last meeting over 50 overs - but this is a very different team.

Captain Kane Williamson is out for at least the first two games of the three-match series, replaced by Auckland's Mark Chapman, while the NZ bowling attack is operating a makeshift line-up, without front-liners Trent Boult, Matt Henry and Lockie Ferguson.

Coach Gary Stead will also skip the series, taking a mid-summer break from the programme and prompting questions over his future with the team.

The Indian also won't be at full strength, with openers Rohit Sharma and Rohit Sharma both injured out of the tour.

Normally, this ODI series wouldn't much significance, with most focus on a T20 World Cup build-up and world test championship, but the Blackcaps desperately need to change their fortunes, starting today.

New Zealand: Tom Latham (captain), Hamish Bennett, Tom Blundell, Mark Chapman, Colin de Grandhomme, Martin Guptill, Kyle Jamieson, Scott Kuggeleijn, James Neesham, Henry Nicholls, Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor

India: Virat Kohli (captain), Maynak Agarwal, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal, Shivam Dube, Shubman Gill, Sheyas Iyer, Ravindra Jadeja, Kedar Jadhav, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Manish Pandey, Rishabh Pant, KL Rahul, Navdeep Saini, Prithvi Shaw, Shardul Thakur

Williamson ruled out of opening one-dayers

The Blackcaps have been dealt a significant blow for their upcoming one-day series against India, with captain Kane Williamson ruled out for the first two games.

Williamson has an inflamed shoulder joint, which he suffered while fielding in the third T20 in Hamilton last week and prevented him playing in the final two fixtures.

While he hopes to return for the final ODI next Tuesday, the Blackcaps medical staff are taking a cautious approach to his recovery.

"Kane has had an X-ray scan, which cleared him of anything serious," said team physio Vijay Vallabh. "But it’s best for his recovery that he avoids aggravating the joint for the next few days.

Kane Williamson in action for the Blackcaps
Kane Williamson in action for the Blackcaps. Photo credit: Getty

"He will continue his fitness training sessions throughout the week and will start batting again on Friday, with the prospect of being available for game three."

In-form Auckland Aces batsman Mark Chapman has been called into the squad as cover.

The 25-year-old is fresh off two big scores against India 'A' last week, blasting an unbeaten 110 in their limited overs match, followed by 114 in their three-day game.

"It's disappointing for Kane," said selector Gavin Larsen. "But with so much important cricket still ahead this summer, we must take a safety first approach.

"It’s great to welcome Mark back into the one-day unit off the back of consecutive centuries for New Zealand 'A' against a strong India 'A' side.

"Mark’s a versatile player, who can cover multiple batting positions, and his fielding is a real upshot to have in the squad."

Opening batsman Tom Latham will take up the captaincy duties in Williamson's absence.

The Blackcaps will also be without premier paceman Trent Boult - who's still working his way back from a broken right hand. 

He's expected to be available for the test series, which starts in Wellington on February 21, as are fellow bowlers Matt Henry and Lockie Ferguson.