Live updates: Blackcaps v India, second one-day international at Auckland

[Live commmentary has concluded]

New Zealand 272/8 (Guptill 79, Taylor 73*, Chahal 3/58)
India 251 (Jadeja 55, Iyer 52, Southee 2/41, Jamieson 2/42)
NZ win by 22 runs 


49th over - Neesham to bowl his last .... 0/52 from 9...Jadeja on strike 
48.1 - Yorker from Neesham and it's a dot ball
48.2 - Full toss but Jadeja can't make contact and it's through to Latham
48.3 - WICKET: Game and series for NZ! Another full toss and Jadeja hits down the ground but de Grandhomme is waiting at long-on and takes a simple catch 
Ravi Jadeja c de Grandhomme b Neesham 55 (73) 2x4s 1x6 FOW 251

48th over - Bennett continues 
47.5 - WICKET: Chahal is run out on a misfield from Neesham ... Chahal set of for a second but Neesham regathered and got the ball back quickly to Latham who whipped off the bails 
Yuzvendra Chahal run out 10 (11) 1x4 FOW 251

47th over - Jamieson to bowl his last 
46.2 - Fifty for Jadeja from 67 balls 
46.4 - Chahal swings over mid-wicket but Chapman does a great job on the rope and keeps it to two 
46.5 - Short and Chahal edges over Latham for four ... that's huge ... 29 from 19 
12 runs from the over 

46th over - Bennett is back ... 2/48 from 7 
Five from the over ... 40 from 24 needed 

45th over - Jamieson is back for his 9th ..... 1/23 so far 
44.2 - Saini backs away and has another six over cover!
44.3 - WICKET: Jamieson gets him! Backs away again but this time makes no contact and Jamieson cleans him out
Navdeep Saini b Jamieson 45 (49) 5x4s 2x6s FOW 229
Seven and a wicket from the over

44th over - De Grandhomme to bowl his last 
43.2 - Saini gets width and hits de Grandhomme over wide mid-on for four 
43.3 - Now he backs away and guides the ball past two point fielders for four ... India favourites now...Saini batting like Bradman
43.4 -  Saini down on one leg and lofts over fine-leg for four!! What a shot 
16 runs from the over 

43rd over - Neesham continues 
Just two runs from the over for Neesham 

42nd over - De Grandhomme is back ..... 2/32 from 8 
41.2 - Saini gets a single down the ground and that's the Indian 200
Seven from the over and a fifty partnership 

41st over - Neesham is back .... 0/42 from 7
40.4 - Saini steps back and thrashes Neesham over point for six! 
Eight from the over ... Blackcaps need to get Jadeja out or you get the feeling he will get India home

40th over - Hamish Bennett is back .... 2/41 from 6 
39.1 - Six! Hooks a short one over short fine-leg and that's a great start to the over 
Good comeback for Bennett .... just seven from the over 

39th over - Jamieson continues 
Just three singles from the Jamieson over 

38th over - Neesham changes ends .... 0/36 from 6
Seven easily taken runs from that over 

37th over - Jamieson is back ..... 1/19 from 6 
Just a Jadeja single from the over 

36th over - De Grandhomme continues 
Four runs from the over 

35th over - Neesham continues 
34.1 - Saini steps outside leg and thrashes Neesham over the offside field for four 
Five runs from the over 

34th over - De Grandhomme continues - 2/25 from 6
Just three runs from the over 

33rd over - Neesham continues ... 0/29 from 4  
32.4 - Jadeja down the wicket but doesn't make contact and it's through to Latham 
Two runs from the over 

32nd over - De Grandhomme is back - 1/21 from 5
31.1 - WICKET: Bowled him! De Grandhomme nips one back through the defences of Thakur and it takes off stump
Shardul Thakur b de Grandhomme 18 (15) 3x4s FOW 153
31.6 -
Saini goes down the ground for four to end the over 


31st over - Neesham 0/19 from 3 continues 
30.4 - Width and Thakur witha glorious back-foot shot through the covers for four .... that superb batting 
30.5 - Back-to-back .... Thakur goes over mid-on this time for four 
10 from the over 

30th over - Bennett 2/34 from 5 continues 
29.1 - Jadeja drives through wide mid-on....great chase from Jamieson saves a run 
Seven from the over 

29th over - Neesham continues
28.4 - Thakur swings a half-volleyover mid-wicket for four 
Five from the over 

28th over - Bennett continues 
27.2 - Outside edge for four with no slip in and Iyer has a fifty from 56 balls
27.3 - WICKET: And he throws it away! Iyer steps outside leg and looks to carve over point but can only edge behind to Latham .... brain fade
Sheryas Iyer c Latham b Bennett 52 (57) 7x4s 1x6 FOW 129
Six and a wicket from the over 

27th over - James Neesham is back ... just the one over for 2 runs 
26.2 - Lucky for Jadeja ... drags one back from outside off but it drifts past his leg-stump and down to the boundary for four 
26.3 - Five wides for India .... short and high from Neesham...poor delivery and Latham had no chance 
14 runs from the over 

26th over - Bennett to bowl his 4th - 1/25 so far
Just three runs from the Bennett over 

25th over - Southee to bowl his last ..... 2/37 from 9
24.5 - Width and Jadeja cuts for four over a wide-slip
Just four from the over ....Southee finishes with 2/41

24th over - Bennett is back .... 1/23 from 2 overs 
23.1 - Chance missed! Iyer guides past Guptill...oh no he doesn't....Guppy at full stretch grabs on his left hand and flings at the stumps but misses. Jadeja wasn't even in the frame.
Just two runs from the over 

23rd over - Southee continues 
One run and a wicket from the over 

22nd over - De Grandhomme continues
21.3 - Iyer lofts over mid-on for four .... great shot 
Five from the over

21st over - Southee continues 
20.5 - WICKET: Pressure tells on Jadhav who was struggling to get off strike. He looks to hit out but Southee holds one back and Jadhav can only loft straight to Nicholls at cover.
Kedar Jadhav c Nicholls b Southee 9 (27) 1x4 FOW 96
Wicket maiden for Southee

20th over - De Grandhomme continues .... 1/6 from 3
19.6 - Iyer goes long and hard down the ground for six!
10 from the over 

19th over - Tim Southee is back ... 1/33 from 6
Three from the over

18th over - De Grandhomme continues 
17.3 - Jadhav swings hard down the ground for four
17.5 - Jadhav swings hard again but misses and it's through to Latham
Five from the over 

17th over - James Neesham replaces the impressive Kyle Jamieson 
Two from the first Neesham over 

16th over - De Grandhomme continues 
Just the single from the over 


15th over - Jamieson continues 
14.3 - Iyer steps outside leg and thrashes Jamieson over point for four to break the shackles
Four from the over .... Jamieson 1/19 from 6.

14th over - De Grandhomme replaces Southee who is off the park
13.2 overs - WICKET: Bowled him! Rahul cuts way to close and he edges back onto leg stump and he has to go
KL Rahul b de Grandhomme 4 (8) FOW 71
Wicket maiden for Colin

13th over - Tim Southee has left the field sick.....Jamieson continues 
Great testing over from Jamieson .... just the two from in

12th over - Southee continues 
11.4 - Fullish from Southee and Iyer had four down the ground 
Six from the over 

11th over - Jamieson continues 
10.3 - Iyer goes over mid-off for four .... great shot on the up 

10th over - Southee continues 
9.3 - Got the King!!!! Southee knocks over Kohli with one that cuts back and gies right through the gate.
Virat Kohli b Southee 15 (25) 1x4s FOW 57
Four runs and a wicket for India 

9th over - Jamieson 1/1 from 2 will continue 
8.3 - Fifty up for India from 51 balls 
8.5 - Kohli rocks back and pulls Jamieson overthe mid-wicket fielder for four 
Eight from that one

8th over - Southee 0/19 from 3 will continue 
Four runs from the over 

7th over - Jamieson continues
6.2 - Dropped! Would have been a specky! Kohlu hits back to Jamieson low and he gets his left mit down to it but it doesn't stick
Maiden from Jamieson 

6th over - Southee continues 
5.3 - Iyer drives his first ball through wide-point for four .... nice shot that 
5.6 - Iyer splits the two slips with a guide to third-man for four 

5th over - Kyle Jamieson to bowl his first over in international cricket 
4.6 - WICKET: Bowled him!! What a nut from big Kyle. Shaw plays forward but leaves a gap between bat and pad...the ball nips back a touch and hits middle.
Prithvi Shaw b Jamieson 24 (19) 6x4s FOW 34

4th over - Southee continues 
3.3 - Shaw drives along the ground through wide point for four 
Five from the over 

3rd over - Bennett 0/12 from his 1st will continue 
2.3 - WICKET: Got him! First time Bennett hits the right length and Argawal can only guide the ball straight to Taylor at a wide slip.
Mayanak Argawal c Taylor b Bennett 3 (5) FOW 21
2.4 -
Kohli has three to square-leg
2.6 - Shaw straight pulls down the ground over mid-on for four
11 and a wicket from the over  

2nd over - Tim Southee to open from the other end
1.6 - Shaw cuts at width and gets four .... in the air past a diving Chapman at gully 

1st over - Hamish Bennett will open up for NZ 
0.1 - Four from the first ball but should have been a dot. Blundell with the Harbour Bridge job at mid-off
0.2 - Down leg-side from Bennett and Argawal has four to fine-leg
0.4 - On the legs again and Shaw has four to square-leg
12 from the 1st over 


Innings wrap: Wow - what a crazy innings .... Blackcaps 142/1 in the 27th over, then 197/8 in the 42nd. But Taylor and Jamieson's unbeaten 77 run stand for the ninth wicket has given New Zealand  a chance to clinch the series.

50th over - Bumrah to bowl the final over 
49.1 - Jamieson has  a single down the ground 
49.2 - Taylor with rthe reverse lap over the Rahul's head for four!! Crazy shot and great cricket 
49.3 - Taylor gets a single to short third-man
49.4 - Six! Jamieson gets a maiximum down the ground! What a shot that was
49.5 - Jamieson gets a single with a French cut 
49.6 - Taylor gets a single to deep cover to end the innings 

49th over - Saini to bowl his last 
48.2 - Taylor swings through the line and has four through the vacant mid-wicket 
Nine runs from the over 

48th over - Bumrah 0/42 will bowl his 9th 
47.2 - Four for Jamieson! Full from Bumrah and Jamieson middles it past short fine-leg for a boundary and the fifty partnership
Eight runs from the Bumrah over 

47th over - Thakur to bowl his last - 2/43 from 9
46.2 - Full from Thakur and wide but Taylor lifts hom over mid-on for six 
46.4 - Jamieson comes to the party. He powers one over long-on for a huge six! 
46.4 - Dropped! Taylor goes very very high but no timing .... Iyer under it at mid-wicket but spills it! 17 runs from the over

46th over - Bumrah is back .... 0/41 from 7 
45.1 - Taylor has fifty with a single down the ground 
45.3 - Four byes for New Zealand - bouncer goes over Rahul's head and down to the rope 
Five runs from the over 

45th over - Saini 0/32 continues 
44.1 - Taylor goes bang over mid-wicket for a huge six 
Good comeback from Saini ... just the seven from it 

44th over - Chahal to bowl his last - 3/51 so far
43.3 - Four for Taylor with a bit of luck. Throws the bat at a wide one and he gets enough on it to bet the chasing fielders ... couple bounces into the rope
Seven from the over 

43rd over - Thakur is back ... 2/39 from 8 - Blackcaps have lost 7/55 in 16 overs
Just three runs from the over 

42nd over - Chahal continues 
41.3 - WICKET: Another brain explosion! Southee tries to hit Chahal over long-on for six but gets nothing on it and Saini takes an easy catch 10m in from the rope.
Tim Southee c Saini b Chahal 3 (11) FOW 197 
41.4 -
Taylor cuts Chahal to third-man for four 

41st over - Saini is back - 0/31 from 7 
Just a single from the over 

40th over - Chahal 2/42 from 7 continues 
39.4 - Taylor gets two to the cover sweeper 

39th over - Bumrah is back - 0/37 from 6
Four from the over 

38th over - Chahal is back 
37.4 - WICKET: Chapman is gone.....gets a leading edge staright back to Chahal.
Mark Chapman c & b Chahal 1 (2) FOW 187
Two and a  wicket from the over 

37th over - Thakur back to bowl his 8th ..... 1/34
36.4 - Taylor flicks Thakur wide of square-leg for four 
36.6 - WICKET: What a brain explosion from de Grandhomme ... haven't we said that before? That is plain awful cricket and quite frankly brainless. He tries to swing Thakur over the square-leg boundary but top edges it and an easy catch for Iyer.
Colin de Grandhomme c Iyer b Thakur 5 (6) 1x4 FOW 185

36th over - Jadeja 1/31 from 9 will bowl his last
35.4 - De Grandhomme has four down to fine-leg
Four and a wicket from the over 

35th over - Saini is back .....0/29 from 6 
34.2 - WICKET: Oh no! Another run out. Taylor drops on the offside and Neesham responds quickly but so does Jadeja and he hits direct and Neesham is well short
James Neesham run out 3 (5) FOW 175
Two runs and a wicket from the over

34th over - Jadeja continues 
33.1 - WICKET: Latham sweeps and misses ... hits him inline and umpire Brown raises the finger. Latham reviews but it's three red lights and he must go
Tom Latham lbw Jadeja 7 (14) FOW 171
Three runs and a wicket from the over ... NZ 29/3 from the last seven overs

33rd over - Bumrah continues 
Four singles from the over 

32nd over - Jadeja continues 
Dour from that over 

31st over - Bumrah is back - 0/29 from 4
Four runs from the Bumrah over 

30th over - Jadeja continues 
29.1 - WICKET: Run out! Taylor reverse laps ... Thakur is there quickly and gets his throw away, Rahul whips off the bails and Guptill has been hung out to dry by Taylor who ran on the shot
Martin Guptill run out 79 (79) 8x4s 3x6s FOW 157
Two runs and a wicket from the over 

29th over - Thakur continues
28.6 - Guptill works one on the leg-side and gets a lot on that and beats the square-leg boundary rider for fout behind square

28th over - Jadeja continues 
27.4 - Taylor leg glances for four 

27th over - Thakur continues
26.2 - Full and low and Blundell powers him down the ground for four 
26.3 - WICKET: Blundell attacks again but can't get to the pitch and hits the ball straight to Saini at mid-on
Tom Blundell c Saini b Thakur 22 (26) 3x4s FOW 142
Six and a wicket from the over 

26th over - Jadeja continues 
Four runs from the over

25th over - Thakur is back - 0/16 from 4
24.4 - Short from Thakur and Guptill powers it through mid-wicket for four 
Five from the over 

24th over - Chahal - 0/36 from 5 continues 
23.5 - Chance missed - Guptill guides to point and sends back a charging Blundell ..... Iyer can't gather the ball and Blundell gets back safely. 

23rd over - Saini continues 
Tidy over ... just the two from it 

22nd over - Jadeja continues 
21.3 - Width for Guptill and he cuts through a vacant point for four 
Five from the over 

21st over - Saini replaces Chahal
20.4 - Blundell punches down the ground for four - lovely shot
20.6 - Short and Blundell pulls through mid-wicket for four 

20th over - Jadeja continues 
Four singles from the over 

19th over - Chahal continues 
18.4 - Guptill cuts for a couple and has his fifty ... his 36th ODI half century.
18.6 - Six! Guptill doesn't get all of it down the ground....hangs in the air and Iyer's running back but the ball just floats over his head and the boundary rope for a maximum

18th over - Jadeja continues 
Two runs from the over

17th over - Chahal continues 
16.4 - Down the wicket goes Nicholls and hits Chahal over wide mid-on for four 
16.5 - WICKET - Nicholls sweeps but is struck on the pad and umpire Oxenford raises the finger ...... Nicholls reviews after a lengthy conversation with Guptill. Umpire's Call and he's on his way.
Henry Nicholls lbw Chahal 41 (59) 5x4s FOW 93


16th over - Ravi Jadeja into the attack
Two singles from the over 

15th over - Chahal 0/11 from 2 continues 
14.2 - Guptill down on one leg and lifts Chahal over mid-wicket for six 
14.4 - Dropped! Nicholls drives and hits hard and low back to Chahal but he puts it down
Nine from the over 

14th over - Saini continues .... 0/13 from 3
Four runs from the over

13th over - Chahal continues
12.2 - Full and Guptill sweeps square for four 
Six from the over 

12th over - Saini is back ... replacing Thakur
11.3 - Nicholls drives through the covers for a couple
11.4 - Full and Nicholls goes down the ground for four
Six runs from the over 

11th over - Yuzvendra Chahal's leg-spin replaces Saini
Four singles from the over 

10th over - Thakur replaces Bumrah
9.3 - Nicholls with the lap shot for four past Rahul behind the stumps 
Just five from the over 

9th over - Saini continues 
8.6 - Nicholls pulls the last ball of the over to the vacant square-leg boundary for four

8th over - Bumrah 0/14 from 3 continues
7.1 - Nicholls pushes down the ground for a quick single
7.2 - Leg-glance from Guptill and he has four
7.3 - Repeats the dose next ball - to straight from Bumrah and Guptill has another four to fine-leg
7.6 - Six! Guptill rocks back and lifts over the keeper's head for a maximum
14 from the over 

7th over - Navdeep Saini replaces Thakur
Just a couple from the over 

6th over - Bumrah continues .... 0/5 from 2.
5.3 - Four for Guptill. Short from Bumrah and Guptill guides the ball over the keeper's head. Lovely.
5.4 - Back-to-back. This time it's full and Guptill goes over mid-off for four.
Nine runs from the over

5th over - Thakur continues
4.1 - Nicholls hits it nicely through wide mid-on and will come back for a 3rd run .... slow outfield today. 
4.3 - Glorious! Nicholls holds the pose on a lofted drive over the bowlers head for four
4.4 - Quick single from Nicholls .... Shaw hits the stumps from mid-off but he's home
10 from the over 

4th over - Bumrah to bowl his second 
3.2 - Nicholls has a single through the covers
3.3 - Single for Guptill to wide third-man
Three runs from the over 

3rd over - Tharkur to continue
2.4 - Short single for Nicholls...nice call from Guppy who was heading to the danger end

2nd over: Jasprit Bumrah to bowl his first over 
1.3 - Guptill away with a single to wide third-man
1.5 - Nicholls away with a well run short single down the ground

1st over: Shardul Thakur to bowl the first over
0.1 - Leg-bye for NZ as Guptill looks to work on the onside
Just the one extra from theopening over.

India has won the toss and will bat first, two changes for the Blackcaps. 

Mark Chapman comes in for Mitch Santner and Kyle Jamieson will debut in place of Ish Sodhi. 

Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the second one-day international between the Blackcaps and India at Auckland's Eden Park. 

Victory would see New Zealand win the series with a game to spare following Wednesday's four-wicket win in Hamilton. 

The toss will take place at 2:30pm, witht he first ball to be bowled at 3pm. 

Captain Kane Williamson will miss the match with a shoulder injury, and has been replaced by Auckland's Mark Chapman. The Kiwi bowling attack is operating a makeshift line-up, without front-liners Trent Boult, Matt Henry and Lockie Ferguson.

Coach Gary Stead is also taking a mid-summer break from the programme and prompting questions over his future with the team.

On Friday, it was annonuced that Kyle Jamieson will make his international debut at Eden Park.

Kyle Jamieson.
Kyle Jamieson. Photo credit: Photosport

The Indian also won't be at full strength, with openers Rohit Sharma and Rohit Sharma both injured out of the tour.

Normally, this ODI series wouldn't much significance, with most focus on a T20 World Cup build-up and world test championship, but the Blackcaps desperately need to change their fortunes, starting today.

New Zealand: Tom Latham (captain), Hamish Bennett, Tom Blundell, Mark Chapman, Colin de Grandhomme, Martin Guptill, Kyle Jamieson, Scott Kuggeleijn, James Neesham, Henry Nicholls, Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor

India: Virat Kohli (captain), Maynak Agarwal, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal, Shivam Dube, Shubman Gill, Sheyas Iyer, Ravindra Jadeja, Kedar Jadhav, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Manish Pandey, Rishabh Pant, KL Rahul, Navdeep Saini, Prithvi Shaw, Shardul Thakur

TAB odds: New Zealand $2.40, India $1.51

Pre-match chat: New Zealand buoyant after historic run chase in Hamilton

The Blackcaps have shrugged off the controversy of coach Gary Stead's absence to end their eight-game losing streak across all formats.

An unbeaten century from Ross Taylor helped the Blackcaps chase a record 348 against India last night to go one-nil up in the three-game series.

It was all smiles in the Blackcaps camp on Thursday, as players and coaches enjoyed their first win as a side in over two months.

"It was a good feeling and a nice way to start the series," said batsman Henry Nicholls, who notched an excellent 78.

Nice might be an understatement.

348 was the highest run chase in New Zealand history, thanks largely to Taylor's mastery at the crease.

Their run-chase showed the maturity that had been missing from their recent T20 series whitewash, reaching the target with 11 balls to spare.