Live updates: Blackcaps v India, third one-day international at Bay Oval

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NZ 300/5 (Nicholls 80, Guptill 66, de Grandhomme 58, Chahal 3/47)

India 296/7 (Rahul 112, Iyer 62, Bennett 4/64)

New Zealand win by five wickets

NZ innings

48th over - Thakur into his last over. De Grandhomme finds the boundary off the first ball to secure victory.

47th over - Bumrah to bowl his last. De Grandhomme nicks the third ball, but it falls short of keeper Rahul.

One required to tie the scores and de Grandhomme does that off the last ball. Bumrah complete the series wicketless.

46th over - Thakur continues with his ninth over and de Grandhomme cuts him hard for four.

De Grandhomme top-edges over the keeper for four more and then flicks a six. He french-cuts another four and brings up his fifty off 21 balls.

New Zealand now need just four runs for victory.

45th over - Bumrah will take his last two overs now.

De Grandhomme clips the fourth delivery off his pads for a boundary. Eight off the over.

44th over - Saini returns and he has gone at eight runs an over.

Saini's fourth ball finds de Grandhomme's pad and the bowler is interested, but the suggestion of an inside edge and no-one takes the matter any further.

Latham dances down the pitch and almost decapitates his teammate with a straight hit for four. Ten runs off the over, 32 runs needed off 36 balls.

43rd over - Thakur returns, conceding almost seven runs an over.

Latham drives to the boundary off the second ball. Thakur pitches one short and de Grandhomme swings it over the fence.

CDG plays an identical shot off the last ball, but only good for four runs this time. Fifteen runs off the over.

42nd over - Chahal's last over and the first ball is dispatched by de Grrandhomme for six, barely clearing the boundary rider.

Twelve runs from Chahal's last, which spoil his figures somewhat... still 3/47.

41st over - Now into the final 10 overs with 74 runs required. Bumrah continues into his eighth over.

Kohli has some bowling challenges now, because his best bowler historically - Bumrah - has just two more overs and Chahal, who has been his best today, has just one.

Five runs from that over and de Grandhomme seems to be running in slow motion.

40th over - Chahal is back and his first ball beats everyone, including wicketkeeper Rahul, for a bye.

OUT! Neesham c Kohli, b Chahal 19

Neesham tries to swat Chahal through the onside, but Kohli is standing at mid-wicket to take the catch. Credit that to the pressure built over the past few overs.

Colin de Grandhomme must now face spin, but he's off the mark with a single. He tries swing the last ball to the boundary, but it falls just short of the fieldsman.

39th over - Bumrah returns, desperately searching for a wicket.

Just two singles off the over - required run rate is 7.18.

38th over - Jadeja will bowl his last over. Just one run from it, Jadeja finishes with 1/45.

37th over - Saini returns, the fourth different bowler in as many overs.

Neesham uses the extra pace and width to guide Saini to through the vacant slips for four.

36th over - Jadeja resumes, but Latham cuts his first delivery for four, bringing up the NZ 200.

Eight runs from the over.

35th over - WASP has New Zealand at justt 58 percent to win now, as Thakur continues.

Neesham breaks the shackles, cutting for six.

34th over - Kohli smells blood and brings back Chahal.

Latham is good batsman against spin, but Neesham maybe not so much. Just two runs off the over.

33rd over - Thakur continues. He hits Nicholls on the pad with his fourth delivery, but only a half-hearted appeal.

OUT! Nicholls c Rahul, by Thakur 80

That might swing momentum back India's way, with quick dismissals of Williamson, Taylor and Nicholls.

Nicholls has a waft at a short ball outside off-stump, but only nicks it back to the keeper.

India are now into the all-rounders and none of them have shown any form with the bat this series. Neesham comes to the middle and strokes a single to get off the mark.

32nd over - Jadeja into his eighth over.

Taylor back-cuts for fourth off the second ball.

OUT! Taylor c Kohli, b Jadeja 11

Taylor plays uppishly to mid-wicket, where the Indian captain snaffles the catch. That's Taylor's first dismissal this series.

Latham is at the crease. He's off the mark with a single that becomes two with an overthrow.

31st over - Thakur returns too. Five singles off that over.

30th over - Jadeja returns, so Chahal still has three overs up his sleeve.

Taylor dabs and is slow to take off the for single - Rahul ditches his glove and throws the stumps down, but Taylor is just home.

Five singles off the over.

29th over - Saini runs in for his sixth over, but Nicholls hits his first delivery to the boundary for four, then pulls him to the rope.

Eleven runs off the over.

28th over - Chahal into his seventh over.

OUT! Williamson c Agarwal, b Chahal 22

The Blackcaps skipper jumps on a short ball from the spinner, but hits it straight to the mid-wicket fieldsman.

Taylor walks out and he's yet to be dismissed in this series.

Great over from Chahal, who beats Taylor's bat with his fifth ball. That's a wicket maiden.

27th over - Saini returns, after four earlier overs. He concedes a single and no ball on his first ball - free hit coming.

Replays show Saini had his heel behind the line, but he delivers a slow yorker that beats Williamson's bat, so no run off the free hit.

Saini is called for another no-ball, this one seems fair enough. Nicholls smashes the free hit for four. That's a 50 partnership between this pair, off 63 balls.

The batsmen run two overthrows, after a return throw hits the stumps deflects towards the boundary.

26th over - Chahal into his sixth over and Nicholls rocks back to cut him to the boundary immediately. 

25th over - India were 123/3 at this stage. Bumrah into his sixth over.

He beats Nicholls' edge with the fourth ball and concedes just three singles from the over.

24th over - Chahal changes ends, but Williamson swings him to the legside boundary for four.

23rd over - Bumrah comes back into the attack, looking for another wicket... which would be his first in the series, remember.

Nicholls takes a sharp single off the second ball and Thankur misses the stumps with his throw, as the batsman scampers home.

Four singles off the first five balls, then Nicholls dispatches to the boundary on the last. That's his fifty off 72 balls.

22nd over - Jadeja continues. Three runs off it.

21st over - Chahal continues... it has to be said the run rate has slowed since the spin attack began in tandem.

At the same stage, India were 101/3. Four singles off that over.

20th over - Jadeja into his fifth over. Three runs off it and the run rate has slowed markedly since Guptill's departure.

19th over - Chahal into his third over. 

Big appeal, when Chahal finds Nicholls' pad with the fifth ball, but no interest in a review.

Just three runs off the over.

18th over - Jadeja continues, so twin-spin approach.

Williamson bissects the off-side fielders, but a four is called, after Chahal puts his foot on the boundary while throwing into the wicket.

17th over - Chahal is back for his second over, replacing Thakur.

OUT! Guptill b Chahal 66

Wow, big turn on that, as Guptill thrusts out his front pad, but the ball spins past and into the off-stump.

Williamson to take guard in his 150th ODI and is off the mark with a single from the first ball faced.

16th over - Jadeja into his third over. Two singles.

15th over - Thakur into his fourth over. Nicholls drives through the covers to bring up New Zeland's 100 off 86 balls.

14th over - Jadeja continues, five singles.

13th over - Thakur begins his third over. Nicholls pulls the last ball for four.

12th over - Jadeja takes the ball for his first over.

The batsmen take singles off the first five balls and Nicholls has to scamper to make his ground, but Rahul has dropped the ball, before breaking the stumps.

11th over - Thakur continues. Nicholls gropes outside off-stump and misses.

Guptill hooks the fourth ball onto the bank for six, bringing up his fifth in 29 deliveries. He pulls the next ball for four.

10th over - Saini is back at the same end he operated from previously. Just two runs from the over.

Ninth over - Thakur to replace Bumrah.

Nicholls pulls the fourth ball off his hip for four. Six off the over.

Eighth over - Chahal's spin will try to stem the flood of runs.

He drops the last ball short and Guptill has another boundary... seven runs off the over.

Seventh over - Bumrah into his fourth over, still looking for a wicket in this ODI series.

Guptill dispatches the great bowler for six in front of square, then drives down long off for four. Fifty-run partnership in 40 balls.

Sixth over - Guptill chips Saini's first ball over the boundary for six, then plays the next along the carpet for four.

Nicholls drives the last ball straight for another boundary and New Zealand are well underway.

Fifth over - Bumrah takes Nicholls on the pad with the first ball of his third over. No appeal.

More watchful approach from the Blackcaps in this over, just a single and leg bye off it.

Fourth over - Saini takes his second over. Better over from his this time... Nicholls drives for three runs, the only scoring in that over.

Third over - Nicholls takes a sharp single off Bumrah's first ball and Guptill makes his ground, the ball ricochets off the stumps and they take a second.

Guptill looks a little gammy after that running.

Second over - Saini will take the new ball at the other end for India.

His first ball takes the inside edge of Guptill's bat, misses the stumps and rolls to the boundary.

Guptill gets underneath Sainit's last ball and hooks over fine leg for six.

First over - Guptill will take strike first to face Bumrah. He cuts the third ball to the boundary for four.

Next ball beats the edge of Guptill's bat, but then he plays through the onside for three.


India innings

50th over - Southee will bowl the last over and India are still short of 300.

Saini misses and attempted late cut, but Jadeja runs anyway and just makes his ground, before Latham throws down the stumps.

Jadeja moves way beyond off stump and plays Southee down fine leg for four.

Saini hits to the boundary off the last ball to take India to 296/7 for their 50 overs, still short of a pass total, but that's 296 more than New Zealand at this stage.

49th over - Bennett to bowl his last.

Thakur takes swing at the first ball, but his eyes are bigger than his stomach and he misses.

OUT! Thakur c de Grandhomme, b Bennett 7

Thakur skies a high, high ball to de Grandhomme, who juggles but secures the catch. There's a hint that Bennett's full toss may have been high, but the review confirms the onfield decision.

Saini takes an extravagant swing at his first ball and French-cuts it to the boundary. He then misses with three more big swings.

Bennett finishes with 4/64 off his 10 overs, but he's again bowled well at the end, picking up four wickets for five runs.

48th over - Southee will take two overs here, but starts with a wide.

Thakur finds the boundary with the second delivery.

Jadeja hits and runs, and narrowly avoids a runout from Williamson's on-target throw.

Eight off the over.

47th over - Bennett into his ninth over. No boundaries for a few overs now, so India need to go.

Rahul hits for the boundary, Jamieson is waiting for the catch... but he fails and the ball clears the boundary for six.

OUT! Rahul c Jamieson, b Bennett 112

Unbelievably, Rahul plays the exact same shot and Jamieson doesn't spill this one. Huge wicket, but great innings from Rahul.

Jadeja arrives and he's more than capable.

OUT! Pandey c Santner, b Bennett 42

Pandey plays a similar shot Rahul, but to long-on, where Santner takes the catch. Bennett is on a hat-trick with Thakur to face.

Bennett attempts the yorker and Thakur keeps it out. Great over from Bennett.

46th over - Santner will bowl out his 10 overs.

Rahul tries to reverse-sweep, but doesn't connect. Just seven off the over.

45th over - Bennett returns to bowl the death overs. The charge will go on now...

Rahul takes two off the second ball to bring up his hundred off 104 balls. That's his fourth ODI ton.

Bennett bowls the slow ball and beats the inside of Rahul's bat. Seven runs off the over.

44th over - Santner begins his ninth over.

The batsmen take a sharp single and Latham is smartly from behind his stumps and gets the ball to Santner before Pandey arrives. Unfortunately, Santner had already taken the stumps with his knee and the batsman is safe.

That's a massive blow for New Zealand.

43rd over - Jamieson to complete his spell, but he strays legside and Rahul gets underneath to help it onto the bank for six.

Rahul tries to hook the third ball, seems to pull out of it, but it falls just out of Jamieson's diving reach.

Nine runs from the over.

42nd over - Santner continues.

Rahul gets an outside edge, but it evades Latham behind the stumps and Jamieson cuts off the boundary.

Pandey advances down the pitch and hits back over Santner's head for four. Eleven runs off that over.

41st over - Into the final 10 overs now, with Jamieson continuing. Five singles off the over.

40th over - Pandey chips Santner towards the boundary for two runs.

Apparently, de Grandhomme is off the field right now, so perhaps an injury or illness issue for him.

Just four from the over.

39th over - Jamieson back into the attack for his eighth over.

De Grandhomme has only bowled three overs, yet he has been the most economical bowler. 

Pandey and Rahul have a 50 partnership off 49 balls. Just three singles off the over.

38th over - Santner is given the ball to try to stem the run flow.

He strays down legside and Rahul helps the ball to the boundary for four. WASP has India over 300 again.

37th over - Pandey clubs Neesham back over his head for four to start the over.

Pandey hits and runs, but Santner can't hit his target with the attempted runout. Rahul was well short of his ground.

Next ball goes through Santner for another boundary.

36th over - Southee continues. Just four singles.

35th over - Neesham has a seventh over.

Pandey plays a false shot that was almost the same that dismissed Iyer, except no fielder was close.

Rahul tickles a legside delivery fine to the boundary. Eight runs from the over.

34th over - Southee returns for his sixth over. Just four off that over.

33rd over - Neesham bowls his sixth over. He took some early tap, but has pulled it back since changing ends and broke the big partnership in his previous over.

Rahul drives straight down the pitch, beating three fielders to the ropes. Those are the only runs from the over.

Time for a drinks break.

32nd over - Bennett continues. WASP predicts an Indian score of 280 now.

Rahul runs two for his fifty off 66 balls, another fine innings from the wicketkeeper, who opened during the T20 series, but has settled into the middle order for the longer form.

31st over - Neesham continues. If you apply the old rule-of-thumb and double the 30-over score, India are headed for about 320.

OUT! Iyer c de Grandhomme, b Neesham 62

Iyer and Rahul bring up their 100 partnership, but next ball, Iyer chips to mid-wicket and de Grandhomme dives forward for the catch.

That's the breakthrough New Zealand needed and now Pandey is at the wicket. He swings lustily over the offside field for a couple to get off the mark.

30th over - Bennett continues. Rahul plays off his hip for four.

Bennett tries to bounce Iyer, but he sticks up a bat and ramps him over the keeper for another four.

29th over - Neesham is back, swapping ends. Just two singles off that over.

28th over - Bennett comes back, Williamson just looking for someone to break this partnership.

Just two runs off that, so a momentarily pause in the flow of runs.

27th over - Santner is swept for four in his next over. Eight off it and India just accelerating the rung rate over the last couple of overs.

26th over - Jamieson continues. Iyer plays through long on and there's no fielder there... four.

Next ball, Iyer top-edges, possibly off his gloves, but it beats Latham behind the wickets for another boundary. That's Iyer's fifty off 52 balls.

Eleven runs off that over.

25th over - Santner continues, Southee and Neesham are back on the field.

Indian batsmen are content just to nudge for singles at this stage - four from that over.

24th over - Jamieson back into the attack, Neesham just a little expensive.

Neesham and Southee are both off the field, with sub fielders Mark Chapman and Scott Kuggleijn in their stead.

The big man bounces Iyer with his fifth ball, just to keep him honest. Four singles off the over.

23rd over - Santner for his third. Three singles and an Iyer four off the last ball.

22nd over - Neesham for his third over... there was just a little exchange between the bowler and Rahul at the end of the previous over.

Iyer plays through cover for four. Four singles and the run rate is a tick over five an over.

21st over - Santer bowls his second over. Four singles off it.

20th over - Neesham's first ball is cut through point by Rahul and Southee fails to stop it rolling into the rope.

19th over - Mitch Santner will employ his spin at the other end, New Zealand's sixth bowling option.

18th over - Jimmy Neesham will be the fifth bowler used by Williamson.

Iyer chips towards the boundary, de Grandhomme dives to cut offf the bounday.

Next ball, Iyer edges over vacant slips for four.

Neesham beats Rahul with his last ball, but eight off that over.

17th over - de Grandhomme resumes after the break. Just two off the over.

16th over - Southee continues.

Rahul pulls the fourth ball to the boundary for four. Southee's last ball finds Rahul's pad, but the appeal is rejected and there will be no review.

Drinks arrive.

15th over - de Grandhomme has changed ends to use the wind with his medium-pacers.

Two singles from the over.

14th over - Southee's back for his fourth over, so just one from de Grandhomme.

Iyer drives his last ball stright for four.

13th over - Bennett returns.

OUT! Shaw run out 40

Shaw nudges and runs, they try for two, but a smart throw from de Grandhomme on the boundary finds Shaw short.

KL Rahul is next cab off the rank for India. He opens his account with a four.

12th over - Colin de Grandhomme spells Jamieson with the ball.

Iyer drives through long-on for a boundary. Five off the over.

11th over - Bennett is back, after taking some stick in his last over. He beats the edge of Iyer's bat with his second ball.

Good comeback from Bennett - a maiden.

10th over - Iyer hits Jamieson to the rope for four off the opening ball, but is beaten with the third ball.

Ninth over - Bennett back for his second over.

Shaw swings the third ball over the onside boundary for six. He drives the fifth ball square for four and cuts the last for six... huge over for India.

Eighth over - Jamieson continues. Iyer is off the mark with a single.

Seventh over - Hamish Bennett takes the ball off Southee.

OUT! Kohli c Jamieson, b Bennett 8

So, Southee misses out on the Indian captain this time, as Kohli plays uppishly behind point and Jamieson advances off the ropes to take a diving catch.

Iyer takes guard. Shaw edges into the onside and narrowly avoids being caught.

Sixth over - Jamieson back for his third over.

Shaw dispatches the fifth ball over point for four, but those are the only runs off the over.

Fifth over - Kohli advances down the wicket on Southee's first ball and finds the bank for six. That's ominous.

Shaw takes three off the penultimate ball, good over for India, with 10 from it.

Fourth over - Jamieson for his second over. Shaw takes a single off the first ball.

Kohli also has a single, but the Indians are clearly struggling with Jamieson's extra height.

Shaw cuts for four off the last ball.

Third over - Southee to Shaw.

Southee's fourth ball beats the edge of Kohli's bat. Same with the fifth ball.

Second over - Jamieson takes up the ball. He was very impressive with both bat and ball in Auckland on Saturday.

Delightful stroke from Shaw towards the boundary, but nice fielding on the rope to cut off the four.

OUT! Agarwal b Jamieson 1

Jamieson had already beaten the bat earlier in the over, but this time went straight through Agarwal, taking his off-stump for an early breakthrough.

Out comes Kohli.

First over - Tim Southee will bowl the first over, with Agarwal and Shaw again open the batting for India.

Five quiet runs in that first over, with Shaw taking a couple of twos.

2:33pm - Kane Williamson has won the toss and elected to field first.

Obviously, the skipper is back in the line-up, after rehabbing his shoulder injury, and replaces Tom Blundell in the batting order, while the only other change sees Mitch Santer return from illness, replacing Mark Chapman.

Indian skipper Virat Kohli admits he would have batted first anyway.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of the third and final one-day international between New Zealand and India, at the Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui. 

The Blackcaps secured a series win in Auckland on Saturday night and may welcome back captain Kane Williamson for the dead rubber.

Williamson has recovered from a shoulder injury that has kept him on the sidelines for two weeks.

Ish Sodhi and Blair Tickner were called into the squad on Monday to cover for illness, which has hit Mitchell Santner, Scott Kuggeleijn and Tim Southee.


New Zealand: Kane Williamson (captain), Tom Latham, Hamish Bennett, Tom Blundell, Mark Chapman, Colin de Grandhomme, Martin Guptill, Kyle Jamieson, Scott Kuggeleijn, James Neesham, Henry Nicholls, Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor, Blair Tickner

India: Virat Kohli (captain), Maynak Agarwal, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal, Shivam Dube, Shubman Gill, Sheyas Iyer, Ravindra Jadeja, Kedar Jadhav, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Manish Pandey, Rishabh Pant, KL Rahul, Navdeep Saini, Prithvi Shaw, Shardul Thakur

TAB odds: New Zealand $2.20, India $1.81

Tim Southee looking for double-digit dismissals of batting supremo Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli's international record makes for scary reading - except maybe for Blackcaps bowling veteran Tim Southee.

Kohli has scored 70 international centuries across the test and one-day formats, averaging at more than fifty in all forms.

But Southee has claimed his scalp more than any bowler in world cricket, dismissing the batting maestro for a ninth time at Eden Park on Saturday night.

Tim Southee dismisses Virat Kohli at Eden Park
Tim Southee dismisses Virat Kohli at Eden Park. Photo credit: Photosport

Southee played a heroic part in New Zealand's series-sealing win in Auckland, bowling his allotted 10 overs (2/41), despite suffering from an illness that forced him off the park twice. 

Bug-free, Southee and his teammates are eyeing a rare one-day series sweep at the Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui on Tuesday, but the 31-year-old expects Kohli to be at his imperious best.

"He's obviously a class player and doesn't have many weaknesses," Southee noted.

"The wicket [Eden Park] offered a little bit of assistance with the new ball and if you got it in the right area, there was enough there to ask a few questions. 

"I guess it's your job to take wickets and it's always nice when you get the key players in the opposition out. 

"He's a great player and been in great form, especially in run chases he's been exceptional. It's always nice to see the back of him."

The Blackcaps received some bonus news on Monday, with captain Kane Williamson cleared fit to play the final game, before a two-match test series kicks off later this month.