Motorsport: Legendary Holden v Ford Supercars rivalry in doubt

The shock decision to shut down the Holden brand has cast doubt over the future of the Supercars series and put one of sport's great rivalries at risk.

For as long as there's been a 'Great Race' at Bathurst, Ford and Holden have been at the head of the pack.

But 2020 could be the last year race fans are treated to that match-up, spelling the end of 57 years of heated history.

"We've relied on that battle," says Kiwi Supercars legend Greg Murphy. "Blue v red have battled for so long and it's been so successful. 

"It's created heroes and villains, whichever side you want to look at it, which side of the fence you're on."

There were even moments of an unlikely alliance, when Kiwi Jim Richards won in a Nissan in 1992, and Holden and Ford fans booed side by side.

But now General Motors is closing down Holden and blue v red could soon be no more.

"Does it mean it's the last year for the Commodore at Bathurst?" wonders Murphy. "Maybe it does.

"Maybe it does mean that and if that's the case, it's going to be pretty sad come October." 

Mark Skaife has won Bathurst six times for Holden.

"Yesterday, it was like losing a family member," he said. 

Mark Skaife celebrates his 2011 Supercars championship
Mark Skaife celebrates his 2011 Supercars championship. Photo credit: AAP

Their Supercars contract runs two more seasons and Skaife still hopes they're able to see it out.

"I'm sure there's a mechanism for them to stay involved throughout that period."

Supercars told Newshub race fans were disappointed and Holden had helped shape the sport, but it confirmed Holdens will race in 2020, beginning in Adelaide this weekend.

Beyond that, though, there are only questions.

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