NRL 2020: Josh Reynolds' emotional message, after domestic violence charges dropped

Josh Reynolds will line up for the Tigers against the Warriors in Rotorua on Sunday.
Josh Reynolds will line up for the Tigers against the Warriors in Rotorua on Sunday. Photo credit: Getty

Wests Tigers star Josh Reynolds is ready to focus on football, after enduring the "most tumultuous and difficult" period of his life.

On Wednesday, Reynolds was cleared of one count of assault and causing bodily harm against former partner Arabella Del Busso. 

Reynolds was charged by police back in December, after he allegedly left bruises on Del Busso's arms and legs, but he maintained his innocence, pleading not guilty in court.

Last month, a video was released showing Reynolds verbally abusing Del Busso - who was filming the incident on her phone - calling her a "c*nt" and a "dog", among other obscenities. 

Then, in a bombshell report, Nine News revealed Del Busso's real name was Donna Preusker and she'd used many aliases, as well as faking pregnancies and illnesses to deceive Reynolds and previous partners.

"It's shocking," Reynolds told 9News. "I had who knows who living with me for however long and that scares me." 

"There's no Netflix series, there's nothing that's as good as her ploy. Like I said before, I feel silly, but she played with my emotions, she really did.

"I can stand here and say, 'Arabella, whatever your name is, you said to me that you're gonna bring me and my mum down, but we're still standing. We're still here'.

"You tried to bring me, my family, my mum down and it didn't work." 

In an earlier statement, the 30-year-old said he couldn't wait to focus on rugby league before the 2020 season.

"The last nine weeks, since I was charged, have been one of the most tumultuous and difficult periods of my life. 

"During this time, my personal life was aired to the public and, most importantly, my character and principles were questioned. 

"Whilst I am relieved, I believe the charges against me should never have been brought. I was always an innocent man and I am happy the legal system has proved this. 

"I am relieved that I can now get on with my life and move forward.

"I am looking forward to getting stuck into footy, and giving my all for my teammates and club in 2020."

Reynolds, a former New South Wales Origin representative, has struggled since his big-money move to the Tigers, limited to just 12 appearances, mainly due to injuries. 

He played 60 minutes for the Tigers in their trial loss to the Penrith Panthers last week, and will start on the bench against the NZ Warriors in Rotorua on Sunday in their final pre-season encounter. 

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