Paralympics 2020: Swim star Sophie Pascoe embraces new role as underwear model

What would make you more nervous - facing a starting pistol at the Paralympics or appearing on a billboard in your underwear?

Sophie Pascoe has been New Zealand's most successful para-athlete, winning nine Paralympic swimming gold medals, six Halberg Awards and becoming the first Paralympian to carry the nation's flag at a Commonwealth Games. 

Now she's trading the pool for the catwalk, with Jockey announcing on Monday that she'll become their first-ever Paralympic ambassador.

With her fourth Olympics just a few months away, all eyes are on Pascoe to see just how high her star can fly.

"It's all so surreal," she told The Project. "It's an amazing opportunity.

Sophie Pascoe at the 2018 Halberg Awards
Sophie Pascoe at the 2018 Halberg Awards. Photo credit: Photosport

"Jockey very much promotes modern women with real bodies and to be the first para-swimmer in a shoot like this is incredible.

"I was nervous going into the shoot, but Jockey made me feel so confident. You can see by the video that I was so happy… none of that was staged.

Sophie Pascoe celebrates another world title
Sophie Pascoe celebrates another world title. Photo credit: Photosport

"It's about being real and embracing your body. There are definitely hard times where I struggle with self-confidence, but I think everybody does.

"It's about going, 'I am real, I'm just another person in this world, living my best life'."

Watch the video for the full story.